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Skydas catalogue - 40 Pages

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Skydas catalogue
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Catalog excerpts

SecurE & Beautiful www.skydas.eu

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WHO ARE WE? We are a dedicated team who takes pride in designing and creating the best security products on the market. With over fourteen years experience in manufacturing security doors, windows and other entry systems, we use the best quality materials and the latest manufacturing technology. When it comes to security technology we are innovators and always one step ahead.

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A new standard of burglar resistance EN 1627:2011 took force in Europe – more security for your premises A new classification of reinforced doors based on burglar resistance has now been introduced into Europe. A new standard EN 1627:2011 (security classes RC) has replaced the existing one that was in force since 1999. The old standard (security classes WK) required only one point of the door to be tested for burglar resistance. A tester was free to decide which point on the door they test. The new standard requires testing the whole surface of the door, point by point, every 10 - 20 cm. The test...

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apartmeNt DOOrS Decoration panels for apartment doors are usually made of a MDF panel (12mm thickness) laminated by PVC film. Advanced technology allows us to produce for you a durable finish of high quality. A wide range of colours, shades and designs are available. Apartment doors can also be finished in all kinds of natural veneer.

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apartmeNt DOOrS Thoughtful, sophisticated styling and attention to detail ensures a seamless match for the internal architecture of apartment homes.

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eNtraNce DOOrS We introduce new finishing material for painted entrance doors – sustainably sourced EDM board (Extreme Durable MDF). It gives the freedom of design and is also water resistant, dimensionaly stable and withstands severe atmosferic changes therefore is ideal for the finishing of entrance doors. It is given the warranty up to 50 years!

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ENTRANCE DOORS For those who prefer wood-looking entrance door we offer – Water Resistant Board (WRB) made of natural hardwood veneers (okoume). This type of plywood is designed to withstand the most severe outside conditions. It‘s wood texture gives the luxury look to your door and does not limit your design ideas.

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itH Natural fiNiSH Natural oak, ash, pine-tree or can also be used for the finish of entrance doors.

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BESPOKE DOORS Doors define the character of a building. SKYDAS doors are suitable for all residential, commercial and retail environments, providing the ultimate security solution whilst retaining the character and charm of their surroundings.

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eNtraNce DOOrS Various colours and accessories are available to create your desired style.

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ENTRANCE DOORS Choose any internal or external door design and colour. This provides you with the freedom to match any designed door with the existing interior and exterior.

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GLASS-CaSE DOORS The SKYDAS door range comes in either double or triple glazing meaning that they have excellent thermal properties when installed in your home. Security is not compromised even when very large scale doors are required. Bulletproof glass can be fitted as an extra security option.

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DOOrS BY picture Matching original features is essential in maintaining a building’s architectural heritage.

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COMMERCIAL DOORS SKYDAS installs doors for residential and commercial properties across Europe. We have a proven track record in being a reliable partner to construction companies, architects and property developers.

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PANIC ROOMS Panic, or safe rooms, are there to provide an ultra-safe location inside your home, where you or your family can retreat during a robbery or other threat. Think of a panic room as a vault for your most valuable asset – your family. You can have your bathroom, bedroom or home office converted into a panic room or have a bespoke room designed. Their unique construction will deter and defeat any would be intruders. Despite the unfortunate name “panic room” think of it as a place of safety, “a refuge” for you and your family in times of unwanted difficulty.

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cOlOurS Of tHe metal DOOr caSiNG aND DOOr-leaf cOlOurS Of DOOr DecOratiON paNelS NOTE: The shades of the colours in the printed catalogue may slightly diff er from the original ones in RAL, veneer or PVC catalogue. Please, refer to the original RAL, veneer or PVC catalogue.

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cOlOurS Of WrB (OKOume) DOOr DecOratiON paNelS DOOr milliNG tYpeS Milling type MF + baguettes Milling type Victoria pateNteD DeVice – “Secret DOOr cHaiN” A “Secret door chain” is a security device unique to SKYDAS. It enables the user to open the main door to take in mail or vet any visitor without risking an unwanted forced entry. “Secret door chain” specifications: • Withholds the load up to 530 kg (tested in VGTU laboratory, Lithuania). • Invisible and inaccessible from the outside, therefore impossible to cut with any tools in attempt to break in through the opened door. • Fixed in two points...

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Door moDEls SKYDaS premium Burglary resistance class 4 (RC4) by EN 1627:2011 SKYDAS PREMIUM is our most burglar resistant door. The unique and patented construction was born from the application of the full knowledge, experience and skill of our company in defeating all possible methods of burglary. We are proud that in tests at the notied laboratory IFT Rosenheim, Germany, the testers were unable to breach the door despite 77 minutes of continuous attack using various crowbars, hammering, cutting and drilling tools. Tools used for testing 4th security class doors. Following these tests, the SKYDAS...

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Structural features of resistance: 1. The armoured lock is protected by 2 drill resistant manganese plates. 2. The bodies of the main and additional locks are installed in protective steel boxes. 3. Higher security hinges have height adjustment mechanisms. 4. On the side of the hinge there are eight 16mm diameter locking points 5. On the side of the lock there are six locking points and 2 additional points directed upwards and downwards. A separate protective sleeve secures each lock pin in the door frame. 8. The entire ultra strong structure of the door is covered by finishing board. The colour...

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