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Beautiful Security - 25 Pages

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Beautiful Security
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Catalog excerpts


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Who are we? Shield Security Doors are the industry leader in the manufacturing, sale and installation of armoured doors. We apply modern manufacturing technology with the best materials possible for the creation of security devices. With an impressive range of doors for a variety of budgets, our manufacturing skills and attention to detail are the same for every product, regardless of the cost. Even our lowest priced products are provide security and safety that are the envy of our competitors. And needless to say, we guarantee every door we make. Shield can provide custom-designed security doors...

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Shield Security Doors have a heart of steel and will deter the most determined of intruders, but that doesn’t mean that they lack style. Our expert technicians have been installing security doors and other security productsfor ten years. They have been thoroughly trained and certified in all aspects of installation. Beautifully designed and built to our customers’ exact specifications. SHIELD SECURITY DOORS SHIELD SECURITY DOORS

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“Our doors use five specialist inhouse manufacturing processes, each of which is covered by a European Patent. Each door is designed and tested by computer from the beginning of the design stage to the start of production. The components for each are designed individually and prepared by our team of dedicated programmers.” Designed by experts and built by computer... Shield Security Doors are made using highly sophisticated computer-controlled design and manufacturing techniques, providing the highest possible levels of precision. Yet despite this incredible technology, it is the skill of our...

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Shield’s inner strength From an intitial drawing by a client... A Shield Security Door is certainly stylish to behold, but beneath the attractive exterior hides a formidable and impenetrable barrier. All door models contain: l individually formed frames with stainless steel thresholds l specially formed metal door leaves l triple-hinges with chrome-plated finishing caps l four 16mm protective pins for hinges l dual insulation seals l durable inside and outside finish l drilling resistant plates to protect locks Shield will design and build security doors to your exact specifications, even from...

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This business is located near to the US Embassy in Mayfair, one of the most stylish, historic and affluent areas of the city. Their existing glass-fronted door (below) certainly lacked a robust level of security, but also needed a more stylish entry that was in keeping with their address. Shield were engaged to research the area’s history and to design and build a custom-made secure entry door that was not only more significantly more secure, but also provided a much more imposing entrance. Restoration & custom builds... This shop had been the victim of a burglary in which the original door was...

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A Shield Security Door installed in a Grade 1 listed building in Belgravia, London. The design and build specification passed the full requirements of Westminster Council, Grosvenor Estates and English Heritage. All in a day’s work for Shield. Perfect reproduction Security for listed buildings SHIELD SECURITY DOORS SHIELD SECURITY DOORS 13

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Shield Security Doors can enhance the most beautiful of homes, endowing them with the strength of a fortress SHIELD SECURITY DOORS For both of these properties, Shield carried out meticulous research to design and build incredibly strong and secure doors that were identical to their predecessors, thus providing a seamless transition for the owners, whilst strengthening them beyond measure. SHIELD SECURITY DOORS 15

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“Just a note to say how pleased we are with the new front door. The product meets our security needs and looks excellent. We were particularly pleased with the standard of installation carried out by Sergei and his colleague. As a result, if you wish to use this installation as a reference for prospective customers, we shall be glad to show them our installation.” After the existing door was smashed to pieces by burglars, Shield set to work to replicate this beautiful door within a conservation area. Accurate measurements, photographs of neighbouring premises and physical samples of the old door...

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Just a few lines to tell you that we are delighted with our new Shield security door. It is a supremequality door which now makes our home feel like a fortress. The quality of customer service you provided all throughout was second to none, and the installation was hassle-free. It was a great pleasure doing business with your sales department and dealing with your friendly and professional fitters. I will definitely recommend you to others. Rarely in my life have I felt more satisfied with a purchase! SHIELD SECURITY DOORS Shield Security Doors have a heart of steel and will deter the most determined...

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Our doors are not only strong and stylish, but can also match traditional designs to make sure that your house looks like a home, not a fortress. This London gallery engaged Shield to design and build a new entrance for them that was in keeping with its historic facade, including a remotely-operated motorised door for ease of entry. Inside the gallery, the door seems deceptive simple, but is in fact incredibly strong, and boasting sophisticated technology. SHIELD SECURITY DOORS SHIELD SECURITY DOORS 21

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As proud as we are of our products, we know that the best security door in the world is only as good as its installation. That’s why we use only the best technicians to fit our products in your home. These photographs illustrate the technology, style and strength that went into the installation and also to compliment the interior design of the house. SHIELD SECURITY DOORS SHIELD SECURITY DOORS 23

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At the client’s request, Shield installed high security doors between the entrance hall and the garage, as well as interior doors. Each opens effortlessly, yet provides incredible strength and security, and is designed to complement the designer furnishings of this lovely home. This exclusive home has its own media centre, which the owner naturally wished to be as secure as the rest of this impressive property. Naturally, Shield were up to the challenge of designing and building a custom-made door to the owner’s specifications, complete with additional state-ofthe-art technology and finished with...

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