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Modular 3000 Series - 32 Pages

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Modular 3000 Series
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Catalog excerpts

16 Wine Captain® Models 18 Beverage Centers 20 Glass Door Refrigerators 22 Refrigerators 24 Clear Ice Machine 26 36" Custom Flange Kits 28 36" Custom Ice Flange Kits U-Line’s Modular 3000 Series is built for perfect preservation and integration. 2

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Building On Three Generations Of Innovation For over five decades and through three generations, U-Line continues to be the leader in innovation, quality and value in the premium built-in undercounter ice making, refrigeration and wine preservation market. The Uihlein family traces its roots back to southern Germany. In the mid-1800’s several family members immigrated to the U.S. and were an instrumental part of a substantial brewery. In 1962 Henry Uihlein, founded U-Line Corporation as an outgrowth of Ben-Hur Freezer Company and was the first to develop and patent an automatic stand-alone undercounter...

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U-Line is proud to innovate the future of preser vation, the Modular 3000 Series. 4

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Modular 3000 Series The Future Of Preservation Modular refrigeration enables you to make better use of your kitchen space by organizing the right products in the right place at the right temperature. All U-Line Modular 3000 Series Models maintain temperature within 1°F of the set point for the optimal preservation of beverages and food. The Modular 3000 Series, incorporating our U-Select® Control, provides you with the ability to choose settings that correspond to the types of foods you preserve and beverages you maintain. With pre-programmed optimal preservation modes for specific types of food,...

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The U-Line Modular 3000 Series is designed with a timeless and elegant universal aesthetic. 6

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Designed to Integrate Seamlessly into Standard Cabinetry with 18", 24" and 36" Widths The Modular 3000 Series integrates seamlessly into standard cabinetry widths of 18", 24" and 36". Designed and assembled in America, but built for the world, the U-Line Modular 3000 Series product line is designed for and developed on a global platform. The fully integrated and concealed U-Select® Control system, ergonomically located on the top of the door, is available in five languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian and German. For a complete listing of the Modular 3000 Series product family, see pages...

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U-Line’s Modular 3000 Series provides the simplest method of adding custom integrated overlay panels or frames and toe-kick for that truly seamless and simply elegant installation. All models fully integrate into various furniture/ cabinet styles and install seamlessly into a standard depth cabinet base. Shown in image: U-Line 3018WC, 3018RGL and 3024RF Overlay Models with integrated toe-kick 8

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Built-In To Stand Out™ U-Line’s Modular 3000 Series provides the simplest method of adding custom integrated overlay panels or frames and toe-kick for that truly seamless and simply elegant installation. All models fully integrate into overlay/face frame, inset or European/frameless cabinet styles and install seamlessly into a standard 24" depth cabinet base. A zero clearance, flush installation is easily achieved with our concealed and covered hinges, front ventilation system, adjustable and integrated overlay ready toe-kick, doors and a rear leveling system that are all adjustable from the front...

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U-Select® Control Refrigeration Modes The digitally controlled convection cooling system precisely chills food and drinks and maintains them at the perfect temperature. Our U-Select® Control manages the refrigeration environment to keep food fresher longer and tasting better by providing the appropriate temperature settings for the various types of food you preserve. The U-Select® Control for refrigerator models is programmed with five distinct modes - Deli, Market, Pantry, Root Cellar and Beverage. Each mode has an optimal set point within a designated temperature range that can also be adjusted...

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Deli Mode MARKET Mode BEVERAGE Mode Temperature range between 34ºF and 40ºF with a set point of 36ºF which is perfect for preserving any kind of meat, fish, poultry, butter or other dairy products; it is also ideal for maintaining the flavors of garlic, oils, nuts and condiments. Temperature range between 34ºF and 40ºF with a set point of 38ºF which is ideal for those who enjoy fresh produce with just picked ripeness; this mode is ideal for most fruits, vegetables, berries and leafy greens. Temperature range between 34ºF and 65ºF with a set point of 38ºF which is the best temperature for a perfectly...

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U-Select® Control Wine Preservation Modes All U-Line Modular 3000 Series Wine Captain® Models maintain precise temperature within 1°F of set point for optimal preservation. The U-Select® Control makes it quick and easy to establish cellar-like conditions. There are three distinct modes designed to provide maximum preservation: Sparkling, White and Red. U-Line’s Modular 3000 Series Wine Captain® Models provide ample space for your wines. Two wine racks per zone accommodate larger diameter bottles, such as Champagne and many of the newer bottles. Our unique wine rack design cradles various shapes...

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Sparkling Wine Mode White Wine Mode Temperature range between 38ºF and 50ºF with a set point of 45ºF which is designed to be celebration ready; this setting will keep Champagne bubbles chilled and is also perfect for sweeter whites and dessert wines. Temperature range between 45ºF and 55ºF with a set point of 50ºF which keeps white wines crisp, bright and ready for dinner or an afternoon with friends - from Chardonnay to Riesling, the whites will always strike the perfect note. Temperature range between 55ºF and 65ºF with a set point of 55ºF allows you to cradle those special young reds, like...

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Point-of-Use Refrigeration What You Need, Where You Want It The Modular 3000 Series provides design freedom for any room. From the kitchen to the dining room, the family room to the bar, U-Line has the perfect unit to fit into any layout. With a clear ice machine, refrigeration and Wine Captain® Models, there are a tremendous amount of flexible options available. Shown in image: U-Line 3036RR, 3024BEV and 3024RGL Overlay Models 14 Solid Door Refrigerators Glass Door Refrigerators With three full-extension slide-out bins and five food and beverage settings, nothing is more flexible for your storage...

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