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Trex® OutdoorLighting?

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High performance deck lighting: Stair riser lights, post cap lights and deck rail lights landscape lighting: Well lights, spotlights and multifunction lights » nergy-efficient Cree® LEDs give off long-lasting E illumination* » immable glow matches the mood of any outdoor party D or dinner » emains weather-proof and salt air resistant in the R toughest climates » ffers total lighting control via timer and optional O dimmer with remote Perennial beauty » ophisticated fixtures create custom lighting effects S and designs A deck in glowing terms Stair riser lights, post cap lights and recessed...

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TREX® OUTDOOR  IGHTING™ L DECK LIGHTING PROFILES LIGHTING & DESCRIPTION ITEM NUMBER LANDSCAPE LIGHTING Rounded Path Light Stepped Path Light DECK RAIL LIGHT Tucked discreetly under the cap, post cap lights These indirect lights reside directly on the rail post to provide a warm downward glow and easy wayfinding. illuminate the beautiful deck below. Well Light BKWELL, BZWELL Multifunction Light BKMULTI, BZMULTI BKSPOT, BZSPOT *Includes: 36v Step-up Transformer & Female to Female Adapter DECK LIGHTING Pyramid or Flat Post Cap Light » x 4" LED Post Cap Light 4" [4.55" x 4.55" (114 mm x 114 mm)...

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TREX® DECKLIGHTING TREX OUTDOOR  IGHTING™ L TREX® DECKLIGHTING TREX OUTDOOR  IGHTING™ L Installation Instructions INSTALLATION Installation Instructions INSTALLATION HOW TO INSTALL TREX® DECKLIGHTING™ PARTS HOW TO INSTALL TREX® DECKLIGHTING™/CONTINUED General Information HELPFUL TIPS » Leave slack in wire to make fixture terminations. B x2 Deck Rail Light Riser Light » 5ft, 10ft, 20ft, 40ft, and 60ft connection/extension wires sold separately (these are male to male B connection wires). x2 TOOLS NEEDED » Riser and deck rail holes can be through holes. However, recessed light holes should be...

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TREX™ DECKLIGHTING TREX OUTDOOR  IGHTING™ L TREX OUTDOOR  IGHTING™ L INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS ® Installation Instructions INSTALLATION HOW TO INSTALL TREX® DECKLIGHTING™/CONTINUED HOW TO INSTALL TREX® DECKLIGHTING™/CONTINUED Timer Operation Instructions 1. Select the mode of operation: » Dusk to Dawn » 1 - 8 hours » Always “ON” » “OFF” Program repeats daily. When power is flowing to lights, green light above POWER is on. Installing Post Cap Lights NOTE: Install post cap lights after the railing system, post sleeve skirt, and post sleeve have been installed. 1. Connect male lead from wiring...

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TREX® OUTDOOR LIGHTING™ INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Before installing any Trex product, you should review local building codes and regulations, and consult with local building officials, to ensure compliance and safety. HOW TO INSTALL TREX® LANDSCAPE LIGHTING Spotlight Stepped Round Multifunction Well Light Path Light Path Light Light Male-to-Male Step-up Transformer Female-to-Female Connector (For use with Trex Adapter Wire Spotlight only) (For use with Trex Spotlight or for multiple dimmer zones) TOOLS NEEDED HELPFUL TIPS » Location of Trex Landscape lighting is up to customer as to where...

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TREX® OUTDOOR LIGHTING™ INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS HOW TO INSTALL TREX LANDSCAPE LIGHTING (TREX SPOTLIGHT) » Each Trex Spotlight requires use of a dedicated 36V Step-up Transformer (included with each Trex Spotlight). WARNING: Step-up Transformer DOES NOT have fault protection, thus care must be taken if » Spotlights must use a dedicated line running directly from the included 36V step-up transformer. Maximum of seven spotlights are allowed per one 5-amp transformer. (NOTE: Must use two 5-way splitters if installing six or seven spotlights to single 5A transformer as 5-way splitter is...

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TREX OUTDOOR  IGHTING™ L COLOR & FINISH OPTIONS ® TREX LIMITED WARRANTY ® Trex Company, Inc. (hereinafter “Trex”) warrants to the original purchaser To make a claim under this limited warranty, Purchaser, or the transferee, (“Purchaser”) that, for the period of time set forth in the following sentence, shall send to Trex, within the warranty period referred to above, a description under normal use and service conditions, Trex® products shall be free DECK LIGHTING of the claimed defect and proof of purchase, to the following address: from material defects in workmanship and materials, and...

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deck lighting: Post cap lights and rail lights Visit or call 1-800-BUY-TREX © 2014 Trex Company, Inc. All rights reserved. Trex∏, the Trex logo, Trex Transcend∏, Trex∏ Outdoor  ighting™, Trex® Landscape  ighting™, Trex® Deck  ighting™ L L L and Trex∏ Lighthub™ are either federally registered trademarks, trademarks or trade dress of Trex Company, Inc., Winchester, Virginia. XOLLTBRO2014

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