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Trex - Installation Guide

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TREX TRANSCEND® DECKING & RAILING The ultimate expression of beauty and function joins forces with unsurpassed fade TREX ENHANCE® DECKING All the beauty (and none of the bother) TREX SELECT® DECKING & RAILING Easy design scheme brings accessible luxury right to your doorstep TREX REVEAL® ALUMINUM RAILING A sleek yet sturdy profile specially crafted to complete your deck while emphasizing the railing: Trex® posts in Classic White and Transcend in Vintage Lantern with a Tree House cocktail rail and round aluminum balusters ALSO AVAILABLE

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Trex® Installation Guide In your hands, you're holding everything you need to begin building with Trex® decking and railing. This step-by-step guide will show you how to create a beautiful outdoor living space that fits perfectly into your or your client's Trex has been proven in the field. After more than twenty years of unparalleled performance, it offers warm, natural beauty and inviting comfort that no other product can match. Maybe that's why Trex is asked for by more customers than any other brand in the business.

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TREX® INSTALLATION GUIDE SECTION ONE: General Information SECTION TWO: Planning Ahead SECTION THREE: Lighting How to Install Trex® DeckLighting™ How to Install Trex® Landscape Lighting™ How to Install Trex Well Light, Path Lights, and Wall SECTION FOUR: Decking Tips for Installing a Trex Hideaway® Hidden Fastening How to Install Trex Hideaway Stainless Steel How to Install Trex Hideaway Universal Hidden How to Install Trex Escapes® Boards with Trex SECTION FIVE: Railing Reveal® Aluminum Railing Specifications and Profiles ... 55 Trex Transcend® Railing How to Install Round or Square...

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Trex Reveal® Railing Trex Select® Railing How to Install Trex Select Foot Block for Trex Traditional Railing How to Install Raised Railing - Standard Balusters/ How to Install Raised Railing - Round Aluminum How to Install Raised Railing - Architectural Trex Transcend®, Enhance®, Select®, and Fascia Limited NEED HELP? Trex provides a variety of valuable resources to answer your questions or concerns. For additional assistance, Here you will find a wealth of useful information on Trex's extensive product portfolio, installation and care and cleaning instructions and videos, technical help...

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GENERAL TIPS Most colored chalk lines are permanent. Use baby powder or Irwin Strait-Line®* Dust-Off Marking Chalk available at We DO NOT recommend sanding. Sanding will change the appearance of the surface of Trex® material and will void the warranty with respect to any condition caused by such When drilling large or deep holes, hole to remove the shavings. Throughout this guide, feet are converted to meters and inches to appearance of joists through the spaces between boards, paint the top of your joists black. Trex® decking and railing is suitable for a wide range of...

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When working on any construction project, you should wear protective clothing and safety equipment. Wear safety glasses, gloves, a dust mask and long sleeves, particularly when cutting in confined spaces. Trex decking and railing are heavier and more flexible than wood. DO NOT try to lift the same quantity of Trex boards as you would traditional lumber. Go to for Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). You can create intricate shapes, profiles, and patterns with Trex. Most installments require no special tools. For best results, use carbide-tipped blades and router When using a...

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TREX TRANSCEND® (DECKING AND RAILING)/TREX ENHANCE®/ TREX SELECT® (DECKING AND RAILING) CARE AND CLEANING GUIDE All exterior building materials require cleaning. Generally, soap and water is all that is required to clean Transcend, Enhance, and Select products. For additional information, see below. *Strait-Line'3 is a registered trademark of Irwin Industrial Tool Company. **Use of products containing bleach or acid may lighten the underside or cut areas of the Trex Transcend/Enhance/Select decking. *** Mr, Clean'3 and Magic Eraser'3 are registered trademarks of The Procter and Gamble...

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TREX DECKING AND RAILING GENERAL CARE AND CLEANING GUIDE (EARLY GENERATION COMPOSITE AND PVC) All exterior building materials require cleaning. Trex recommends periodic cleaning with soap and water (for general dirt and debris) or a commercially available deck cleaner twice a year (for stains or mold/mildew). For additional information, see below. *Strait-Line® is a registered trademark of Irwin Industrial Tool Company. **Use of products containing bleach or acid will lighten the surface of Trex. Use in an inconspicuous area to determine whether you like the effect. Neither product will...

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TREX REVEAL® RAILING CARE AND CLEANING GUIDE Maintaining the appearance of your Trex Reveal railing is important. The occasional wash is recommended as over time your Reveal railing may show signs of weathering as a result of exposure to the elements. The frequency of cleaning will depend on the environment and exposure to various types of elements. For installations where the atmosphere is influenced by bodies of salt water or other contaminant conditions, cleaning is required every 6 to 9 months. Failure to adhere to the required cleaning guidelines will void the Trex Limited Warranty...

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MOLD TECHNICAL BULLETIN Mold is a lower form of plant life that can settle and grow on any surface, including Trex® decking. Mildew is a form of mold that grows on damp surfaces. Mold spores, transported by air, insects, animals, and water, are similar to seeds, but you can't see them until colonies form. Because mold adapts easily to its environments and has a large number of species, it is hard to control and impossible to eliminate totally. But it will not affect the structural performance of Trex To form visible colonies, mold needs food, moisture, Trex decking is not itself a food...

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PAINTING TECHNICAL BULLETIN Can Transcend®, Enhance®, or Select® decking Trex Transcend, Trex Enhance, and Trex Select decking cannot be painted or stained. Can Transcend® railing or Select® railing Only Trex Transcend white railings can be painted as well as Select railing (which only comes in white). A high quality fast-dry alkyd primer should be used as a base coat, with oil or water-based exterior trim paint. Only light colors should be used. No darker colors such as Black, Brown, Forest Green, as these darker colors may draw excessive heat and damage the material. Surface abrasion may...

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