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Porch flooring & railing system

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WORLD’S #1 DECKING BRAND For more than 20 years, Trex has developed, defined and perfected wood-alternative decking. Our high-performance composite decks combine fade-resistant beauty with outstanding durability. Whether you’re planning a breakfast nook in your backyard or rooftop retreat, Trex makes it simple to create the kind of outdoors your life demands. 4 decking: Transcend Rope Swing COVER decking: Transcend® Havana Gold and Transcend Spiced Rum THIS PAGE decking: Transcend Spiced Rum and Transcend Lava Rock WHY TREX Learn what makes Trex® unlike any other decking material. GET MORE...

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We know a deck is never just a deck. It's an extension of your home, your own personal escape back to nature. With Trex, you can spend less time repairing your deck and more time enjoying it. See how our innovative shel technology makes Trex well worth the investment. Only Trex decks are wrapped in a high-performance shel that resists fade, stain, scratches, mold, mildew, insects and even boredom better than anything else out there. Residential Warranty staining, sanding or painting Resists mold, scratching and fading unlike other decks Natural wood-grain finish in several rich colors Easy...

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Discover what you’ ll get when you get Trex QUICK CLEANING FORGET SANDING AND STAINING. WITH JUST SOAP AND WATER, YOU CAN KEEP YOUR TREX DECK TOTALLY CLEAN. HOW WE MAKE GREEN GREENER From innovative materials to our eco-friendly processes, ENDURING BEAUTY THANKS TO ITS FADERESISTANT SHELL, TREX LOOKS LIKE NEW FOR 25 YEARS. we take great pride in delivering sustainable products with minimal footprint. » ll Trex deck boards are made of 95% recycled materials. A » rex saves over 180 million kilos of plastic and wood scrap from T landfills every year. » rex hasn’t felled a single tree in all...

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TREX DECKING PROFILE 25.4 mm in thickness x 139.7 mm in width x varying lengths* 25.4 mm Square Edge Board Available in all Transcend colors 25.4 mm in thickness x 139.7 mm in width x varying lengths* 25.4 mm Grooved Edge Board Available in all Transcend colors IN-STOCK COLORS 19 mm in thickness x 184 mm in width x 3660 mm in length Available in all Transcend colors TRANSCEND GRAVEL PATH 19 mm in thickness x 286 mm in width x 3660 mm in length Trex decking comes in a variety of lasting colors with deep Available in all Transcend colors grain patterns that complement any style home. So fall...

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DECKING FASTENERS Before installing any Trex product, you should review local building codes and regulations, and consult with local building officials, to ensure compliance and safety. GLOSSARY OF TERMS Carriage Bolt bolt with a rounded head and a square shoulder under the head to prevent turning A during installation. Connector Clip Hidden fastener used between deck boards to secure positioning. Joist horizontal structural pressure-treated board that runs from wall-to-wall, wall-to-beam, A or beam-to-beam to support the deck floor and decking materials. Lag Bolt large metal fastener with...

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HOW TO INSTALL UNIVERSAL HIDDEN FASTENERS TIPS FOR INSTALLING A TREX HIDEAWAY® HIDDEN FASTENING SYSTEM Installing Second Board Installing Angled Deck Boards in Corners Start Clip TOOLS NEEDED NOTE: Maximum spacing of deck boards using Hideaway system is 406 mm on center. Fasteners provide 6 mm gap when installed correctly. Decking board ALWAYS start in corner with a small triangular piece of decking at 45° and work outwards. Install Trex Hideaway fasteners 13 mm off center to keep fastener screws in middle of joists. 5. lide second board into place, making sure fasteners S fit into groove....

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CODE COMPLIANCE ADJUST JOIST SPANNING TO ACCOMMODATE ANGLED DECKING PATTERNS Joist Spanning for Decking The joists must be spaced on center according to the chart below. Be sure that joists are level and plumb. Trex® decking must span at least three joists. For heavy items such as hot tubs, planters, etc., consult a local building engineer or inspector for span recommendations. If you want to minimize the appearance of joists through the spaces between boards, paint the top of your joists black. NOTE: The ends of deck boards can not overhang joist by more than 10 mm. TREX RECOMMENDATIONS...

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Stairway Detail Stair Tread Stringer » asten stair treads continuously across at least F four stringers. HOW TO INSTALL TREX TRANSCEND® CLASSIC RAILING Trex railing is suitable for residential decks with a deck board height up to 600 mm from the ground. For higher level decks or commercial decks please contact your local Trex supplier or retailer for advice. Attaching the Inverted Universal Rail 8 » ee chart (at right) for center-to-center spacing S of profiles. » ress the sides of the stringers and risers with Trex® D fascia or trim for a finished look. 915 mm min. width – 4 stringers...

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HOW TO INSTALL TREX TRANSCEND® STANDARD RAILING Trex railing is suitable for residential decks with a deck board height up to 600 mm from the ground. For higher level decks or commercial decks please contact Arbor Forest Products Ltd for advice. Installing Railing Support Brackets (RSBs) Attaching Universal Rail and Foot Block Option 1: Without Trex∏Express™ Railing Template 6. nap baluster spacer into bottom rail. Place inverted S baluster spacer on top of first baluster spacer. Place balusters in baluster spacer holes. NOTE: If using Contemporary balusters, also use Contemporary baluster...

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EUROPEAN PHYSICAL & MECHANICAL PROPERTIES TREX TRANSCEND® AND TREX ENHANCE® CRITERION TEST METHOD Bending Modulus Trex Transcend & Enhance (25.4 mm) Deflection under load of 500N < / = 2.0 mm TEST EXPLANATION 3-point bend test to determine the amount of flexibility at break that a sample possesses Maximum amount of force in a 3 point bend test that it takes to break a sample Angle/Quality Class Trex Transcend & Enhance (25.4 mm) Average angle of inclination Wet-loaded barefooted areas, walking method-ramp test Trex Transcend & Enhance (25.4 mm) Average angle of inclination Wet-loaded...

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