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Athletics: Equipment & Flooring - 8 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Athletics Throwing Events Jumping Events Pole Vault Track Events Official’s Equipment Track and Field Surfaces Equipment & Flooring

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5 Athletics Cage ref: OSE-A0281/0283 Throwing events Combined discus/hammer cages Complete with pulleys, ropes and ground sockets. Fitted with single layer netting as standard. Option for articulated bases for cage uprights, to assist installation or removal. Contact us for details of our athletics equipment installation services. International cages 10/7m - with gates To IAAF specifications. 10/7m combined cages for discus and hammer throwing. 10 uprights, 7m at rear rising to 10m at the front with 10m x 2m wheeled gates. Steel IAAF Certified cage with hinged bases For concentric circles OSE-A0281...

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Athletics Throwing events Jumping events Ground circles High jump stands Shot/hammer circle Ground circle, 213.5cm diameter. Galvanised steel OSE-A0310 Aluminium OSE-A0311 Olympic IAAF specification. Aluminium uprights with weighted steel base. Height 0.80m - 2.70m OSE-A0202 Shot circle with stop board Ground circle, with 213.5cm diameter, complete with white stop board. Galvanised steel OSE-A0312 Aluminium OSE-A0313 International Aluminium uprights with weighted steel base. Height 0.60m - 2.30m OSE-A0203 Shot stop board Removable stop board for use with: Galvanised steel OSE-A0314 Aluminium OSE-A0315...

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7 Athletics Jumping events High jump landing areas and covers PVC covered modules including spike resistant wearsheets. Euro Conforms to IAAF specifications. Size: 6m x 4m x 0.70m OSE-A0214 National 3 modules having cut outs for high jump stands. Size: 6m x 3m x 0.65m OSE-A0216 Club 3 modules with cut outs for high jump stands. Size: 5m x 3.2m x 0.65m OSE-A0218 Senior schools Comprising 3 ‘A’ modules and 4 ‘B’ modules to make a total landing area of: 5m x 2.5m x 0.56m OSE-A0220 Wheel away landing area covers Merlin grey plastisol coated galvanised steel wheel away covers. Two swivel and two fixed...

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Athletics Jumping events Pole vaulting ground equipment Pole vault trough Galvanised steel OSE-A0270 Pole vault trough - wedged type Galvanised steel OSE-A0273 Pole vault stands and landing area Pole vault trough with lid Aluminium Galvanised steel OSE-A0271 OSE-A0272 Pole vault stands and accessories International IAAF Certified. Aluminium slide bar type pole vault uprights complete with slide rail fixing brake. The height can be adjusted simply and quickly by a slide bar, which is easily operated by hand. Crossbar height: 1.3m - 6.5m OSE-A0274 Club IAAF compliant. Aluminium winch type pole vault...

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9 Athletics Track events Track kerbing Aluminium kerbing with fixings Supplied in 2.5 or 5m lengths Straights OSE-A0624 Curved radius 36.5m OSE-A0626 Curved radius 16m OSE-A0628 Starting equipment Stadium/competition starting blocks Aluminium slotted central bar and foot blocks. The synthetic faced foot blocks are spring loaded and fully adjustable for easy location. OSE-A0102 Weight 6kg. Schools/club training starting blocks Plated steel slotted central bar with synthetic faced foot blocks. OSE-A0104 Lane marker boxes White painted boxes with black numbers and false start indicators. Wooden OSE-A0120...

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Athletics Timers and windgauges Time elapsed/remaining clocks Analogue - time elapsed clock OSE-A0520 Digital - time remaining clock OSE-A0522 Race clock Digital - time elapsed clock. Powered by small, rechargeable 12v battery pack connected by a 2m long cable. Charger and stand included. Radio control OSE-A0528 Keypad control OSE-A0529 Windgauge Full micro process unit with connections for remote hand control and computer or printer readouts, plus result service and photo finish. Indicates date and time display and next calibration date. Supplied complete with tripod, battery, carrying case and...

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11 Athletics Official’s equipment continued Referee’s equipment Complete pack comprising electronic scales, 100m steel tape, vernier callipers and toppling force gauge. OSE-A0584 Winner’s rostrum Three tiered numbered rostrum. OSE-A0606 Finishing posts Ground socketed type White painted posts with ground sockets. Wood OSE-A0618 Steel OSE-A0619 Freestanding White painted posts with base. Wood Steel Long jump and triple jump runways and sand pits We offer a complete supply and installation service for new long/triple jump facilities. Sand pits have safety rubber edging and are filled with washed...

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