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Storage + Installation Guidelines - 13 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

[BAMBOO COUNTERTOPS] Bambooworking™ with Teragren® Countertops FINE &*u»00 Fiocf Nfl. PuNEl** VtHIEfl Use these installation basics to supplement the complete Storage + Installation Guidelines that can be found at Familiarize yourself with the requirements for your installation before ordering countertops. Here you'll observe a few of the most common countertop installation situations and the requirements for each. For these examples a standard front overhang of 1 1/2" will be used. bos ^ *-T«mpiMrt s-Joining 6-icrlt* 7-Attaching B-Armhirvg ^ 9-CoumMTOp ^ construction counlertops detail touniertop...

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[BAMBOO COUNTERTOPS] FINE &iu»0o Ficwf N<3. PuNEl** VtHIEfl In Example One there is a back splash along the entire length, a side splash to the left of the range, and an open area to the right of the sink where the countertop has a 1 1/2" overhang, just as the front By joining the countertops as pictured, only two pieces of 96" countertop will be needed; each piece will be cut to a length of about 7 feet. Teragren bamboo countertops, as with hardwood countertops, are traditionally joined together using a butt-joint, which saves a great deal of material that would be lost by using a miter-joint....

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[BAMBOO COUNTERTOPS] FINE &*U»00 FICK^INC. PuNEl** VtHIEfl Example Three is essentially the same kitchen with a peninsula on the right. This third slab of butcher block, which is approximately 7 feet long, is 36" wide instead of the 11" wide piece of countertop is mounted higher to provide a raised seating area. Two butt- joints ensure enough material is left over for a cutting board. Joints between countertop slabs ' Cutting board Raised counter for seating

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[BAMBOO COUNTERTOPS] FINE &iu»0o Ficwf N<3. P»NEt*t VtHIEfl The three most common types of cabinet box construction are No Top with corner blocks, No Top with front and back stretchers, and Solid Top. Each will require different preparations for installation of countertops.

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[BAMBOO COUNTERTOPS] FINE &*u»00 Fiocf Nfl. P»NEt*t VtHIEfl Most countertop installations require the use of a template. Templates are used to determine what size countertop to order and to ensure proper fit before cutting the countertop. Templates can be made of cardboard, plywood, hardboard, or a combination of these materials. Shop-grade plywood or hardboards are inexpensive and the use of them greatly aids in a successful countertop installation without costly mistakes. Some manufacturers, such as those of sinks and stoves, supply cut-out templates along with instructions for installing. Use these...

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[BAMBOO COUNTERTOPS] Joining Countertops FINE &*U»00 FlOCfNO. P»NEt*t VtHIEfl Several fasteners on the market can be used to hold two pieces of countertop together at the thick material. In all cases, apply glue to each of the edges being joined together and employ adequate pressure to the pieces until the glue cures. Most mechanical fasteners for countertops will act as clamps while the glue In this example we are using a plate joiner with a 4" blade to cut crescent shaped slots in the edges of our countertop. They will be joined together using wood biscuits. Slots will be cut registering the...

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[BAMBOO COUNTERTOPS] Scribe Detail FINE &*U»00 FICK^INC. P»NEt*t VtHIEfl A plan view detail reveals that the countertop touches the wall in some areas and is held out from the wall in others. Countertops will expand and contract, like any hardwood, as much as one-half inch. Scribing the countertop to the shape of the wall ensures that the countertop is allowed to move and that the back splash or architectural molding used at the wall can properly trim the area.

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[BAMBOO COUNTERTOPS] Once the countertop has been sized, scribed, and test-fitted, it is ready to be installed. A crucial element of the installation is allowing for the expansion and contraction of the countertop. Larger slabs may expand or contract as much as one-half inch. The larger the slab, the more it will expand and contract. It is imperative that oversized holes are used where the countertop will be fastened to the cabinets — minimum 3/8" diameter. The countertop should be securely fastened through these holes using the appropriate length screw or lag bolt. Fender washers over the pilot...

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[BAMBOO COUNTERTOPS] FINE &*U»00 Fic*OfN<3. P»NEt*t VtHIEfl Each type of cabinet box construction has a different method of attachment: 1) When the corner blocks are made of wood and securely attached to the box, drill an oversized hole in each block for attaching the countertop. If additional attachment or support is desired, wood strips may be added (see Example Three). 2) When there are no corner blocks or when the corner blocks are made of plastic and unsuitable as attachment points, attach several angle irons with oversized holes. Ensure that there is always an angle iron as close as possible...

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[BAMBOO COUNTERTOPS] Countertop overhangs FINE &*u»00 Fioc^iNfl. P»NEt*t VtHIEfl The examples of common countertop installations all had countertop overhangs. The cantilevered cabinet or island countertop installations must have brace support. A maximum of 6" overhang is recommended without support. Many styles and sizes are available, each with specific weight loads. If you use brace supports, you may have to enlarge the mounting holes where they are attached to the underside of the countertop. This ensures that the natural movement of the countertop is not restricted.

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[BAMBOO COUNTERTOPS] FINE &*u»00 FiOO^iNC. P»NEt*t VtHIEfl All Teragren countertops are available prefinished with a food-safe mineral oil/beeswax finish. Bamboo takes sealers and finishes very well; the same rules for finishing solid wood apply. Countertops are also available Different finishes offer varying degrees of protection, durability ease of application, and protection. Follow manufacturer's instructions, and be sure to test adhesion quality and aesthetics of finishes on a piece of countertop cut-off before beginning your full-scale project. Mineral Oil is a petroleum-based, non-drying...

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