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Aircrete and aggregate blocks product range guide - 36 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Beam and block flooring Beam and block flooring Topcrete Standard can be used as infill units in beam and block flooring for ground and internai floors in housing. Topcrete Standard 7.3IM/mm2 strength solid or cellular blocks can be used. When tested under transverse load, the blocks are designed to support a point load (transferred via a 100mm square plate) of 3.5kN over a dear span of 420mm. Based on independent tests, the Topcrete blocks can be used in beam sound rduction (Rw) of a beam and and block separating floors strictly as Topcrete block floor with a sand and specified in Robust Dtail...

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Health and safety Rgulations and guidance Increased awareness of health and safety issues has focused attention on building matenals, including considration of manual handling. The over-riding need is to ensure a safe environment and good working conditions for the construction team. Two items of l驩gislation are relevant to the manual handling of blocks: Manual Handling Oprations Rgulations (1992) place duties on employers to carry ouf a risk assessment on ail manual handling tasks The Construction (Design and Management) R驩gulations (2007) impose mandatory Health and Safety requirements on clients,...

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Health and safety Design considrations The majority of Topblock products, including ail 100mm wide units and most 140mm solid units, fall within the guidance for single-person rp驩titive handling specified in Construction Sheet 37. Unit weights are given in tables in the relevant product brochures. Where the proposed walling involves the use of blocks weighing more than 20kg, there are two ways to deal with the identified risk: Change the block spcification. You may be able to: select a lighter or smaller solid unit, or 镕select a cellular or hollow unit instead of a solid unit, without compromising...

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Health and safety Handling and storage Concrte blocks are generally delivered by road transport and are off-loaded mechanically. When lifted by grab, crne or fork-lift truck, no personnel should be permitted beneath the load. When concr袨te blocks are banded or wrapped, care should be taken when removing this packaging to avoid injury from the band under tension, or any loose blocks falling when the banding orwrapping is released. Concrte blocks should always be stacked on a firm, level base to avoid collapse. Stacking of block packs over normal head height should be avoided, to prevent the riskof...

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Health and safety Site practice Always consider health and safety matters during design and construction stages and adopt good working practices. Observe the foilowing points. Site organisation: Minimise manua! handling by delivering units as close to the point of laying as safety considrations permit Move blocks in packs and by mechanical means wherever possible Store blocks on a clean, level and firm base Avoid stacking block packs above head height Provide protective equipment -including safety helmets, safety footwear and suitable gloves -and ensure it is used Ensure the blocklayer's work...

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Technical Services Topblock offers a comprehensive range of technical advisory services, employing the very latest software Systems to assist customers with the slection, spcification and application of the product range. Thermal calculations U-value calculations Movement joint d驩tails Recommended movement joint location and dtails Acoustic insulation assessments Suggested construction dtails Provision of field and acoustic chamber reports On-site assistance Meetings to discuss and agr驩e final spcifications Complte after sales service Seminars and pr騩sentations Speakers are available on a wide...

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National Sales Helpline Technical Helpline Literature requests Call us on: 0845 606 2468 Call us on: 0870 242 1489 Call us on: 08456 044 114 Email: Email: Quote rfrence L104 The product brochures available include: Dura* - a驮rcrete blocks Durax System - thin joint blocks Toplite - aircrete blocks Hemelite & Topcrete - iightweight & dense aggregate blocks Tarmac Topbfock Limited Millfields Road Ettingshall Wolvertiamplon WestMidlands WV4 6JP Website: Tarmac and the T mark are registered trademarks of the Tarmac Group. Tarmac...

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