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TALzine catalog edition

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Awards Innovation in the genes Meet the designers ME-TAL Technologies News

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2004 Member of Accoform Group Introduction TAL UK – TAL FR 2005 Acquisition Olo Lighting Expansion building Smartfader 1st generation 2009 Launch B4 with Porifera system 2000 Reorientation brings a new name: TAL (Technical Architectural Lighting) 1992 Foundation of Digilight Deinze 2010 Launch Glowmotion New plant for profile systems 2011 New showroom Deinze back to the roots ;-) 2012 Launch Halosphere

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TECHNICAL ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING TAL’s mission is one of technical and aesthetical innovation. Groundbreaking products such as our Symbiosis family, Smartfader, Geena, B4 and Victoria (many of which have won prestigious awards) and exquisite collections such as Black&Gold, White&Chrome are witness to this mission and they are paving the way to our constant growth and success. “ You might call us light addicts... light is vital, it needs to be functional, efficient, controllable but at the same time we need light for our well-being, as a creator of colour, warmth and atmosphere...”

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In the beginning there was red. Red is the first colour ever described by human beings, the oldest defined colour in the world. Before red there was only “light” and “dark”. Red was the beginning of something new. Whenever you see red, something is bound to happen. Red is alive, it is sensual and strong, stimulated and activated, and if ever a colour cought fire then it’s red. In short: if your ethos is “Why not?”, then red is your colour. Michael Köckritz, Lamborghini magazine 4

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Passion for lighting Passion for design Passion for technology Happy to be flexible Happy to install Happy to be trendsetter Dedication to quality Dedication to service Dedication to innovation

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TAL LAB RATORIES TAL has a total dedication to quality but for us, this word is interpreted in the broadest sense possible. This not only entails the use of the best available materials and finishes but also covers topics such as innovation, competitive pricing, good deliveries, attractive and user-friendly catalogue material, support both pre- and post sales and the flexibility to constantly produce trendsetting and exciting designs.

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Top quality finish even on the smallest downlighter Flexibility Specials create new possibilities for lighting designers

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RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT Facing the daily challenge of offering our clients top of the line solutions, TAL considers research & development as a top priority. Ranging from TAL’s unique LED cooling technology to the development of our own PCB’s for LED fixtures and RGB drivers, we continuously aim to re-invent lighting. Design & Development Our motivated team of researchers and designers puts its heart in bringing you new and innovative products on a daily basis. We firmly believe that for TAL to excel in the evolving market of technical lighting, it is necessary to keep on questioning our own...

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DESIGN AWARDS product design award 2011 if 2011 150x200.indd 1

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Although pens and pencils still play their unmistakable role in the design process, contemporary technology has evolved enormously over the past decades and TAL designers thankfully take advantage of these possibilities. Modelling in 3D CAD with CATIA Going far beyond traditional CAD software tools, CATIA offers a unique digital product experience that brings 3D product design to life with unmatched TAL's designers and engineers take advantage of these virtual design capabilities to ensure product suc- cess. Design plays an important part in determining product success in the market. TAL...

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INNOVATION IN THE GENES Let there be light… Be it the sun, the stars or the moon, since the dawn of mankind, we have known light. In the relentless search for new approaches to something we’ve all come to take for granted, innovation has become part of TAL’s DNA. Geena WARP drive, well known to Star Trek fans, is a fictitious technology which allows space-ships to travel at speeds faster than the speed of light. Taking advantage of this technology, Geena, an interactive recessed fixture, was created. The innovation of this design is the use of mirror optics in combination with the LED...

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PCB in detail To assure its customers a maximum life span of their leds, TAL has taken on the challenge to develop special Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s). This resulted in the conception of a highquality, aluminum-based PCB that is exceptionally resistant to any form of exhaustion through heat, handling or simple old age. Porifera Porifera is a unique system for cooling powerleds and other electronic components through aluminum foam. The properties of this aluminum foam allow for a much higher cooling performance compared to conventional cooling bodies. The Porifera coating also makes it...

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Porifera is a unique system for cooling powerleds and other electronic components through aluminium foam. The unique properties of this aluminium foam allow for a much higher cooling performance compared to conventional cooling bodies. LED light fixtures that make use of Porifera technology have greater efficiency, made possible through the following characteristics: • Large cooling surface: the larger the cooling surface, the more heat can be dissipated. Porifera has an extremely high surface aspect ratio. • Low mass per volume: the aluminium foam is very thin which brings the great...

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Porifera est un système unique pour refroidir les LED de puissance et les autres composants électroniques grâce à la mousse d’aluminium. De part ses propriétés uniques, la mousse d’aluminium possède une capacité de refroidissement beaucoup plus importante et aussi beaucoup plus rapide que les refroidisseurs traditionnels. L’efficacité accrue d’un appareil LED avec le système Porifera est visible à travers les facteurs suivants: Porifera ist ein einzigartiges System für die Kühlung von Power-LEDs und anderen elektronischen Komponenten durch geschäumtes Aluminium. Durch die einzigartigen...

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