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TALzine Bathroom - 32 Pages

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TALzine Bathroom
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Catalog excerpts

Lighting in a Bathroom ... Any room in a house can be transformed with the right lighting, and the bathroom should be no exception. In the past a bathroom was generally regarded as a functional, almost utilitarian space, but today it has been elevated to more of a relaxation room, a haven of tranquility or even a complete wellness center. Nowadays this transformation can be all-encompassing with so many possibilities in style, furnishings, decoration and finish. Careful lighting design and choice of fittings should also be a part of the transformation. Content Bathroom atmosphere . . . . . . ....

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Bathroom atmosphere As in any other space, bathroom lighting should be attuned to the chosen fittings in the room. Always try to emphasize the atmosphere of the bathroom with careful lighting, creating effects and atmosphere with the use of shadows. Choose your lighting fixtures as a function of the lines of the architecture and be sure to match the atmosphere of the bathroom, for instance Brushed Aluminium for a contemporary bathroom look, or Black + Gold for a more convivial approach. Lighting can have a positive or negative influence on the bathroom ambience. For a contemporary space the use...

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Lighting calculation Many bathrooms enjoy little or no natural light, making the careful choice of artificial lighting even more necessary. A bathroom will have several different functions: In the morning we wake and generally want to enjoy a fresh stimulating shower – for this, the lighting should also be stimulating and refreshing. After a hard day, a relaxing bath may be your preference, when equally soft and relaxing lighting is more appropriate. Even the simplest of “scene setting” should be considered with thoughtful lighting design at the planning stage. Several different light sources...

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Illumination according to function In a bathroom we can distinguish different lighting requirements by their function. At the mirror and the washbowl, task illumination should be provided and should be suitable for shaving or perhaps applying make-up. We can combine this task lighting with indirect accent lighting to give the space a warmer feel. When considering a design, start with general lighting and then combine this with the more specific and separately controlled requirements of the different functions. For general lighting, particularly in the smaller space, a central light point can be...

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Types of lighting A well illuminated bathroom uses a blend of different types of illumination. Each type has a specific characteristic and function, and generally will not provide a good scheme in isolation. BASIC LIGHTING This illumination lays the foundation for the lighting scheme, providing sufficient general light throughout the room. The most important characteristic of this part of the design is the uniform distribution of light and a minimum of shadow formation. For this the ideal choice is some form of diffused lighting and preferably indirect. Care should be taken to ensure this basic...

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ORIENTATION LIGHTING ATMOSPHERIC LIGHTING Orientation lighting gives direction or guides and can be Use an indirect and/or coloured light source to create achieved using very low levels of illumination and minimal atmosphere. Relaxing in the bath does not require high levels energy consumption, such as provided by LED sources. of illumination so consider also a dimmer to set the mood. This type of illumination is most widely used as a nightlight This can then be used as a function of the general lighting, alternative to the main lighting, but can also be used to the which can be lifted by the...

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Different kinds of lighting DIFFUSED LIGHT Light which is emitted or projected in a wide spread. This can be achieved by using diffusers or lenses to scatter the light emitted by a source. A fluorescent lamp by design is a useful diffused source, or we can use other light sources with polycarbonate or glass screens to provide diffusion. The sun is a naturally diffused light source, using the atmosphere to scatter its rays. Properties of diffused light • Uniform light dispersion • Details are less defined • Frequently used as basic lighting • No strong shadows Direct liGht Light which is concentrated,...

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Lighting fixtures Suspended Lighting Fixtures Ceiling mounted lighting fixtures lighting Suspended Lighting Fixtures fixtures are installed directly have an important decorative to provide directional and/or catcher. These lighting fixtures general light. These fixtures augment an interior with light are usually self- contained This type of fixture is not transformer or control gear as an integral component, because of this you can connect them a bathroom due to the constraints of regulations, but can directly to a 230V supply, but they are sometimes a little bulky. provide a special touch. The...

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Wall lighting fixtures LINEAR LIGHTING FIXTURES Fixtures are available to mount direct or indirect light. Surface create extremely narrow lines of fixtures can create a very light. Built into and hidden in a beautiful effect with defined recess at the junction of ceiling and wall or between walls, the result is a subtle clean light, accentuating the architecture of the wall. This is a subtle which skims the wall or the ceiling. Linear lighting fixtures way to add weight to a room and to create a feeling of space. are also used to accentuate some shapes in the architectural Recessed wall fittings...

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Above a bath it is important to avoid direct glare and GEENA from TAL is the ideal candidate for an eye-catching and fun but glare-free option.

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As a basic light, HELAX is an attractive fixture which still provides for pleasant general lighting. In this concept we also used our CHROMOS for atmospheric lighting. The choice of colour matches that chosen for the GEENA used above the bath. CHROMOS will create a very beautiful radiation on the wall. Task lighting is integrated into the mirror and provides eye-level diffused lighting.

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