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TALzine 2015 - 03 Special Kitchen

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Introduction Maybe, it is because of the introduction of the dishwasher into the kitchen, which ensures that the dishes are cleared up immediately after a meal. Or is it our hectic lifestyle that compels us to cherish cosy family moments such as having breakfast together? Or the popularity of numerous cookery programmes in which lots of tasty dishes are cooked in beautiful open kitchens? Fact is that the kitchen is turning ever more into the beating heart of our house and in new houses, this area often blends into the living room. Today, the kitchen is a full-fledged living area and the...

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Kitchen lighting Nowadays, the kitchen is the centrepiece of the house and, as such, lighting in this room is hugely important. Lighting must be practical and efficient but it should also create the right atmosphere and that’s why in the kitchen one always works with a combination of several types of lighting. In a nutshell: solid general lighting forms the basis and supports the general atmosphere. This basic lighting is complemented by accent lighting to highlight extra details or certain areas and to complete the design, you can choose some extra mood lighting. Open kitchens are very...

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Virtual lighting simulation Project picture

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Lighting plan A proper lighting plan is indispensable for good kitchen lighting and it is highly recommended to call upon a lighting expert for this task. Start from the kitchen plan and divide the kitchen into different areas according to their respective functions. A properly lit kitchen should facilitate the preparation of meals, support the right atmosphere during meals and enable children to do their homework. With attractive lighting, the kitchen also becomes the ideal place to relax after a long day at work. Apart from the different activities for which the kitchen is used, the right...

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Lighting according to areas In the kitchen, we distinguish several areas with different functions. Always start with the basic lighting and combine it with other lighting types according to the function of the specific areas. No doubt, task lighting is the most important light in the kitchen but it should never be the only light as this would ruin the atmosphere. In fact, mood lighting is increasingly used because today the kitchen is part of the overall living area, in other words, the boundaries between the different living areas are blurred. Make sure that the (task) lighting has no...

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Lighting types Every properly lit kitchen is equipped with a combination of several types of lighting and every type has its own features and benefits. Some lighting types can be dimmed so that (with different lighting intensities) they can be used for various applications. This way, task lighting may already suffice as basic lighting in a smaller kitchen, however, one single luminaire can never integrate all different functions. A good example: you can suspend a TAL 2U Lighting Profile above the worktop as task lighting, but this profile can also be used as general lighting. Thanks to the...

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Accent lighting Mood lighting Accent lighting is featured by a (narrow) beam (< 40°) and Mood lighting is used above all to create a pleasant the light is concentrated within this beam. The width of the atmosphere rather than lighting output, therefore, this type of beam depends on the radiation angle of the light and is lighting is often used in open and spacious kitchens. By using determined by the optic instrument (lens or reflector) in the dimmable lighting and warm light colours, you can create a light fitting. This lighting is ideal to highlight and emphasise an pleasant atmosphere...

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Types of lighting DIFFUSED LIGHT Diffused light is light that can be distributed in all directions. This effect can be reached by using a matt light source such as a fluorescent lamp, or by using a light diffuser such as matt glass or a matt, translucent plastic (PC or PMMA). A downlight with a very wide beam (> 70°) may in some cases also act as a diffused light source. Even distribution of light Details are more difficult to detect Often acts as basic lighting and task lighting in the kitchen Shadows are soft DIRECT LIGHT Direct light emits the light beam directly onto the surface to be...

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Lighting equipment CEILING-MOUNTED LUMINAIRE SUSPENDED LUMINAIRES (PENDANTS) Ceiling-mounted Suspended luminaires have are mounted directly onto the ceiling and emit direct, function and should therefore be treated as such. These appliances usually contain light fittings help to define the an integrated LED driver so Domino interior, both by their light and their design (and finishing). A suspended luminaire adds extra flavour to the kitchen Always check if the ceiling is high enough because with a low and makes sure that a separate space can be created. ceiling, you will optically lower...

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RECESSED DOWNLIGHTS 3-CIRCUIT TRACK SYSTEM Downlights are very popular as mood lighting, basic lighting and also as accent kitchens, a track (or rail) lighting. Often, these light fittings blend discretely into practical solution. The track the interior, which is certainly true for trim-less variants, and Intana existing power source so that they are frequently used in Spina elbow track you have your light exactly modern interiors. Recessed where you want or need it. downlights are available in various forms and with various types The major benefit of a track system is that it makes it easy...

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Directional recessed downlights as general lighting and for highlighting some additional details Diffused lighting as task lighting above the food preparation area

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Suspended luminaires ensure a cosy atmosphere and create a separate area Lighting Profile along the wall for functional wall-washing effect

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General lighting The basic lighting may consist of different types of lighting. It may be a diffused light source or downlights when the atmosphere is the most important objective. Another possibility is to work with indirect lighting that is mounted on top of cupboards. If the kitchen is also used as living space, suitable suspended luminaires may also qualify as general lighting. Definitely consider LED lighting as well as it has the longest life span and is extremely energy-efficient. To create a pleasant atmosphere, it is always better to work with several light sources with a lower...

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