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TALzine 2015-02 Hertog Jan - 17 Pages

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TALzine 2015-02 Hertog Jan
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Catalog excerpts

”Simplicity is all but simple” Under the motto "simplicity is all but simple", the founding fathers of three-star restaurant Hertog Jan, Gert de Mangeleer en Joachim Boudens, found in TAL the perfect partner for lighting their newly located restaurant. For the new Hertog Jan, Gert and Joachim had subtle lighting in mind; the light should reinforce the architecture, which is no surprise knowing that the new location is situated in a renovated historic farmhouse. TAL prepared a lighting design combining functional excellence with aesthetic beauty. In all its simplicity, the lighting reflects the...

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Introduction Creating simplicity is all but simple. The story of Hertog Jan was created through numerous discussions with Gert, Joachim and architect Dries Bonamie, all providing input to find the right lighting solution. The purpose was to create an inspiring, contemporary restaurant with state-of-the-art lighting. The entire restaurant is lit using minimalist LED lighting. The TAL luminaires that have been especially developed for this project all have a stylish and timeless design that both blends in the decor and adds value to it. In other words, a perfect symbiosis is created between architecture...

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Hertog Jan GERT & JOACHIM In 2005, Gert de Mangeleer & Joachim Boudens take over bistro Hertog Jan and this marked the start of a true culinary success story. Today, they welcome you in their threestar restaurant in a unique and exclusive environment under the motto "Simplicity is all but simple". GERT Gert de Mangeleer took over Hertog Jan in 2005 together with his culinary soulmate Joachim Boudens. Influenced by their experiences in several Belgian top restaurants they transformed the traditional kitchen of the bistro into a refreshing, even revolutionary experience. Focussing on the design...

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Location At the end of 2010, Gert & Joachim take the next step in putting their philosophy into practice. They buy their own farm, which allows them to grow products themselves. Hundreds of organic herbs, vegetables and flowers are grown and used in seasonal creations.The long-term vision was to move the entire restaurant and to integrate it into the historic farmhouse. The garden is the starting point for the ingredients in dishes and evolves in harmony with the seasons. Hertog Jan's new location was opened in July 2014. In this TALzine, we will take a closer look into the restaurant. BUILDING...

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Reception Going to Hertog Jan is more than visiting just another restaurant, it must be an overall experience, completely immersing oneself in the Hertog Jan atmosphere. As soon as you step into the restaurant, all pressure from one's everyday life should be left at the door and the reception has been designed such that you immediately walk into a quiet, serene atmosphere. This effect is created through the luminaires from the 'Think small' collection, which is characterised by modest dimensions and excellent performances. Thanks to their subtle dimensions, the luminaires are hidden from view...

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TRIMMER LARGE TEXTURED BLACK Kitchen Obviously, in a three-star restaurant the kitchen is of utmost importance. All kitchen appliances are absolutely state-of-the-art and it goes without saying that the same was required from the lighting. Kitchen lighting comes with three major requirements: - High level of light (> 1000 Lux) - Exact colour reproduction - No annoying shadows (diffuse light) To meet all these requirements, we chose to install the 3U profile with T5 lamps, colour 930, combined with the Trimmer Large, also with T5 lamps, colour 930. What's also quite practical is that in the kitchen...

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Interview - Joachim Boudens When we went looking for the ideal partner to light our new restaurant, we had some very specific requirements that had to be considered: • • We wanted subtle light that blends into the whole of the building and is functional as well. We did not want a showroom with as many models of lamps as possible. As for the whole of the project, we wanted a very subtle execution. The building takes precedence and lighting should support this. After several talks with different manufacturers, we finally chose TAL because as a company they supported our philosophy and did not impose...

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Truss The old truss of the farmstead barn was fully renovated and is a real jewel. It would be a shame not to emphasise it by attractive lighting.To do so, a special product was developed based on Brix but with an extra foot so that every single spot can be aligned separately. This way, the old beams, which aren't fully level, can be accentuated by individual light. For the light source, the XICATO led module was chosen for its combination of beautiful light colours and excellent colour reproductions. SPECIAL PRODUCT BASED ON BRIX WITH XICATO LED MODULE

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General Areas ODIL For the general areas, Gert and Joachim opted for luminaires that are not too striking and have huge energy saving potential. In the restrooms, for instance, the ODIL luminaires were installed because of their long life span and high energy efficiency thanks to the integrated PORIFERATM technology.

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Restaurant Establishing the correct lighting for the restaurant itself was a real challenge and in the course of the project there were many design changes. The most important consideration was that this lighting should combine energy efficiency with a warm and cosy light, but also the dishes, which are all small works of art, should be lit perfectly and correctly. The luminaires shouldn't be too striking either and had to be integrated in a stretch ceiling. Finally, a special version of INTANA was installed, especially developed for being seamlessly integrated in a stretch ceiling. For the light...

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Garden The garden is hugely important at Hertog Jan as it is there that most of the vegetables and herbs for the various dishes come from. Every visitor is always invited to take a walk through the garden. To illuminate this beautiful garden, the Menhir was chosen for its taut, timeless design and because the fixture is able to shed its 360° light all across the garden. MENHIR 150-250 TEXTURED BLACK

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