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An architectural announcement, exterior signage must be bold, instructive and true to the form and spirit of your vision. Like all Takeform sign systems, Signify expands your ability to deliver detail with elegant yet durable surface materials. Surprising shapes. Dimensional typography. Everything needed to convey brand, defy clutter and, of course, beautify. All in favor, Signify.

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Exterior signage is not the place to be timid. There’s too much competition. You must demand attention. But have the design choices to invite rather than scream. To be consistent with your architecture, and with your brand personality. Signify lets you conform — as loud as you want. Use your outside voice.

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Studied synchronization Exterior signage is an architectural element. And with Signify, you’ll have an unmatched ability to integrate signage with key elements of your architecture. Shapes designed to mirror your building’s predominant lines and a rich palette of finishes, colors and typography provide multiple opportunities for connection. And don’t forget brand. We never do. Signify 04 | Camber Collection Cabinet RCM Facing Material | Pacific Board Push-Through Internally Illuminated Lettering

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Three of a kind Signify for exterior. Fusion and Stance for interior. They’re a matched set. So you can turn any architectural signage project inside out—with a visual consistency that feels just right. Fusion 22 | Camber Collection Room ID with printed insert SIGNAGE COLLECTIONS Fusion Room ID and Stance Kiosk Laminate Face | Wild Cherry Laminate Backer | Micro Steel Stance 22 | Camber Collection 22-inch Series | Single-Lens Directory Map EXTERIOR SIGNAGE

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Designing with Signify Select Signify Family Choose a sign family based on your architecture: Quad, Arch, Oblique, Camber or Wave. Adminis ration O ff ices Adminis ration O ff ices Service Center Service Center Service Center Service Center Signify 01 | Quad Collection Cabinet ACM Aluminum Facing Material Bright Red / Natural Brushed Aluminum Routed Internally Illuminated Lettering Select Sign Type Each Signify family includes every sign type your project will require. Refer to pages 10-11 Select Size We offer a full range of sizes for every sign type. Refer to pages 10-11 Select Finishes...

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Clan, kin, cousins... whatever you call it, you can’t beat family. And within every Signify There’s one in every family. family is a range of sign types to address every requirement - from cabinet style to post & panel, to exterior dimensional letters. Each in a range of sizes and fantastic finishes. And each with an unmistakable family resemblance. STOP ESERV D PA KING Main Entrance Main Entrance Physicians Building E Visitor Parking Visitor Parking Employee Parking PEDE TRIAN CROSS NG Employee Parking

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“ Takeform is all about Connecting. Connecting signage with architecture, material and brand. Signage is the thread to weave these elements together.” Signify 01 | Quad Collection Double Post & Panel Vinyl and Dimensional Lettering Painted Aluminum Panels Rust / Butterscotch

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Keep it current Since change is inevitable—your Signify sign can be updated at any time thanks to easily removable panels. What you don’t see—you will notice. • Non-corroding all aluminum framing. • Thicker face material to prevent “oil-canning.” • Concealed panel fasteners, out of sight but not out of reach. • Breakaway posts and panel signs with reusable foundation.

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Stunning, smart, durable RCM* is an exterior grade building material, now adapted for exterior signage. So it lasts a lifetime... actually several. • Striking–available in woods, stones, metals, textures, colors... finishes that you wouldn’t expect in exterior signage. • Tough–incredible impact resistance • True Blue–no noticeable color change for 10 years. Order replacement panels years later and match the original color. • Graffiti Resistant–RCM’s unique properties enable most graffiti to be removed easily. Nothing else comes close. Signify 43 | Wave Collection Double Post & Panel...

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Cabinet Signs Signify Sign Types • Replaceable panels (2 standard per face) • Single or double sided • Illuminated or non-illuminated • Letter options • Replaceable panels (2 standard per face) • Single or double sided • Illuminated or non-illuminated • vinyl • dimensional letters • routed • push-through • vinyl • dimensional letters • routed • push-through Wall Mount Cabinet Flag Mount Cabinet • Replaceable panels (2 standard) • Replaceable panels (2 standard per face) • Letter options • Single or double sided • Illuminated or non-illuminated • Vertical or horizontal mount • vinyl •...

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Panel Signs Double Post & Panel Single Post & Panel • Replaceable panels (2 standard per face) • Single or double sided • Single or double sided • Letter options • Letter options • vinyl • dimensional letters • vinyl • dimensional letters Width Wall Mount Panel • Single or double sided • Letter options Flag Mount Panel • Vertical or horizontal mount • Vertical or horizontal mount • vinyl • dimensional letters • Letter options • vinyl • dimensional letters

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Finish Options ACM | Aluminum Composite Material Painted Aluminum ACM-RB-CP Copper Penny ACM-RB-DB Deep Black ACM-RB-FW Fresco White ACM-RB-GR Classic Green ACM-RB-KB Konig Blue ACM-RB-PE Pewter ACM-RB-PL Platinum ACM-RB-PW Pure White ACM-RB-SL Bright Silver Metallic ACM-RB-VC Vancouver Copper ACM-AP-MT Maple Timber ACM-AP-WT Walnut Timber ACM-RB-CM Champagne Metallic ACM-RB-CB Classic Bronze ACM-RB-BA Natural Brushed Aluminum

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Vinyl Lettering Solid Vinyl Lettering Options RCM | Resin Composite Material Dimensional Lettering Internally Illuminated Lettering 220-19 Deep Mahogany Brown Metallic Vinyl A3713-M Bright Gold Metallic 220-231 Light Gold Metallic A7708-M Medium Charcoal Metallic

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