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Fusion - 26 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Architectural Graphics Connecting People, Places and Ideas

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A finely tuned sensitivity to space. And those who move through it.

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Architectural signage can move, direct, guide, inform, project. Above all, it can connect. That's why we designed Fusion. With Fusion, you can choose from a wide variety of shapes, colors and finishes. It connects guality materials with energetic shapes. Words with color. Form with function. Sense with sensibility nformation with inspiration. All to enhance and complement your space. And your creative vision. The result is more than beautiful signage. It is signage with a true sensitivity to your space. As well as those who inhabit it. Kathleen Logan Connecting People to Space 2 Connecting Motion...

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Connecting People to Space

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You'll feel welcome right from the start. Signage is one of the first things people notice when they enter a space. They may be checking the directory to find a particular department. They may be trying to locate a conference room for an important presentation. Or meeting someone special for the very first time. In fact, every person who enters your space will likely interact with your signage, up close and personal. Within Fusion are 6 collections, 24 designs, each created to help people navigate clearly and easily. Even more than that, Fusion can actually enhance their experience. That's because...

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Collections Which one best complements your architecture? The best way to start thinking about Fusion is to consider the architecture of your space. Is it all about curves? Then WAVE might bejust the collection foryou. angles? In that case, check out OBLIQUE. Jacob SfiBtofc Quad Collection

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Arch Collection Wave Collection

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Collections Camber Camber Oblique Every Fusion design is a complete sign system from directories to work stations for every location and destination – reception, private office, conference rooms, restrooms, common areas and regulatory signage including evacuation maps, fire extinguisher, interior stairwell and more. Fusion 22 Camber Collection Fusion 4

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Oblique Collection Ellipse Collection

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Architectural signage is the one design element that literally communicates to the people in your space. It tells them where you want them to go, what you want them to do. It communicates and enhances your corporate identity. With Fusion, it can also communicate aesthetically, just as you do with your design. So it can also tell them what you want them to feel. Whatever environment you place it in, Fusion will complement and extend your design vocabulary. What it will say is up to you, and the space itself. A single sign, when placed in the context of the design aesthetic you've created,

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Connecting Motion with Emotion For this environment, Fusion 12 was chosen to mirror the lines of the space. The laminate Dark Maple was selected to coordinate with the maple in the millwork. The decorative backer is Searchlight, from Lumicor9, backpainted to echo the tint of the glass. Finally, the copy and insert colors match the neutral tones of the floor covering and walls. The result? A sleek contemporary signage package that uniguely complements the space. Signage is part of your identity. It communicates both to your clients and those that call the space home. What do you want them to know?...

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Laminate Palette Fusion laminates Fusion 20 Camber Collection

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Once you’ve decided on a sign design, it’s time to select a laminate. We offer a range of looks to complement your interior— traditional to modern, calming to energizing, natural to high-tech. You see our standard palette here, but there are thousands more. Match or accent a laminate that you’ve already selected for your project. Or pick anything from your design library.

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Fusion fonts Now that you've selected your shape and laminate, it's time to choose a typeface and color. We've made it easy with our ADA-compliant fonts and design-sensitive color palette. of sans serif typefaces for interior signs. Fusion offers a selection of the most widely used faces. Typography Color Palette Fusion Font Palette Meta Bold Helvetica Bold Futura Heavy Gill Sans Bold Optima Bold Dove White Desert Sand Concrete Caspian Avocado Butternut Butterscotch Eggplant Tranguility Typography color must contrast with the background for ADA compliance. Text is raised 1/32", matte polycarbonate...

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Fusion Typography Color Palette ADA Compliance The Americans with Disabilities Act Title III regulations, which affect public and commercial facilities, require the removal of any barriers that prevent the disabled from having equal access. The regulations apply to signage in many ways, including: • Sign characters must be uppercase and use a sans serif typeface at least 5/8” in height, raised 1/32” and include a Braille translation. • Sign characters and backgrounds must both have a matte or other non-glare finish. • Characters and pictograms must contrast with the background, either light on...

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Connecting Information and Inspiration.

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The inspiration behind our designs? You. The flow of a river. The intricate structure of a shell. Your sources of inspiration never cease to inspire us. That's why we've created our unique palette of shapes, materials and colors. We'll work with you to create architectural signage that reflects the function and finishes of your interior, as well as the concept that's behind it. Because once we understand where the inspiration came from, there's no limit to where

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Decorative backers, accent bars, and hardware. More creativity in the details. Even more creativity is in the details. The decorative backers, metal accent bars, and mounting hardware complete your signage look. Pick up an interesting material from your space and introduce it into the signage in the form of a decorative backer. Backers also add shape, depth, and dimension. Choose from our standard laminate palette. Go metallic. Or how about a subtly colored acrylic? You might even choose an encapsulated acrylic. Here, unigue materials, including leaves, grasses, mesh and bamboo, are sandwiched...

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