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Technical Features

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Wood floor Wood floor has become a main component of the contemporary living. Always more widespread thanks to the variety of wood species on the market and to the over-refined finishings, the supply is always wider. The choise, as always, depends on preferences but on a little of competence also. Each wood specie shows its own colour and fibre, each lot has its own aesthetic features that may vary due to the area of origin. Parquet is a kind of wood floor with a solid wood component of at least 2,5 mm thickness. This definition is in accordance with European regulation that establishes technical features, limits, allowances and selections, according to the kind of product and in detail: UNI EN 13489 - Multilayer prefinished wood floor UNI EN 13227 - Solid wood without T/G wood floor UNI EN 13226 - Solid wood with T/G wood floor

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Quality classing Face of the element Health sapwood Knots (healthy, adherent, bad) Light marks allowed Allowed only if: diam.    Allowed only if: diam. mm if not assembled; diam. if not assembled; diam. 1 mm if not assembled if not assembled Not allowed    Rotten knots. Allowed only if: diam. diam 1 mm if not assembled All the features are allowed without limits of dimension or quantity if they do not compromise the resistance or the quality of resistance to wear of wood floors Bark pockets Lighting shaker Curvature of fibres Not allowed    Not allowed Not allowed    Not allowed Colour...

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Our grades STILNOVO S / STILNOVO M / STILNOVO ML Mixed texture, mainly straight, selected to assure the colour uniformity.. Mixed texture, straight and flamed, with colour even contrasting. Mixed texture, mainly fl amed, with colour even contrasting. Possible presence of small healthy knots in some strips Mixed texture, wavy grain with colour even contrasting. Possible presence of small healthy knots. Without defects. STILNOVO L / STILNOVO XL / STILNOVO MULTIPLO / LEGEND Mixed texture, straight and flamed, with colour even contrasting. Possible presence of asmall healthy knots in some...

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feeling wood FREE GRADE The grade for StRnovo L casual and Country and Stilnovo XL Casual and Country, Legend Country and Stilart according to the regulations UNI EN 13226 - 13489 (appendix B for the definition of Free Category) is to be considered a free category with the following features: Aubier sain Noeuds sains, adherents, mastiques Alteration de couleur jaune Fentes Presence d corse Coup de foudre Veinage irregulier Contrefi l frequent Bois de coeur Variation de la couleur Traces de barre de bois Moelles de tige Alteration biologique Non visible parts STILNOVO XL CASUAL / LEGEND...

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feeling wood Shape It is determined by the splitting of the trunks into element. It depends on the direction of the cut of the trunk and on the present sections. The disposition of the constitutive elements of the wood is manifest. They do not affect wood quality. Anatomic sections Transversal (Head): Area obtained by a radial cut on a radial plane. Radial: Area obtained by a longitudinal cut on a radial plane. Tangential: Area obtainded by longitudinal cut on a tangential plane.

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feeling wood Seasoning and drying The seasoning can also occur outdoor They lower their moisture content The drying process takes place in the hot blast kilns They tend to eliminate the deformations (shrinking bulges) They allow to tend to the hygroscopic balance Outdoor seasoning duration depends on the wood type and thickness: Hard Woods: Approximately 12 months per cm thickness Soft Woods: Approximately 6 months per cm thickness.

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limited* low** medium*** medium/high****

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Different wood floors type's features according to the element's structure Solid wood Usefullness Aesthetic

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