Sternhagen Basins Catalogue - 30 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Where art meets engineering Committed to create and enrich the daily suite experience, Sternhagen thrives to connect visionary design to flawless technological production expertise, every day. High quality standards, attention to detail and innovative design constitute the core values of the brand.

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Quartz made in Germany Sternhagen’s patented high-tech Quartz based material was developed initially for timeless artistic sculptures. With a built-in hygienic armour present at both the surface level and at its core, Sani-Q has unique attributes making it the material par excellence for applications needing outstanding resistance, easy maintenace and longevity. The cutting-edge elegance material, developed by Sternhagen.

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  Abrasion resistance   Scratch resistance   Chemical resistance   Stain resistance   Heat resistance   Antibacterial   Dimensional accuracy   Resistance against spalling   Reparability   High-prec

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WA SHB A SINS Düne, Seerose, Golden Cut and Kristall are far more than functional fixtures. Envisioned in Berlin with German quality standards and attention to detail, all four pieces speak to the power of Sani-Q and the perfection of nature.

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KRISTALL Spellbinding and masterful, the KristaLL sink is every bit as beautiful as its name suggests. Light refracts from its many facets like sun glittering on clean, natural crystal. The Sani-Q technology allows the Kristall to sport finely rounded edges for easy upkeep, while looking crisp as a freshly cut stone. Just as in nature no two crystals take exactly the same shape, no two facets of this centerpiece sink are alike. Individuality is a natural perfection. reddot award 2015 honourable mention

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DÜNE Revealing an arresting relief, the Düne sink captures a cross-section of earth shaped by the forces of water and wind. As if it had been lifted straight from the ocean floor or a sand-swept desert, its soft curves have been precisely calculated to match natural ripples in the rock, so that water flows flawlessly downward through the basin’s valleys toward the drain. This is the geometry of the earth enhanced by a soft, matte Sani-Q surface that is both easy to clean and bacteria-resistant. Pure, powerful and built to stand the test of time, Düne is a snapshot of nature’s grand design inside...

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The Golden Cut washbasin has a single 90 degree angle as its frame of reference. Like the heart of the Fibonacci Spiral, this is the sink's centre and source of order. The rest of the basin's geometry is neatly derived from this point. A marvel of mathematics, Golden Cut isn't just an ergonomic masterpiece, but a work of art with its clean, pure Sani-Q material and aesthetic angles. The elegance of the Golden Cut washbasin originates with the golden ratio. The eye slides effortlessly along the design's distinct lines, each of which has been carefully calculated to reflect that most elementary...

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Like the water lily, the Seerose sink is both strong and delicate. Simple and pure, its basin reflects the cup of the open lily, while its cool, smooth Sani-Q surface feels like a petal freshly plucked from a Tahitian pool. A solid base and lightly sloped, splash-resistant sides lend this sink the same affinity for water as the flower whose German name it bears. With its neat lines and organic clarity of design, the piece makes a firm, simple statement. It is the heart of clean, classic elegance.

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TECHNICAL INFORMATION Material: · Sani-Q Material: · Sani-Q Color: · White / Black Color: · White / Black Surface: · Top: Silk matte · Sides: Silk matte Surface: · Top: Silk matte · Sides: Sil

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Material: · Sani-Q Material: · Sani-Q Color: · White / Black Color: · White / Black Surface: · Top: Silk matte · Sides: Silk matte Surface: · Top: Silk matte · Sides: Si

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STERNHAGEN STERNHAGEN by Acrysil Limited (EOU) 704, Centre Point, J. B. Nagar, Andheri – Kurla Road Andheri (East)Mumbai – 400059 Maharashtra, India Acrysil GmbH Darmstädter Landstraße 125 60598 Frankfurt, Germany / www.sternhagen.

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