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BM 511-0 W white BM 511-0 T titanium BM 511-0 B brownDummy module for covering or later
replacement with any other module.
Mounting dimensions: 77 x 77 x 8 mm Dimensions: 93 x 93 x 12 mm
334 CMC 511-01 W white CMC 511-01 T titanium CMC 511-01 B brownSwivel-mounted single module colourCCD camera with infrared (IR) filter, built-in lighting and hardware. More technicalspecifications see above.Colour system PAL
ՕLens 4 mm, F 2 with electronic shutter 1/50 ... 1/30 000 secs., integrated IR filter
Aperture angle 80հ
Horizontal resolution 330, vertical 400 lines
ՕLight sensitivity 2.5 Lux Temperature range -5հto +40C
ЕPower supply 20 - 30 V DC
Current consumption max. 200 mA Mounting height: 1.60 m
Dimensions of module: 93 x 93 x 12/47
mm CMM 511-0 W white CMM 511-0 T titanium CMM 511-0 B brownSwivel-mounted single module mono-
chrome CCD camera with infrared (IR) fil-
ter, built-in lighting and hardware. To fit all Vario entryway speakers 511. ՕImage pick-up CCD-Sensor 1/3"
500 (H) x 582 (V) pixel
Lens 3.6 mm, F 3.5 with electronic shutter 1/50 ... 1/100 000 sec. and integrated IR filter
ՕAperture angle 90
ЕHorizontal swivel range 20Ѱ, vertical 20Ѱ
Horizontal resolution 380, vertical 400 lines ՕCCIR standard, 625 lines / 50 Hz
Light sensitivity 0.3 Lux ՕAutomatic gain control
Video output 1 Vss at 75 Ohm ՕLighting integrated into camera, 12 V
AC/10 W Luminous factor > 25 Lux at a distance of 0.5 m ՕHeating 12 V AC/150 mA
Temperature range - 10հto + 40C
ЕPower supply 20 - 30 V DC
Current consumption max. 110 mA
Mounting height 1.60 m
Dimensions of module: 93 x 93 x 12/47 mm BMM 511-0 W white BMM 511-0 T titanium BMM 511-0 B brownMovement sensor module for installation
in the Vario system. The system contains
ahighly sensitive infrared detector,a
photoelectric lighting controller and the
associated amplifying circuit. The horizontal detection range and pick-up width are adjustable as required.
ՕMax. pick-up width appr. 12 m, depending on mounting height, lens adjustment, external temperature and approach direction.
Pick-up width can be reduced in close proximity from appr. 6 m to 1 m.
ՕHorizontal pick-up angle max. 100, adjustable by means of shield insert, sym-
metrical 75а, symmetrical 40
ЕSwitching outputs
Output 1 photoelectric lighting controller
Output 2 movement detection
Output 3 series connection of 1 and 2 Switching capacity of all outputs 24V/2 A, floating
Adjustable switching time for outputs 2and 3 appr. 10 secs. to 10 mins.
ՕResponse threshold for photoelectric lighting controller adjustable from appr. 5-300 Lux Intrinsic light-proofing at output 3
ՕCommissioning service switch
Operational data:Operating voltage 12 V AC ՕOperating current appr. 220 mA
Bias current appr. 55 mA
Temperature range -20հto +50C
Dimensions: 93 x 93 x 46 mm COC 502-0 Code lock controller COC 502-0 as elec-
tronic evaluating circuit and switching
unit for the code lock module COM 511-0 when used as an indepen-
dent system. The code lock controller
COC 502-0 is intended for control panel
mounting with 2 potential-free switching
outputs for the door release as well as 2
inputs to permit certain codes from the
code lock module or the code lock con-
troller to be completely disabled. For pro-
gramming, an 8-digit alphanumeric LCD
display and 4 buttons are available.
ЕPower supply 8 V - 18 V AC or 12 V - 28 V DC
Power consumption with connected
COM 511-0 max. 200 mA
Օ2outputs max. 24 V/2 A AC/DC load
Dimensions: 89 x 89 x 60 mm Our line rectifier NG 602-0 can beused for the voltage supply.COM 511-0 W white COM 511-0 T titanium COM 511-0 B brownCode lock module without electronic
evaluating circuit for door release, con-
trol etc. Input of the code number made
using optionally 4 or 8 digits, C- button
for correction in case of incorrect entry,
and programmable DR button. Suitable
for installation in the Vario system 511.
Only in conjunction with the Siedle code
lock controller COC 502-0. Also for use in Siedle Intercom 3000-0
systems with door loudspeaker Con-
troller TLC 3000-01. Dust and splash-water proof.
Temperature range - 20to + 70аC
Mounting dimensions: 77 x 77 x 44 mm Dimensions: 93 x 93 x 12 mm EC501-0 Siedle Easikey controller for the no-con-
tact door release system with built-in
microcomputer, control scanner and 2
relays with floating contacts, max. load
24VAC/DC, 1.0 A, for connecting max.
2door releases. Release time can be pro-
grammed individually from 0-49 s for
each door release. Terminals for 2 door releases and max. 2
scanning modules. Depending on the
programming, open-circuit or closed-cir-
cuit door releases can be connected. Delivered programmed for standard
open-circuit door release. Max. 99 keys
can be read into each controller. Power supply 12 V AC/DC ՕCurrent consumption max. 1.5 A
AC/DC Bias current controller max. 50 mA
ՕBias current scanning module max. 60
Temperature range 0հC to + 50C
ЕProtection system IP 20 Suitable for installation in control pan-
11automatic circuit breakers wide and
surface-mounted. Dimensions:189 x 90 x 50/25 mm TM 511-01 W white TM 511-01 T titanium TM511-01 B brownCall button module with 1 nameplate
pocket 69 x 76 mm TM 511-02 W white TM 511-02 T titanium TM511-02 B brownCall button module with 2 nameplate
pockets 69 x 34 mm Remark When converting existing call button
modules TM 511-... with installation date
pre-1993, we recommend using the
ZD 061-10 instead of ZD 512-4.For door loudspeaker custom fit system,see TLE 061-0 with ZD 061-10
see page 308. TLM/TK 511-0 W white TLM/TK 511-0 T titanium TLM/TK 511-0 B brownՕExchange of TLM 511-0, -01, -02 in existing systems
Non-Siedle telecommunication systems
with and without PVG 402-0
ՕExisting Siedle duplex intercom systems
PVZ 322-Յ
Zentravox systems with HTZ 351/361
ՕNew intercom 3000 installations
Elevator systems LS 3000-Յ for
SIC 3000 system
Central call intercom systems ՕDoor link-up of all Siedle telecommuni-
cation systems with suitable interfaces. Weather-resistant door loudspeaker mod-
ule with floating weak current light but-
ton and illuminated light symbol, as well
as LEDs for engaged status and speech. Mounting dimensions: 77 x 77 x 33 mm Dimensions: 93 x 93 x 20 mm ZD 512-4 The accessorydiodes must be used with
the new wire-saving system with TLM 512-0 in the door loudspeaker. At
each call button module, an accessory
diode ZD 512-4 must be installed, irre-
spective of the number of call buttons.
Components: Diode pcb for 4 call buttons, 5 wirecon-
nectors and 2 fixing screws. The ZD 512-4 or ZD 061-10 must be
used in the call button modules!
No reverse compatibility exists with exist-
ing circuits with e.g. TLM 511/521/522-..., TLE 051-... etc! Note ES 501-0 >

Discontinued articlesreplacement and extension requirements

Siedle Easikey key in conjunction with
the Siedle Easikey scanning module
ELM 511-0 and the Easikey controller
EC 501-0 for no-contact opening of
doors, gates, etc. Each electronic keyӓ
has an unmistakable code. It is complete-
ly encapsulated, has no battery and
boasts an unlimited service life.
Colour black
Dimensions: 67 x 26 x 6 mm ELM 511-0 W white ELM 511-0 T titanium ZIM 512-0 ELM 511-0 B Clear brownSiedle Easikey reading module with tar-
get field and LED functions in conjunc-
tion with the Siedle Easikey controller EC
501-0 to scan electronic keysӓ for
opening doors, gates etc.
Temperaturerange - 20to + 50аC
Mounting dimensions: 77 x 77 x 8 mm Dimensions: 93 x 93 x 12 mm ZIM 512-0 SM 511-0 W titanium/brown (smokedeffect)
Accessory cassette for the Vario informa-
tion module IM 511-01 for fast informa-
tion changeover. Pack of 2 clear cassettes white SM 511-0 T titanium IM511-01 W SM 511-0 B brownLock module to actuate entryway gate or
rolling gate, driveways, garages, etc.
Complete with two-stage touch contact.
Max. switching voltage 48 V AC/DC.
Without locking cylinder. All profile half
cylinders to DIN can be used up to a
total length of appr. 40 mm
Mounting dimensions: 77 x 77 x 50 mm
Dimensions: 93 x 93 x 12 mm white IM511-01 T titanium IM 511-01 B brownInformation module with cassette and
display area 81 x 76 mm, for house num-
ber, pictograms, business hours, illumina-
tion fittings with 18 V/3 Watt lamp. The
insert carrying the information can be
changed from the front using the special
Siedle key. Mounting dimensions: 77 x 77 x 33 mm
Dimensions: 93 x 93 x 12 mm >

Module 511

TM511-03 W white TM511-03 T titanium TLM 512-0 W white TM511-03 B brownCall button module with 3 nameplate
pockets 69 x 20 mm. TLM 512-0 T titanium TLM 512-0 B brownWire-saving systems with HTS/
HTC 711-0 ՕDoor link-up of telecommunication systems TC 611-5/TC 711-8/-16/-24 ISDN with suitable interfaces
In non-Siedle telecommunication systems FTZ 123D12 with PVG 602-Յ
Weather-proof door loudspeaker module
for the new wire-saving system. With
floating weak current light button and
illuminated symbol, with integrated
switching unit/switch unit accessory
function for automatic synchronization
where several door loudspeakers are
used, and floating work contacts for door
release and light. Volume controller for
loudspeaker. Integrated video control, as
well as facility for connection of switch-
ing/remote controller SFC 602-0 and door
release controller CT 602-0.
Contact load for light, door release 24 V/
Mounting dimensions: 77 x 77 x 33 mm
Dimensions: 93 x 93 x 20 mm TM511-04 W white TM 511-04 T All call button modules:ZD511-4 titanium TM511-04 B brownCall button module with 4 nameplate
pockets 69 x 13 mm. Diode accessory ZD511-4 must be
mounted directly at the call button mod-
ule in wire-saving systems AS-2/66a-... (1+n with audio privacy
device) and AS-2/59b-... (1+n without
audio privacy device) directly at the call
button module, and is required for each
group of 4 system telephones. For more
than 4 users, an additional diode acces-
sory is required for each new started
group of 4. Components: Diode pcb, 5wire connectors, 2 screws and 4 indi-
vidual diodes only for AS-2/59b... (1+n without audio privacy device). >

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