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Solar Air collector GB • Free Space Heating • No more humidity

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AIRSOL HOME APPLICATIONS ‘’AIRSOL’’ SOLAR HEATER is made by SOLE S.A. for space heating, dehumidification and ventilation of buildings with hot air. “AIRSOL” INSTALLATION ON WALL SOLAR IRRADIATION “AIRSOL” SOLAR FRESH AIR INLET IRRADIATION How does it work? The basic principle of this system is the following: AIR FILTER Easy installation on south, southeast and south FRESH AIR INLET INSTALLATION ON TILE ROOF west walls SOLAR IRRADIATION INSTALLATION ON TILE ROOF “AIRSOL” Solar irradiation passes through the highly transmissive glazing and reaches the absorber. The selective absorber...

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SOLAR AIR COLLECTOR FOR SPACE HEATING Advantages COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS WITH AIRSOL COLLECTORS IN SERIES Direct heating for free with solar energy: • Saving of conventional fuel for heating from 50-80% in houses or commercial buildings. • Ideal for country weekend houses, keeping them hot and fresh. No more humidity. • Ideal for places that need heating and air renewal such as: - schools - offices - factories • Ideal for closed rooms such as underground warehouses etc. • Very easy installations even “do it your self”. COMMERCIAL AUTONOMOUS SOLAR IRRADIATION FRESH AIR INLET VIA DAMPER...

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Since its foundation in 1974, SOLE S.A. has been committed to the protection of the environment and the reduction of CO² emission. SOLE S.A. holds numerous prizes and distinctions, contributing with its products to the improvement of the environment in all 5 continents. The solar heater “AIRSOL” is produced in 3 sizes with “blue selective” surface made of full face selective aluminum sheet for maximum efficiency. TYPE NOMINAL POWER** RECOMMENDED FOR ROOM AREA ** Values calculated with a solar irradiation of 1000w / m² For permanent residence or premises of everyday use just select the...

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