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DIP systeme - 40 Pages

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DIP systeme
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Catalogue excerpts

Founding of the Company “ Société d’Implantation et de Diffusion d’Équipements Électro-hydraulique ”, SIDE 77, by Joël Dumonceaux. S.I.D.E. Industrie is a family company specialized for over 25 years in solutions for the pumping of “difficult fluids”. Based on practical expertise in the field, the development of our product range is the result of 30 years of research, and from listening to the daily concerns of users and designers, enabling us today to offer innovative solutions which are both simple and complete. Many are already standards in use in Europe for several years now. In association...

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DIRECT IN-LINE PUMP SYSTEM AN INNOVATIVE PRINCIPLE By lifting gravity effluent directly at the point of entry, without water loading or a wet well, the DIP Systeme® overcomes the drawbacks of retained volumes of effluent: • Dangerous gases (H2S), • Smells, • Sand and grease accumulation, • Equipment corrosion, • Structural erosion, • Clogged floaters, • Access safety. The only patented system to lift effluent directly at the point of entry OPERATION The DIP Systeme® is driven, as standard, by variable speed. Operation is no longer based on“all-ornothing”pumping but on continuous and modulated...

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GENERAL DESCRIPTION 1 WALL FLANGE and MAINS SECTIONING VALVE AS STANDARD WALL FLANGE The various stainless steel 304L wall flanges provide a sealed connection to the mains inlet, whatever the diameter or shape of the structure, round or square, as well as the discharge of the bottom drainage pump. Several inlets and an overflow can also be connected together, using a number of wall flanges and a collector. 2 SHARED HYDRAULIC BODY Made entirely from AISI 304L (316L on request) “boiler-plated” stainless steel. The bodies’ suction profiles are specially designed to take advantage of the flow speed...

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3 LEVEL GAUGE (NEW SENSOR COATED IN VULKOLAN®) SIMPLE AND SAFE Thanks to its stainless steel AISI 316 flush membrane, this sensor is highly wear resistant. It is resistant to deposit build-up because it benefits from, at this position, the inlet fluid speed, which is further enhanced by the suction effect of the pump operation. This system dispenses with the need for classical detection methods, such as float or ultrasound measurement. IP67 protection with 15m (49 ft) of cable as standard on all models. DATA TRANSMISSION In addition to the information transmitted to the regulation cabinet regarding...

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GENERAL DESCRIPTION 6 MOTORS MOTORS FITTED TO THE DIP SYSTEM®: SEALS • No oil pan • Ability to operate dry up to 150h • Large capacity • Also operates under pressure • Materials: Sic/Sic or W/Sic OPERATING LIMITS Cast iron or aluminium motor body with fastener dimensions which comply with industrial standards and are, therefore, compatible with those of regular industrial motors. It is fitted with a ventilator and fan cooled. Class F windings (155 °C /310°F). Efficiency class IE2 • ax. temperature: 40-80°C M (100°F – 180°F) on request • Viscosity: 750 cSt ( ie 1,08×10-5 ft²/s) • Max. speed: 3,600...

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7 CONTROL PANEL A.L.C.V9 50Hz/60Hz COMPATIBLE The DIP Systeme® comes delivered either with its ALC (Advanced Level Control) panel to be assembled in a customer configuration, or in a complete cabinet. Each frequency converter is connected to its motor unit and communicates with the other. Speed variation and simplified control levels on the same panel allow regulation in all configurations, including those of complex combined sewerage systems. The ALC panel can be used to carry out all the functions of a traditional lifting station without the need for additional equipment: • Automatic alternation,...

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GENERAL DESCRIPTION 8 CIVIL ENGINEERING NEW OR EXISTING (SEE ALSO SIDINOX READY-TO-CONNECT STATIONS) SIMPLIFIED CIVIL ENGINEERING As part of a lifting station installation project, the DIP Systeme® enables civil engineering costs to be significantly reduced: • Groundworks require, at least, one metre less in foundation depth and concrete, and take up less space than a traditional station. Discharge head Flow indicator option • he elimination of marling deposits reduces the height of the T structure to 50cm (1.5 ft) below the water stream intake. Inlet • he structure’s shape can be either round...

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INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS MODEL SELECTION In-line pumping does not require additional coefficients to be calculated (number of start-ups or drawdown volume): the directly adjusts itself in line with the inlet volume and can switch its motors on and off up to 150 times an hour. The maximum inlet flow must correspond to one of the points on the upper curve of the operating range (next page). This graph shows the performance with a single motor unit in service, maintaining full backup with the second motor unit. For all the lower operating points, the system automatically adjusts its flow and power...

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TYPICAL STRUCTURES 1 CONSTRUCTION RULES FOR THE DESIGN OF DIP STATION STRUCTURES ARE AS FOLLOWS: Ideally bring the various inlets together in an inspection chamber before the station, at least 5ml (15ft) from the DIP. The slope between the chamber and the station must be equal to or greater than 2%. New units can have a lesser slope, for existing or new installations. However, the inlets may be brought together using a set of wall flanges by the DIP enclosure. Overflow Multiple inlets before the station Apart from the minimum space around the motor units needed for maintenance, there are no constraints...

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DIFFERENT POSSIBLE SHAPES OF UNITS: ROUND, SQUARE, RECTANGULAR... Other layouts available on request, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS CONNECTION OF IP67 SENSOR Motor connections should preferably be made without a break between the frequency variators and the motors. Preferred cables are LIYCY armoured cables. DESCRIPTION MOTOR CONNECTIONS If possible, the sensor should be connected without a break between the cabinet and the sensor. Connect to the motor terminal boards taking into account the voltages shown on the ratings plates. The delivered cable is armoured to protect the signal. IP56 protection of standard motors requires careful assembly of the compression glands fitted. IP57S versions are equipped...

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