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Catalogue excerpts

VENDING CAPSULE SYSTI ty*^\z<z -tCap Bean C^^X^c^Wo Capsule Saeco is a trademark of the Philips Group

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WITH THIS SYSTEM, WE HAVE EXCEEDED ALL EXPECTATIONS. EVEN OUR OWN. Continuing its history as an ideal partner in coffee brewing outside the home, Saeco has now widened its range with the new ‘Vending Capsule System’ that offers the best coffee break one might imagine.   Atlante Evo 500/700 CapBean and Cristallo Evo 400/600 Capsule offer the perfect blend of aroma and ease-of-use, forever eclipsing the memory of the old “coffee from the vending machine“, thanks to the new quality coffee capsules. Our full experience in the field is at the heart of Atlante Evo CapBean and Cristallo Evo Capsule,...

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THE CONCEPT Saeco Vending & Professional has always been at the forefront in the development of brewing groups and automatic systems for use outside the home.   Technology, research and attention to new consumer trends have led Saeco Vending & Professional to develop the new ‘Vending Capsule System’. The new freestanding automatic machines Atlante Evo CapBean and Cristallo Evo Capsule use a completely automatic system for capsule management. These vending machines represent just the start of further developments in the capsule systems sector: the launch of a whole new range of machines is indeed...

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THE EXCLUSIVE CAPSULE SYSTEM The ‘Vending Capsule System’ of Atlante Evo CapBean and Cristallo Evo Capsule is smart, simple and reliable. It can direct the capsules towards the brewing unit in a single, simple operation: just load the capsules in the relevant container, no other manual operation required. The machines are equipped with a capsule search/orientation rotor, a delivery system and a dedicated brewing unit, that make it easy to manage the capsules effectively.   Moreover, the vending machine is versatile, thanks to its powder containers (4-5 in Atlante Evo CapBean, 4 in Cristallo Evo...

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THE CAPSULES CONTAINER   The capsule container was designed to contain the highest number of capsules of the chosen blend and satisfy the highest demand with minimum maintenance.   Its funnel shape culminates in the search/orientation system: this is the perfect shape to ensure that the machine continues working to the last capsule present in the container.   It is also extremely practical to load: simply tilt the container and fill it with the capsules. If necessary, the container can also be easily and swiftly emptied: just loosen the knob and tilt it by up to 90°, letting the contents come...

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CAPSULES LOADING PHASE The capsules container can be easily tilted (by 35°) towards the operator to facilitate loading, and then tilted back for operation. No retiming of the rotor at the base of the container is required.   The container can then be filled randomly: simply open the boxes and empty the capsules in the container. The operator shall therefore be able to carry out this operation quickly and easily; the system shall then bring the capsules automatically in the right position.

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THE SEARCH/ORIENTATION SYSTEM The capsule search and orientation system is placed at the bottom of the container. The main rotor revolves counter-clockwise and is paired with a screw. The screw moves the capsules around until one finds itself perfectly positioned to fall through the opening at the base of the rotor. This mechanism was fine-tuned in terms of dimensions, tolerances and speed, and ensures that the capsule proceeds to the next stage only when it is correctly positioned in a vertical direction.

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THE CAPSULE CONVEYOR AND THE BUFFER Once it is correctly positioned, the capsule slides towards the bottom of the rotor, into a conveyor that brings it to a “waiting area“. Here as many as four capsules are automatically positioned, with the first ready to be placed in the brewing unit.   The buffer is controlled by two microswitches: one that detects the first capsule and the other that detects the last one. When the first capsule is used, the remaining three move forward by gravity and the microswitch signals the search and orientation system the request for another capsule, that shall be placed...

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EASY MAINTENANCE The Saeco Vending Capsule System requires the least maintenance. Both the search system and the conveyor can be opened easily during service operations, to access all the internal components, without needing to remove the whole system.   The majority of components are made of clear plastic, so that the operator can always monitor what is happening inside the individual elements.

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capacity: about 280 Caffitaly System capsules or 300 LB-type capsules 1 coffee beans container capacity: about 300 Caffitaly System capsules or 310 LB-type capsules 5 powder containers, 4 on the main plate and 1 on a revolving support 4 powder containers, 3 on the main plate and 1 on a revolving support 1 sugar container on the door 1 sugar container on the door 3 mixer or 2 mixer and a tea spiral 2 mixer or 1 mixer and a tea spiral 2 brewing units: 1 for capsules and 1 for beans 2 brewing units: 1 for capsules and 1 for beans 1 coffee beans container

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capacity: about 400 Caffitaly System capsules or 420 LB-type capsules capacity: about 300 Caffitaly System capsules or 310 LB-type capsules 1 sugar container on the door 1 sugar container on the door 3 mixer or 2 mixer and a tea spiral 3 mixer or 2 mixer and a tea spiral 1 brewing unit for capsules 1 brewing unit for capsules

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SOLUTIONS THAT MEET YOUR EXPECTATIONS. For several years now Saeco has been developing its projects in partnership with important players in the world of coffee brewing outside the home. The willingness of the company to address the needs of the market and of the users more and more closely has led to the development of customised solutions. Moreover, the company supports its products throughout the development and sales phases and beyond, thanks to its solid after-sales service. Saeco has also a dedicated team and a set of on-line and off-line tools to support the customer on a daily basis, in...

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