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Brochure Phedra Evo - 11 Pages

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Brochure Phedra Evo
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Catalog excerpts

PHEDRA EVO: CLASSY TASTE. Tastes may change, but the pleasure of drinking good coffee will never change. This is why Phedra is always renewing itself, as a reference point for those who want a quality coffee-break outside of their homes. Saeco has always offered custom solutions for every need, and technological innovation is placed at the disposal of an exclusive pleasure. A perfect alchemy fully confirmed by Phedra Evo. The new design solutions were developed to facilitate its use and to be able to choose among 7 types of beverages, besides hot water for tea or herbal teas. Phedra Evo, great...

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EVERYWHERE, THE TIME OF A BREAK. Phedra Evo, a versatile and functional semi-automatic table-top vending machine, is ideal for all the places with an average flow of visitors, thanks to its minimal footprint and simple installation. Among the table-top models, Phedra Evo is characterised by its ability to supply a fairly wide range of beverages in a small space. Its size is comparable to that of a home espresso machine, so the Phedra Evo can be placed anywhere, on a table or on its own, coordinated cabinet. Moreover, if there is no connection to the water supply system, this machine comes also...

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DESIGNED TO BE LOVED. The new design of the Phedra Evo model was developed to make your coffee-breaks even more pleasurable. The care for details that characterises the Saeco products is displayed here by the elegance of lines and colours, the innovative functions and the noiselessness of the machine components. The choice of beverage is made even easier by the capacitive interface with touch buttons, with easily understood icons and a wide 3.5“ colour display. The clear and clean style of the flat interface allows a simple and immediate reading of the options, while the S for Saeco in the grill...

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DETAILS THAT COUNT. Not everybody attributes the same importance to details. For the more demanding users, Phedra Evo offers some advantages that make this small jewel even more appreciated, such as the LED lighting of the dispenser area and the backlit touch buttons. Some design solutions, such as the chrome-plated spout of the hot water dispenser, make Phedra Evo a small jewel of elegance. The cup rest grid can be adjusted in height at two levels, which makes it possible to use cups, glasses, mugs and also jugs. Phedra Evo has a dedicated hot water dispenser and a stateof-the-art cappuccinatore,...

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All possible recipes from combination of coffee, powdered or fresh milk, chocolate and instant coffee All possible recipes from combination of coffee, powdered milk and chocolate All possible recipes from combination of coffee, powdered or fresh milk, chocolate and instant coffee Coffee, powdered or fresh milk, chocolate, tea Coffee, powdered milk, chocolate, tea Coffee, powdered or fresh milk, chocolate, instant coffee, tea 1 coffee beans canister 2-3 instant canisters 1 coffee beans canister 2-3 instant canisters 1 coffee beans canister 1 instant coffee canister 2 instant canisters Separate...

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PHEDRA EVO. A CLOSE LOOK. New Pinless Wonder Cappuccinatore LED lighting for dispensing area Side opening door Height-adjustable cup rest grid (2 positions) Door for water filling (version with internal tank) Separate chrome-plated spout for hot water dispenser Capacitive interface with backlit touch buttons High capacity drip tray High capacity coffee grounds containe

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TECHNICAL DATA Structural specifications Colour black Electrical specifications_ Water specifications_ Coffee boiler capacity 300 cc Boiler material brass Hot water solenoid valve yes Water connections_ >A/i , water supply or internal tank Water supply connection 3/4" (1-8 bar) Other specifications Possibility to use ground coffee no Height-adjustable cup rest grid yes Automatic cappuccinatore washing function yes Coffee bean container Instant product container 2 - 3 Coffee grounds container 50 Canisters capacity Fresh brew ground coffee no Structural specifications Electrical specifications Power...

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ACCESSORIES Astra Compressor refrigerator Astra to keep milk fresh, with a capacity of 4 litres. Technical data Dimensions (w x h x d) 225 x 340 x 467 mm Weight 11 kg Power supply 220-230 V/50-60 Hz Power consumption 96 W Capacity 4l Refrigerating unit compressor Milk Cooler Milk Cooler to keep milk fresh, with a capacity of 1 litre. The cooling is generated by a Peltier cooling system with no CFCs. Technical data Dimensions (w x h x d) Weight Power supply Power consumption Capacity

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CUSTOM-MADE SOLUTIONS. For several years now Saeco has been developing its projects in partnership with important players in the world of coffee brewing outside the home. The willingness of the company to address the needs of the market and of the users more and more closely has led to the development of customised solutions. Moreover, the company supports its products throughout the development and sales phases and beyond, thanks to its solid after-sales service. Saeco has also a dedicated team and a set of on-line and offline tools to support the customer on a daily basis, in terms of information,...

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www.saecovending.com www.saecovending.it

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