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Product Range - 40 Pages

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Product Range
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Catalog excerpts

Product Range Quality management systems ISO 9001 – Cert. n° 0545/4 ENVIRONMENTAL COMFORT

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Sabiana, the company Choose Sabiana, choose safety Choose SABIANA and you choose safety. Safety in terms of products, performance and reliability. Safety also means a relationship based on honesty and competence. For this reason SABIANA has kept for 80 years a leading position in the production of heating and air conditioning equipment for use in industry, trade and sports. In 1929 SABIANA was founded by Franco Binaghi and Benvenuto Anatrella and began its activity with the production of heating appliances. After having brilliantly overcome the war years and the post-war period, the company adapted...

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Pulsar - Radiant Panels page 1 Duck-Strip - Radiant Panels page 2 Atlas - Unit Heaters page 4 Helios - Unit Heaters page 5 Atlas STP - Door Curtain Units page 6 AIX - Stainless Steel Unit Heater page 6 Jetstream - Induction Flow Optimizers page 7 No-Strat - Antistratification Units page 7 Meltemi - Door Curtains page 8 Energy - Heat Recovery Units page 8 Electra 90 and Electramatic - Electric Unit Heaters page 9 FSE - Electric Fan Convectors page 9 Primula - Fan Convectors page 9 Comfort - Circular Unit Heaters page 10 Polaris - Air Conditioners page 11 Elegant - Air Conditioners page 12 Janus...

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Radiant Panels Construction PULSAR: The SABIANA radiant panels can be described as the hygienic heating and cooling system par excellence. The system does not create noise nor movement of air and therefore dust. In addition, it avoids annoying streams of air and the circulation of germs, dust and smeels and thus represents an important contribution to the prevention of allergies and illnesses. This result is achieved with the best design: the visible side is perfectly smooth, adapting to any type of architecture and none of the peripheral walls are affected by the installation as the PULSAR radiant...

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Radiant Panels Construction DUCK-STRIP: The radiant panels consist of three main components: the reecting panel, the tubes and the insulation. We have panels with 2 tubes or 3 tubes to provide a variation of output, these are then formed into widths of 30 cm, 60 cm, 90 cm, 120 cm, to provide a variation in coverage. The strip is provided in modular lengths of 4 or 6 metres thus accomodating a total strip to the nearest 2 metres. The strip is supplied with 3 sections to make up a complete strip, rst, intermediate and nal. The rst and nal include headers and each section is connected to the one...

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Heating capacity certied by the leading European laboratories: ∆tm = difference between the mean water temperature and the room temperature The heating capacity values declared in the literature have been certied by the leading European radiant panel certication laboratory, the University of Stuttgart in Germany. The values have been obtained by applying the harmonised European standard EN 14037, approved in 2003. In Europe there are currently only four laboratories authorised to perfom the tests and issue the certicates of conformity to the standard. As the standard makes explicit reference to...

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The main casing is manufactured from galvanized prepainted steel nished in dove grey, and is assembled from three component parts. The standard motor tted is a hermetically sealed motor which is maintenance free. The motor is supplied as standard for a three phase 230/400V 50Hz available in accordance to the size at 4, 6, 8 pole and at 4/8, 4/6, 6/8 two speed version. A wide range of air boxes and accessories is available. The heat exchanger is manufactured from the highest quality steel or copper tube. The ns are pressed from aluminium sheet, bonded onto the tubes facilitating the maximum transfer...

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Unit Heaters Construction HELIOS: The HELIOS unit heaters have been designed to provide the highest standards in an appearance which we feel is complimentary in the “90’s”. The Helios Unit with its futuristic polished aluminium and contoured design is rather special. This smart new concept in commercial heating units will accommodate all architects who are looking for something new and different. Available in 6 size. UNIT SIZE UNIT SIZE Performance Data 85/75°C - 80°C Mean water temperature 10°C Drop - Entering air temperature 15°C MOTOR SPEED The main casing is manufactured from 4 angular diecast...

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The main casing is manufactured from galvanized prepainted steel nished in dove grey, and is assembled from three component parts. The standard motor tted is a hermetically sealed motor which is mainteinance free. The motor is supplied as standard for a three phase 230/400V 50Hz available at 6 and 8 pole. Door Curtain Units The ATLAS Sabiana STP Door Curtain unit with its special shtail diffuser is designed to provide a screen of warm air across the door opening to restrict cold air blowing into the area and to reduce the heated atmosphere inside the area from escaping out. Unit selection MOTOR...

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Induction Flow Optimizers for Atlas and Helios The leaving air temperature from the units has a decisive inuence on hot air stratication and consequently on energy saving: for each centigrade degree of increase in temperature there is a 1.5% increase in energy consumption. The use of the induction ow optimizer has the following advantages: a) energy saving: - reduced hot air stratication within the building - reduced operating time of the units with the same ambient temperature. Energy saving varies between a minimum of 5% and a maximum of 15%, with maximum assessment in two seasons. b) environment...

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• Casing made of galvanized steel with epoxy powder painting. • Two speed 230/400V motor for MU-MC models. • High performance aluminium tangential fans directly coupled to the motor. • For W version, batteries with copper pipes and aluminium ns. • For E version, stainless steel electric resistance for MU models and sealed electric resistances for MC models. Door Curtains Construction MELTEMI: The MELTEMI Sabiana door curtains offer the best exibility in the protection of open doorways. The door curtains are available in the air ventilation ambient version, with hot water battery and with electric...

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