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Product Range 2013 - 316 Pages

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Product Range 2013
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Catalog excerpts

for 80 Years a Leading Position in the Air Conditioning

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05 Company 07 History 11 Sabiana Today 13 Main Products 17 Radiant Panels 17 Duck Strip Radiant Panels 27 Pulsar Radiant Panels 35 Duck Vap Vacuum Steam Heating System 111 Carisma Fan Coil Unit 113 Carisma CRC Fan Coil Unit with Centrifugal Fan with Asynchronous Motor 121 Carisma CRC-ECM Fan Coil Unit with Centrifugal Fan with EC Brushless Electronic Motor and Inverter Board 129 Carisma CRT Fan Coil Unit with Tangential Fan with Asynchronous Motor 137 Carisma CRT-ECM Fan Coil Unit with Tangential Fan with EC Brushless Electronic Motor and Inverter Board 143 Carisma CRR Fan Coil Unit with Tangential...

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abiana is the Italian company that has been designing, producing and selling innovative heating and air conditioning products for over 80 years. All of the products use the best existing natural liquid that has always stood side-by-side with humans in all of their activities: In fact, by heating and cooling water, the climate of any work environment can be controlled with great precision and a high degree of comfort. Sabiana has paid a great deal of attention to the noise level of its products (it was the first Italian company to introduce radiant ceiling panels in industrial environments in 1973,...

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The main product lines are: • Radiant panels • Unit heaters • Fan Coils • Air handling units • Stainless steel flues • Electric units ver 50% of turnover is in foreign markets, especially in Europe, North and South America and the Middle East, with over 50 exclusive distributors. In Italy there are 42 Sales Agents who can recommend the Sabiana product that best fits your climate control needs.

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1929 by Franco Binaghi and Benvenuto Anatrella. From Lombardy, passionate about mechanics and a man at home in the workshop, Binaghi sensed Anatrella's great entrepreneurial and commercial talents as soon as he moved from Tuscany to the Lombard capital. Starting with a handshake, like so many other Italian companies, 83 years later the heirs of the two founders are still passionately involved in this partnership. The objective remains, as it was then, to produce and sell reliable products that improve comfort levels in all work environments. The first electrical unit heater was offered in 1935,...

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ince then, over 30.000 systems in all types of environments (small, medium, large industry, shopping centres, aircraft hangars, sports and recreational centres and zootechnical facilities) are proof of the product's reliability, with new and highly innovative applications, like the new plant in Toulouse (France) where the most prestigious European product is built, the new Airbus A380 that seats 800. Towards the end of the 70s, with the first demands for office air conditioning, the heat convector, designed and sold mainly for domestic use, was gradually replaced by what would later become one...

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1995, every Sabiana fan coil can be installed with an innovative electrostatic filter named Crystall, patented throughout the world by Luigi Bontempi, which considerably improves air quality in work environments, capturing numerous pollutants from the air such as cigarette smoke, dusts, fibres or microbiological substances such as bacteria or fungi. The filter was then extended to other products. There were numerous technical meetings organized by Sabiana dedicated to internal air quality (IAQ) and they are still receiving a large amount of interest for the prevalence of the problem and the solutions...

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March 2004. Mostra-Convegno Expo Comfort in Milan: Sabiana presents another jewel in their crown: the SkyStar Cassette fan coil unit, the result of great technical and stylistic research aimed at offering cutting edge products in terms of performance, quietness and control flexibility. The intake grille and air diffuser has an absolutely innovative appearance and is capable of ensuring excellent performance thanks to extensive computer and laboratory tests. It is the definitive statement in the fan coil industry and places the company at the pinnacle of European production. May 2009. Sabiana is...

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Sabiana is an Italian company that directly employs more than 180 people, with three factories near Milan for an overall 50.000 m2 of surface area and turnover of more than 71 Million Euros, over 50% oday of which is in foreign markets. n the last 5 years, on average, 6% of turnover was directed towards investments in new production technologies and in research and development. 85% of the electrical energy consumed is produced by three photovoltaic systems for an overall 1.36 Megawatts, perfectly integrated in the architectural structure of the buildings. D design and testing and inspection laboratories, besides...

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arge manufacturing companies (Airbus), large hotel chains (Sheraton), large banks (Intesa San Paolo) and large distribution chains (Ikea), to name only a few, which have always been accustomed to carefully choosing every component in the air conditioning system, show their approval for the Sabiana brand. so 9001 certified since 1996 with all products in compliance with European standards and directives and, where existing, with quality and control certifcations for declared performance, Sabiana is faithful to the deep-rooted promise of its two founders: we will always be beside you, those who...

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30.000 installations of Sabiana radiant panels in every work and education environment, are proof of the quality of this system, which allows absolutely silent heating and cooling, with no air movement, with a uniform temperature throughout the environment, with no danger of fire and great energy savings. There are two main product lines, one for industrial environments and the other for the service sector. ince 1950 Sabiana has been producing hot water and steam for heating industrial and commercial environments, with proprietary production technology and with a wide range of solutions. Main...

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ince 1980 Sabiana has been producing fan coils featuring a beautiful design and very low noise levels and electrical consumption, in line with the great attention currently towards energy savings. Every fan coil is available with the latest inverter driven brushless and sensorless electronic motors. Performance is certified by an independent institution (Eurovent). ight product lines are available with a wide range of accessories and controls, among which is an electrostatic filter and a control system with wireless technology, both patented, for comfortable climate control of the most varied...

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