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SAB Product selector 2016 - 44 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

A Tata Steel Enterprise Product selector Metal roof and wall systems

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Sandwich panels, profiled cladding, purlins and flashings as ready-made solutions for the construction of modern and high quality industrial buildings, sport centres, offices and homes.

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BEFORE YOU START BROWSING Thank you very much for taking an interest in SAB-profiel roof and wall systems. Our extensive product range is available in a variety of metals and a wide range of coatings and colours, enabling you to create individual buildings. Reliability comes with experience SAB-profiel began operating in the market for roof and wall solutions in 1973 when we were the sole manufacturer of steel profiled cladding in Holland. Since then we have developed into a leading supplier of roof and wall systems. We are now part of the Tata Steel network, and operate throughout Europe. SAB-profiel...

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1A PIR-foam wall panels 5 IB PIR-foam roof panels 9 2 Additional processing of sandwich panels 10 3 Profiled cladding and structural liner trays 12 3A Profiled wall cladding 11 Structural liner trays 19 3B Profiled roof cladding 21 4 Additional processing of profiled cladding 27 5 Flashings & flat sheet 32 6 Purlins & Cladding rails 33

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1 SANDWICH PANELS In this section you will find a comprehensive list of our extensive range of sandwich panels. These panels are available for both roof and wall applications and in a wide range of core materials. When selecting sandwich panels, please take such factors as load, safety factor and deflection requirements into consideration. For further technical data, please contact our Product Services department. Should you choose to exceed the recommended maximum lengths, please contact our Sales department. Characteristics of sandwich panels • Since they are factory assembled they allow swift...

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1A PIR-foam wall panels The PIR-foam panels supplied by SAB-profiel are distinguished by a combination of high insulation characteristics and low weight. The heat insulation value of the panels was established in accordance with EN 14509. The seal in the joint can be easily compacted, and produces an excellent airtight seal under even the slightest compression. This greatly benefits the insulation value. • All panels models have an sound insulation value of 26 dB. • ll PIR-foam panels supplied by SAB-profiel are free of fiber and hydro chlorofluorocarbons A (HCFC’s). • PIR-foam sandwich elements...

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SANDWICH PANELS / PIR / Wall / Through fix and special De through fix sandwich panels are available in many different thicknesses. In this case the screws in the panels are visible. Through fix sandwich panels can be used vertically and horizontally and are available in different ribbings. The W 120-150 are suitable for use in cold rooms and the conditionedfood industry. The seal in the joint can be easily compressed and provides an excellent airtight seal under the slightest compression. The special TL and SL sandwich panels with a trapezoidal and wave profile are ideal for combining with the...

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SANDWICH PANELS / PIR / Wall / Fire-resistance Fire resistance sandwich panels are particularly suitable for use in new build and refurbishment projects requiring a high fire resistance grading. This is particularly beneficial in circumstances where the walls of a building are located close to a boundary wall and un situations where reaction to fire is very important as in escape routes and partion walls between compartments in a building. All panels has been tested in the firelaboratorium of Efectis according to the valid European standards. Overview fire resistance SAB sandwich panels Type Fire...

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SANDWICH PANELS / PIR / Wall /Carrier SAB-Carrier panels are as supporting sandwich panels the best solution for ease of construction and aesthetic variety. The panels serve as support construction of an additional shell of example SAB (aesthetic) profiles or sidings. Other products and systems are possible in consultation with SAB. With SAB-Carrier panels a new building can be made quickly and easily well insulated, windproof and waterproof. Afterwards a beautiful and varied appearance can be created. The SAB-Carrier panels are produced with increased foam adhesion and a thicker gauge of the...

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1B PIR-foam roofing panels The good properties of the PIR panels are also ideal for use on roofs. They can be delivered with a thickness of 75 mm to 135 mm, depending on the insulation that you desire and so they contribute to creating an even more energy-efficient building. When using coated steel panels in roofing applications, SAB-profiel recommends the following: • A roof pitch of at least 10 degrees • A coating system with a layer thickness of at least 35 µm •) Weight with steel exterior and interior skins with gauges of 0.55 and 0.45 mm respectively, other gauges are also possible. ••) Recommended...

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2 DDITIONAL PROCESSING OF A SANDWICH PANELS Saw cut and cutback on roofing panels In some cases, it may prove necessary to remove some of the foam and the interior skin from the end of a roofing panel, for example, at an overlap due to the roof slope exceeding the maximum length of the panel, or for drainage into the gutter. SAB-profiel can apply a saw cut to a roofing panel anywhere between 80 and 250 mm from the end of the panel. A cutback (foam and interior skin removed, max. 200 mm) can also be applied in the factory. • Transverse overlap on roofing panels • Gutter with cutback Stacking of...

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In addition, SAB-profiel can supply a top plate made of a single sheet of steel, which fits the upper surface of roofing panels D 75 to D 135 inclusive. This top plate can also be folded for use as a ridge piece for example. Bending and folding sandwich panels Modifications can also be made to our wall panels for specific applications. A number of popular options are listed below: • Angle of between 90 and 180 degrees α: 90º ≤ α ≤ 180º • Angle of between 90 and 180 degrees • Two angles perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the panel perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the panel

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