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s-power Info brochure - 12 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Enterprise Future Vacuum tube collectors HighTech „Made in Germany“ Awarded the 2008 Innovation Prize for the development NARVA vacuum tubes From glass factory to finished high performance vacuum tubes, HighTech “Made in Germany“. Ecological Precision Technology „Made in Germany“ Low Heat Loss High Efficiency T-Sol output preview 997 KWh/year η Location Würzburg regarding 10 vacuum tubes Power Curve Solar Keymark Informational Brochure

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Advantages of the s power high performance vacuum tube system at a Drastic increases in oil and gas prices together with uncontrolled environmental pollution demand innovative and efficient systems for heating and cooling. Despite the temporary fall in oil prices the price of crude oil has risen about 300 percent in the last ten years. In the following examples we assume a price increase of fifteen percent a year. High performance sjpower with TPS inside clearly pays off both economically and environmentally. A. Cost effectiveness through precision technology „Made in Germany" sjpower with TPS...

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s-power D. Energy independence with the high performance vacuum tube collector 3500 3000 2500 2000 Power [W] 1500 1000 500 0 Power Curve 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Temperature difference in K “I hope that humanity doesn‘t begin to realise that the sun is an inexhaustible source of energy after all of the gas and oil reserves have been used up. I would put all my money into efficient solar technology. Thomas Edison, 1847 — 1931 10 advantages of high performance vacuum tube collectors: 1 Made in Germany 2 50 percent more performance possible, especially in winter, in comparison to flat collectors...

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sjpower High Performance Vacuum Tube Collector sjpower 20 m Higher yield through precision and HighTech „Made in Germany" Solar process heating •- Also suitable for high temperature areas Providing faster transformation of energy into heat Direct flow through vacuum tube system Peak performani Mounting rails •- hereby self supporting Tube spacing Always the same even with For the NARVA vacuum tubes. From the glass factory to finished high performance vacuum tubes, which are only „Made in Germany" from industrial serial production. prevents weathering Made of copper. Coated with high quality absorption material...

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s-power wer [Wpeak] A ce collector module of vacuum tubes 10 20 30 05 Heat insulation Through high temperature resistant insulation B Easy access To the distributor. Easy installation using the click system. Easy installation Using the construction set system. Individual components can be installed on the roof step-by-step — that means lower installation costs C Short energy amortisation The amount of energy used during manufacture can be amortised in less than a year due to the high degree of efficiency Rotatable vacuum tubes Vacuum tubes able to be individually oriented to the sun and variable...

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Technical data: sjpower high performance vacuum tube collector With and without use of reflected radiation si power DF10m sjpower DF20S sjpower DF30S *1 Peak performance according to Keymark with solar radiation of 1000W/m2 *2 Absorber of the high performance vacuum tubes coated on both sides *3 Based on the aperature area of the vacuum tubes Technical data in detail for experts with the use of reflected radiation: Direct flow through sjpower DFlom sjpower DF20S. sjpower DF30; Heat loss coefficient a, aperture of the ^, „„„„,.,, „„„„,.,, Aperture area of the vacuum tubes+reflector 1,47m2 2,94m2...

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sjpower Power curve per collector module (G = 1000W/m2) with use of reflected radiation Power Curve: high performance collector vacuum tubes OK sjpower DFlom Conclusion: With the sjpower high performance vacuum tube collector, with the double-sided coating of the fins it is possible to dimension the absorption area similar to the gross area. That achieves a maximum yield with G=1000W/m2 of 1005 W with 10 vacuum tubes, meaning we have achieved the ambitious target of producing maximum performance per vacuum tube of 100.50 W. Maximum power [Wpeak] Peak performance Number of vacuum tubes

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sjpower Components: Solar controller and solar pump groups The solar controller checks the temperature difference between the collector field and the reservoir and controls the pump(s). The solar controller sjpower jDC 3-5 ensures the safe opera- tion and high yield of your solar heating system. ■ ■ _ * • Up to 15 different solar heating systems • Easy to read, illuminated display with self-explanatory full text modes in various languages • Graphic mode with animation • 4-button user prompts including help text $ Function control and long term monitoring of the system ^^^^^B^^M through data collection,...

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s-power Example calculation of the amortisation of an solar heating system Example for a heating oil system in a detached house (Location: Germany, Munich) Detached house with heating support, 140 m2 living area (Expansion of an existing heating system, oil) Gross collector area: 12.8 m² Investment: approx. 9,900.00 € Government aid in Germany: 1,365.00 € Net investment: 8,535.00 € Amortisation after approx.: 6 — 8 years* Savings over 10 years: 12,904.00 € Further information can be found here: www.s-power.de Warm water Heating Vacuum tube collector Pump Pump Oil tank Combi-reservoir 1,000 l *...

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sjpower Solar packets * mere is something for everyone here - an overview of the basic-solar packets sjpower Solar packet Basic Packet types Heat carrier Heating system connection sjpower collector Gross collector area vacuum tubes vacuum aperture area sjpower reservoir Reservoir volume Approx. reservoir volume Solar groups Solar controller Heat transport fluid volume Heat transfer fluid S-Sol Hydraulics example sjpower Standard Warm water production sjpower Comfort sjpower Premium Warm water production + heating system support sjpower S-Sol VT 50 sjpower S-Sol VT 50 Return flow increase buffer...

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Heat image To demonstrate heat loss The heat images display the clear advantage of using precision vacuum tube technology versus flat collectors. The heat, especially in winter, goes directly into the heating system and not partially back into the surrounding air. This can be seen in the thermal image (red radiation) of the flat collector. Heat image shows temperatures in °C: Comparison: Degree of efficiency of various collectors sjpower systems offer clear advantages in comparison to flat collectors: s-power TPS insideS with the use of reflected radiation s-power TPS inside without using reflected...

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