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FK251 BlueLine - 4 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Technical datasheet FK251 BlueLine Innovative - Powerful - Long-living Entwicklungs- & Vertriebs GmbH

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Product description: FK251 BlueLine Due to its hydraulic properties, the FK251 BlueLine can be integrated to the building in axial inclination of 15° - 75° (pitched roof, flat roof and free standing). The s-power flat plate collector FK251 BlueLine can be used for domestic hot water, pool heating and for space heating. The main component of the FK251 BlueLine is the highly selective vacuum coated aluminum absorber. It ensures a high absorption (~ 95.0%) of solar radiation and simultaneously has a low emission (~ 5%) of heat radiation. A copper pipe harp is laser-welded onto the absorber. The to...

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Product description: Technical data Collector type Gross area Aperture area Absorber area Absorber material Absorber type Distance between the collectors Absorber related values: Optical efficiency % Heat loss coefficient kl W/(m2 x K2) Heat loss coefficient k2 W/(m2 x K2) Fluid content Permissible operating pressure BlueTec/eta plus vertical / horizontal Tested quality: ► The collector meets the requirements of the„Blue Angel" RAL UZ tested 73 to EN 12975 and Solar Keymark and EN 12975 CE identification according to current EG Directives Entwicklungs- & Vertriebs GmbH

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Product advantages: Errors and omissions excepted. Date 03.12 unique look due to wave-frame design in combination with solar prism glass highly selective coated aluminum absorber maximum heat transfer between the absorber and the copper grid by optimized laser welding technology ventilation system for fog-free operation intelligent ventilation system prevents the penetration of contaminants high precision as a result of a robot-controlled manufacturing production line long lifetime and environmental quality due to the use of recyclable materials easy transportation and installation on the roof...

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