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Catalogue excerpts

IMAZ DESCRIPTION: is a range of resin panels with encapsulated materials ready to suit a variety of applications. Select from our IMAZ product range or create your own combination using our interlayers,adding color,depth,gauge, surface finish,resin or propose us your own material for encapsulation. SURFACE FINISHES: The standard finishes are gloss,frost,sand. You can specify different finishes on each side of the panel. Not all finishes are available with all products. RESIN: For the production of IMAZ panels we use three different resins. Depending on the performance requirements of your project and the encapsulated material we propose you the propier resin. IMAZ Crystal-UV resistant as standard grade, 10 times stronger than glass,renewable surface,recyclabe. IMAZ Form- UV resistant on request, 40 times stronger than IMAZ crystal, better flammability rating(same with IMAZ plus),best in thermoforming,recyclabe. IMAZ Plus-UV resistant on request, stronger than IMAZ form, better flammability rating(same with IMAZ form),high temperature resist,bullet proof use,recyclabe. GAUGE:From 1,5mm to 25mm DIMENSION:Standard 1000x2980 On request 1220x2440 ,1220x2980 and 2000x3000 INTERLAYERS: Organics:Feel the nature using botanical,wood,shell,grass,paper,leafs etc. Fabrics:Encapsulate the design of textile industry from all over the world. Industrial:Select between metals,recycled glass,mesh etc. Prints:Use your Logo,Photo or any digital print and create your own panel. RECYCLING-RENEWABLE: The resins are recyclable. The surface of most of our panels is renewable for longer product lifetime. The surface renovation can be in our facilities . FABRICATION: CUTTING:Using wood machinery GLUING:Using special adhesive (Details on request) THERMOFORMING:Best is the IMAZ form after IMAZ crystal and last the IMAZ plus.

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