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S-LEC Solar Control Film - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Sandwich a very strong, flexible interlayer film between two glass sheets, results in a superior to conventional mono-layer glass in every vital aspect: safety, security/crime prevention, sound insulation, and ultraviolet ray protection. SEKISUI has developed and utilizes the advantages into a range of S-LEC® Films formulated with polyvinyl butyral (PVB) resin creating the transparency and adhesion characteristics essential for state-of-the-art laminated automotive glass and also enhancing the safety, reliability and comfort needed for quality windshields and laminated side glazing. Optimizing the vital aspects of performance that the most uncompromising of automotive manufacturers and their customers demand. Leading technology leading the way S-LEC®Solar Control Film Technology Comparison Heat Cut-off Method Heat Reflective Glass Heat Reflective PET SCF Construction Heat Reflective Glass/RegularPVBfilm/Glass Glass/ Regular PVB film/Heat Reflective PET/Regular PVB film/Glass Glass/SCF/Glass Radio Wave Transmission NO NO YES Optical Data Glass construction Visible Light Transmission(Tv) {%) Direct Solar Transmission(Ts) (96) Clear Glass/ Regular PVB film /Clear Glass Clear Glass/SCF/Clear Glass Green Glass/SCF/Green Glass Product List S-LEC® Solar Control Film SCF with shade band is available. Width variation is available upon request. Data above is based on the test by SEKISUI. SEKISUI is not responsible for the data or any damage caused or likely Leading technology leading the way German representative office SEKISUI S-LEC AMERICA LLC SEKISUI S-LEC MEXICO S.A.deCV Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico Tokyo sales office Minato-ku, Tokyo SEKISUI KOREA CO..LTD. Chung-Gu, Seoul SEKISUI S-LEC(SUZHOU)CO.,LTD. Shanghai Office Tianyaoqiao Road Shanghai .P.R.China SEKISUI (HONG KONG) LTD Taiwan Office SEKISUI S-LEC (THAILAND) CO.,LTD. 64/31 Moo4 Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate T. Pluakdaeng A. Plukdaeng Rayong 21140 SEKISUI CHEMICAL AUSTRALIA PTY.LTD. 1-5 Parraweena Road, Taren Point Sydney Leading technology leading the way

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The world's first interlayer film for laminated glass offering heat insulation and radio wave transparency S-LEC® Solar Control Film Letting only comfortable sunlight through the glass S-LEC® Solar Control Film has the ability to block Infrared rays In addition to ultraviolet rays. Strong sunlight can raise a room temperature abnormally high or provide unpleasant stimulation to the skin. These are caused by infrared rays contained in sunlight. S-LEC® Solar Control Film drastically reduces transmission of this kind of light while maintaining a high level of visible light. Experiments prove that...

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