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RAK luminos - 6 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Innovation & Illumination RAK Ceramlcs has launched innovative tites lhai create an impression (or your projects even in the dark! RAK Luminos 'Gtow in the Dark' Tiles. gel energized by surrounding lighl and store light energy. When it is dark or when the lights are put ott, the tiles start glowing. Once charged. RAK Luminos will glow several hours, depending on the previous exposure to sunlight or artiticia) light Thse tiles are suitable for use in extenors ot high value buildings and also in interior places such as clubs, bars & restaurants and also in other interlors. An initial high luminescence...

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RAK RAK RAM̏CS *><> 1>A SomeFrequemyAskerJ Questions about RAKLuminos 1. What is Photo Luminous Technology & how does il apply to Ihe ceramie industry? Photo Luminous Technology or "Glow in the DanY" technology islhe process of absorbing and releasing light energy. RAK Ceramics has mastered the process ol incorporating this technology into its tile products. As one of the top most manufacturer of ceramic & poreelain tiles and sanitaryware. its continuos research in manufacturing with leading laboratores in Europe has enabledittocome oui withreliable products in Photo Luminous Technology. 2. Where...

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TEST DESCRIPTION TEST METHOD INTERNATIONAL STANDARD R.A.K. CERAMICS SPECIFICATION m F BS EN S0105452 1 05% t 03% Thckness BSENrSO 108453 ± 10% t 5% StraghtressciSOes BSENISOICWM 03% ' D.3% Reoanguiany BSENrSO 1C64S-2 105%  0.4% Surlace Flainess BSENtSO IC6452 + 05% - 03% t03% Waier AOstcoi BS EN tS010545-3 >10% 10-17% BnsoKnQ SWngm BS EN 80105*5-4 >eooN > 700N MooUuso/RuDiue BSENtSO 1C64S-4 >15r*W ^lONifrm* Rsistance 10 Surface Abrasion BSENtS0105*57 ManulacWer w sBib aoraSon Cess ^e; Ctas 3 Thema' Snoc*. ftssiiaree BSENrSO 1C6-159 NovisWedefeci Novtsib'edelec! Oar»-g Rassiance BSEMS01C645H Nocniflrg...

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