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Catalogue excerpts

RADfX radiatoare - tncalzire - climatizare

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ABOUT US With an experience of more than two decades in the distribution of HVAC systems and equipment, RADOX is today a renowned player on this market. Moreover, the company became in the last few years the biggest manufacturer of bathroom and designer radiators in Romania, having two production sites – one in Bucharest and one in Câmpulung Muscel. Production capacity: 250,000 radiators/year

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RADOX IN NUMBERS Compared to 2014, in 2015 the company had a turnover increase of 42%. 35,000,000 30,000,000 25,000,000 20,000,000 15,000,000 10,000,000 5,000,000 0

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MISION, VISION, VALUES We help increase the standards of comfort and design for all the people who come in contact with our products. We define and constantly rise the standards of quality on the HVAC market. Our core values are dictated by the client and his needs. SAFETY & RESPONSIBILITY KNOW-HOW & EXPERTISE TRUST & RESPECT

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I Our goal is to build profitable relations by engineering, manufacturing, and marketing efficient and innovative products, out of respect for people and because we wish to make living and working environments more comfortable. RADSX Company Presentation 2016 ■ 5

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TIMELINE 1993 Cornel Roșu founds the company 2002 The RADOX brand is born 2004 RADOX gets the ISO 9001 certification 1998 the first production line is inaugurated 2005 the production site in Câmpulung Muscel is launched RADOX gets the ISO 14001 certification RADOX opens in the Bucharest factory 2005 the most efficient chrome plating line in CEE 2006 RADOX’s products are certified in accordance to the eN442 european standards 2010 the smokestacks range is certified in accordance to the European standards the convectors range is launched Company Presenta

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RADOX offers a complete range of heating, climate control and ventilation solutions. This includes: ■ specialized design and consultancy services; ■ production and installation of floor convectors with wooden or aluminium grids; ■ production and installation of stainless steel smokestacks and galvanized sheets. RADfX Company Presentation 2016 ■ 7

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Through our Customer Care department, we provide our clients with: ■ equipment setting and installation; ■ servicing during and after the warranty period; ■ support in obtaining operating permits and regular technical checks. RADSX Company Presentation 2016 ■ 8

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INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS FOR HVAC Households/ residential areas Industrial/ production sites Office spaces Commercial areas Recreational areas (restaurants, hotels, museums, swimming pools) Temperature controlled storage units

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Valves, fittings valves, valve caps, adapters, connectors, lever valves, butterfly valves, pressure gauges, filters, heat spreaders, thermometer, pipe adapters, elbow pipe adapters for connection Wall heating station AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA lllllllllllllllllllllllllll Water heated by solar panels Aluminium radiators Boilers Storage tank Circulation pumps RADfX Company Presentation 2016 ■ 10

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WE WORK WITH RENOWNED BRANDS RADOX is one of the first distributors of HVAC equipment in Romania, working over the years with prestigious European companies, such as:

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Our products are distributed mainly in Europe, but also in Australia and New Zeeland, and countries from Asia, Africa and North and South America.

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RADOX is the first and biggest Romanian producer of bathroom and design radiators.

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TECHNOLOGY: CONCEPT AND PRODUCTION, ALL IN ONE PLACE The ability to manufacture high-level products is the essence of our company. We invest in the constant development of our manufacturing technology, a vital part of our commitment to offer our clients the most important thing: QUALITY.

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RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT All of the raw materials used in the product manufacturing process undergo a careful examination in the R & D department, and all processes are rigorously tested in the laboratory before any implementation or accreditation. By hiring top designers and engineers, who use the best materials possible, RADOX develops and manufactures exceptional products, which are the ideal mix of engineering and creativity.

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RADOX’s success on the global market is mainly due to the commitment to produce high quality radiators with unique designs. We firmly believe that all customers deserve a quality product, and for this there is no room for compromise in the manufacturing process. RADOX offers luxury products at affordable prices. Far from being just heaters, the RADOX radiators add style and elegance to any room.

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During the manufacturing process of its radiators, RADOX uses the most advanced chrome plating station in Central and Eastern Europe. The station is fully automated and environmentally friendly, and makes possible the hermetical fixture of the radiators during the process, thus preventing ingress of any acids and the forming of rust on the inside. The radiators are TIG welded for stronger seams, straight fittings and pore elimination, and the ones that are coated are sanded and phosphate treated beforehand, for better paint adhesion. These are just a few reasons why RADOX radiators are given a...

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RADOX radiators come in all shapes and sizes. They can be chrome plated, stainless steel plated, white, or any colour selected by the client.

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CUSTOMIZED RADIATORS Customizing the radiators is a major differentiator in the market, and for RADOX this division is one in which the industrial process meets the creative process. This range, in which we heavily invest, was created out of the desire to be closer to the customer, because the products they want go beyond the need for comfort. It is the design they seek.

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RADOX offers a wide range of stainless steel smokestacks, produced in its own workshops with the latest equipment and materials of the highest quality. Radox’s brand smokestacks are cutting-edge products, designed to provide fire protection. With a warranty period of 5 years, the Radox smokestacks are SRAC certified. They have:  long lifetime;  quality joints between each element and its component parts;  low weight components;  easy to use fastening systems, which shortens the installation period;  high resistance to humidity and chemical corrosion. Company Presentat

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