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Catalogue excerpts

Copyright © 2018 LOTTE ADVANCED MATERIALS Co., Ltd. Printed in KOREA Kölner Str. 12, 65760 Eschborn, Germany Tel. +49 (0) 6196-7727-275

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LOTTE ADVANCED MATERIALS, A creator of high-quality materials and refined sensibilities. LOTTE ADVANCED MATERIALS Originally established in 1954 as Cheil Industries, the Samsung Group launched its chemical-business units in 1988 as part of an overall business expansion strategy. In 1992, the company commenced the manufacture of acrylic solid surface products marketed under the "Staron” brand, followed by the introduction of the Tempest Collection launched in 2006. The Samsung Group further expanded its decorative surfaces portfolio by introducing "Radianz" engineered, natural quartz surfaces in...

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2018 LOTTE ADVANCED MATERIALS Acrylic solid surface material plant completed Polycarbonate plant completed Compounding plant in Mexico completed Compounding plant in Dongguan, China completed Compounding plant in Hungary completed Compounding plant in Tianjin, China completed Quartz Surfaces factory established NATURAL QUARTZ SURFACE[Engineered Stone] SURFACE MATERIALS ACRYLIC SOLID SURFACE

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RADIANZ, ADVANTAGES THAT GO BEYOND THE SURFACE. RADIANZ, PREMIUM QUARTZ SURFACES Comprised of high-density natural quartz, Radianz emulates the sophisticated aesthetic of natural stone, while its advanced composition provides qualities that are unobtainable with granite or marble. Its nonporous, scratch-and heat-resistant surface makes it an ideal material for healthcare, hospitality, food service and residential applications. KEY FEATURES ◊ Excellent physical properties / scratch and heat resistant ◊ Designs inspired by elements found in nature ◊ Consistency of colour / advanced quality control...

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COMMERCIAL & PUBLIC SPACE Lobby Floor Cafeteria Tabletop Lobby Floor Hall Stairs

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Kitchen Countertop Cirrus Collection Napoli Beige NB278

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RESIDENTIAL SPACE Kitchen Countertop Coffee Table Kitchen Countertop Office Desk Kitchen Countertop

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DESIGNER’S CHOICE LOBBY Radianz Quartz is enriched with the look and texture of natural materials. Redefine the beauty and durability of your space with a premium quartz surface— Radianz. B RECOMMENDED MATERIAL BOARD A

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Inspired by high-altitude sweeping clouds, the Cirrus Collection features dynamic, flowing patterns that create a tranquil, organic design; its classic, marble-like appearance creates the impression of timelessness and permanence. Comprised of 94% natural quartz, Radianz offers the beauty of stone in a nonporous, low maintenance surface that never requires sealing.

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NOBLE COLLECTION Mont Blanc Snow MS141 Gold Canyon Gray GG950 COASTAL COLLECTION Eco-friendly Materials, Radianz Colours shown may vary from the actual product. ◊ To view new colours in greater detail, please visit Please refer to product sample for true colour representation. ◊ These colours may require extra care and maintenance, Radianz recycled content series. consult with your Radianz processor for the best use of these colours.

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Protect the surface when using metal utensils, cutlery and cookware during food preparation and avoid direct contact with extremely hot objects and caustic chemicals. The information contained herein is provided by LOTTE ADVANCED MATERIALS Co., Ltd. and LOTTE ADVANCED MATERIALS EUROPE GMBH for information purposes only and should be used by individuals with technical experience and knowledge in the area. LOTTE ADVANCED MATERIALS Co., Ltd. does not make any representation or warranties of the usefulness or expected result of the information, and does not assume any responsibility whatsoever related...

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