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THERMO THERMO BT 39 THERMO HT 22 THERMO HT 39 THERMO HT 55 DISTRIBUTED BY For advice on sizing your Thermo panel heating system For assistance with choosing the products that best suit your needs For news on all new products and the trade fairs at which you can find us To download catalogues and manuals Contact us for details on your nearest dealer. ERMETE GIUDICI S.p.a. Via Leonardo da Vinci 27 20090 Segrate (Mi) Tel. +39 02 2139149/247 - Fax +39 02 2139732 The new heating generation The new heating generation

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THE NEW RANGE OF HEAT RADIATING PANELS IS THE IDEAL SOLUTION FOR HEATING ROOMS Industrial: factory buildings, warehouses Commercial: offices, shops, points of sale, and trade fair pavilions Sports: gyms, and multi-purpose centres They can be used to heat a room completely or to create work islands in specific areas. The THERMO panels make use of the advantages of particular, innovative technology: heating elements in silvered aluminium that are both heat sources and an irradiating surface in direct contact with the air. This makes it possible to achieve exceptional thermal performance compared...

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