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Catalogue excerpts

ELECTRIC RADIANT CEILING PANELS FOR COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL HEATING THERMO radiant panels take advange of an innovative technology: silvered aluminium heating elements that make up both the heating source and the radiant surface immediately in direct contact with air. This allows to gain an outstanding heating capacity compared to the power absorption, getting rid of every snag linked to alternative heating systems used so far in similar applications. THERMO the brand new range of radiant ceiling panels designed to be the best solution in places where there is a need for high capacity heating, such as: - Factory and industrial spaces: warehouses or large depot - Commercial spaces: stores, bureaux, shopping malls THERMO BT 39 - HT 39 THERMO HT 55

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-AEROTHERMS Hot air is blown by forced convection raises toward the ceiling and begins to stratify: the top layers close to the ceiling are overheated and a good comfort level is barely reached within 2 mt. from the floor. Aerotherms are scarcely effective and very noisy. In order to heat the lower layer, hot air is blown by force convection that causes annoying turbulence, lifting up dust therefore creating an uncomfortable feeling. (Pic. 1) -INFRARED HEATING LAMPS (short wave radiation) The main feature of infrared heating lamps is to emit infrared rays generated with small high power heating...

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Pic.3 q ;Comfort Area =, -THERMO by (Long wave infrared radiations) Hung directly above the area you want to heat, THERMO radiant panels emit heat at a lower tempearture distributed on a wider emission surface. -BENEFIT: your body suddenly feels snug and cosy, a sensation of diffused comfort in the area you need to heat. Heat is evenly distributed throughout the area. (Pic. 3) The product doesn’t produce any irritating noise or movement of dust. Low cost of installation: any further control device or product is required to run THERMO radiant panels (electric cabinet, voltage transformers, phase...

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THE FLEXIBILITY OFFERED BY BRAND NEW THERMO RADIANT PANEL THERMO radiant panel electric power connexion may be 230 V single-phase or 400 V three-phase. Installers can choose between these two selections in accordance with the final costumer heating needs. Each THERMO infrared radiant panel offers the highset flexibility for a real saving on energy consumptions. Electric connection of every model in our range can be done for each single heating element (2 in the 39 series and 3 in the 55 series) so to make it work standalone or together with others for a full heating power. Thanks to this feature,...

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THERMO: A RANGE OF SOLUTIONS TO FIT EVERYONE’S NEEDS Model BT 39 Power input: 1400 W Emission temperature*: 150°C Height installation: Min. 3 mt. - Max. 4,5 mt. Model HT 55 Power input: 5300 W Emission temperature*: 300°C Height installation: Min. 4 mt. - Max. 7 mt. Model HT 39 Power input: 3500 W Emission temperature*: 300°C Height installation: Min. 4 mt. - Max. 5,5 mt. *Measured at an ambient temperature of 15°C

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BT 39 - HT 39 HT 55 LOGISTIC INFORMATION Model Power input Dimensions in cm. (lenght x width x height) Colour Net weight Kg. Packaging dimension (lenght x width x height) Gross weight Kg. Quantity per pallet BT 39 1400 W 167,5 x 40 x 7,5 Aluminium 11,3 171,5 x 42 x 11,5 14 15 HT 39 3500 W 167,5 x 40 x 7,5 Aluminium 12,2 171,5 x 42 x 11,5 15 15 HT 55 5300 W 167,5 x 57 x 7,5 Aluminium 16,6 171,5 x 59 x 11,5 20 12 Ermete Giudici S.p.a. via Leonardo da Vinci 27 20090 Segrate (Mi) Italy Tel: +39 02 21 39 247 / 587 Fax: +39 02 21 39 732 e-mail: web:

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