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Helisea Helisea &Acanto &Acanto Double heating surface Immediate comfort Heats hand and bath towels Low energy consumption Advantages of Radialight technology EXCELLENT HEAT DIFFUSION thanks to the immediate radiant effect of the entire surface IMMEDIATE WARMIN G SENSATION : Unlike traditional towel heaters that only radiate heat 45 – 60 minutes after being switched on, Acanto and Helisea reach their working temperature in just 5 – 6 minutes. Tests carried out comparing the HELISEA 110 radiator with other towel heater radiators show a much higher heating speed, with a more extensive, consistent, and immediate diffusion of heat in the bathroom. DISTRIBUTED BY The new heating generation TESTS CA RRIE D OUT IN RADIALI GHT’S TEC HNICAL LA BORATO RY Helisea 110 towel heating radiator Electrical towel heating radiator with equivalent power circulation of the fluid inside Electrical towel heating radiator with equivalent power standard heating element Time Surface temp. Temp. of air at 30cm. from the product Temperature of towels of the product Time Time radialight.com ermetegiudici.com For news on all new products and the trade fairs at which you can find us, and to download catalogues and manuals. Contact us for details on your nearest dealer. ERMETE GIUDICI S.p.a. Via Leonardo da Vinci 27 20090 Segrate (Mi) Tel. +39 02 2139149/247 - Fax +39 02 2139732

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Helisea Rotate 180° Acanto How Acanto & Helisea work High precision electronic ambient thermostat that ensures the perfect temperature in your bathroom 4-position timer for using the unit only for the required time 15 minutes Electronic ambient thermostat 15 minutes 120 minutes 30 minutes ON/OFF Switch Timer IP24 Make your bathr oom more welcoming and comf ortable with out safe, innovative technology . A new ecological way to diffuse low impact and low energy consumption heat. Acanto & Helisea, the new towel heater radiators that provide a high degree of heat while limiting energy consumption....

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