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Electric vertical soft heater The new heating generation >

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Its vertical shape, a pure and elegant outline will catch your attention immediately.The wide and uniformly heated ultraflat front radiant surface, its satin finish like a levigated stone and the hidden controls make DEKO not just a simple radiant heater but also a furniture element.The outline of DEKO evokes the latest trends of interior design: this product is just 6 cm. in thickness, and that makes it one of the thinnest among any other water or electric radiator. Once installed, the product sticks out just 9 cm from the wall.Its size is defined by a perfect proportion between vertical and...

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- the product maintains the temperature set on the thermostat Y - the product is in the ECO mode and maintains a temperature of 3,5 C lower than set on the thermostat X - product is in the antifreeze mode and ensures room temperature does not fall below 7а C The electronic control is placed on the right side of the product and includes:- ON/OFF Master switch - High precision electronic thermostat for adjusting temperatures from a minimum of 10 C to a maximum of 30а C - 5 position operating mode switch: the product is in stand-by condition. Heating element are switched off. -The product is in the...

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Perfect for rooms and bathrooms up to 15 mPower input at 230 V/50 Hz: 1000 W Intelligent electronic control 5 mode switch Programmable (Zefiro remote control) Size in cm.: 120 x 43 x 6 (9 cm. in totale dal muro a prodotto installato) DEKO has a double electric insulation and a special protection level against humidity called IP24. This means it can be installed in humid rooms such as bathrooms without any kind of risk. > DEKO Design: Studio Joe Colombo Arch. Favata & Forloni via Leonardo da Vinci 27 20090 - Segrate - Milano Tel. +39 02 2139247 / 149 / 587 Fax +39 02 2139732 e-mail:

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