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RMETE GIUDICI S.P.A. has been manufacturer of small domestic appliances since the early thirties. In its 80 years of commitment to the manufacture of heating systems, Ermete Giudici S.p.a. has developed a specific knowledge in engineering and production of electrical heating and air-treatment ap- pliances. Production is now mainly focused on : Electric soft heaters Օ Towel warmer radiators Radiant panel heaters Օ Fan heaters Infrared quartz heaters Օ Frost watcher protectors Heat convectors A complete range of domestic exhaust fans is also included in the existing production. We have become a leader among the others European companies in manufacturing of electrical heating with an extremely wide range covering many different applications. The unsteady and changing market of today gives us the opportunity to face always new challenges. ThatՒs why we keep developing new and successful products in order to make them even more competitive in terms of price and better in terms of quality. Our list of innovations is steadily growing longer and among our partners we are recognized as successful in- novators. We were able during the past years to grow three strong brands of the highest quality and design:A thorough and hard job guaranteed by production processes certified in accordance with ISO, by highly innovative production technology and the highest quality assurance standards.Product customization, flexibility and just-in-time deliveries are nowadays critical success factors worldwide appreciated by our customers. >

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