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ALUFERA - 8 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

KOHLHAUER Grid-Insulation-Systems (GIS) - QUALITY OF LIFE KOHLHAUER ALUFERA®- SIMPLE / PROVEN / ECONOMICAL Argentina • Austria • Belgium • Chile • China • France • Germany ■ Greece • Hong Kong • Italy ■ Korea • Latvia • Netherlands ■ Poland • Portugal ■ Russia • Sweden - Switzerland • Spain ina ■ France ■ Germany ■ Greece ■ Hong Kong ■ Italy - Korea ■ Latvia ■ Netherlands ■ Poland ■ Portugal ■ Russia - Sweden ■ Switzerland ■ Spain ■ United Kingdom Optimized design Large-sized formats Economical design

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KOHLHAUER ALUFERA* - UTMOST FUNCTIONALITY FOR ECONOMICAL NOISE BARRIER After the successful introduction of the patented plantable system KOHLHAUER PLANTA*, Kohlhauer is presenting the new all-round Grid-Insulation-System (GIS) KOHLHAUER ALUFERA* Based on the proven design of our PLANTA system, this elements had been specially developed for the needs of the new trans-european future markets, without having to renounce the proven construction principle. The result Is a new and attractive large-sized noise barrier element, with the well-known and highly efficient acoustical properties and the easy...

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KOHLHAUER ALUFERA8 noise barrier systems perfectly combine an appealing finish with sustainable construction and high technical requirements. All KOHLHAUER ALUFERABGrid-lnsiiatJon-Systems (GIS) have been tested by renowned institutes for noise insulation, sound absorptivity1, whd load, frost and road salt Innovative aluminium system frame Robust tongue and groove interlock for easy stacking of multiple elements More solid vertical bars for even higher noise barriers Modular standard components cost efficient realisation of large-scale Various height compensation modules (stackable) for easy adaptation...

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PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS • Excellent sound-insulating and highly absorptive performace. Classified in B3 and A3 according to ZTV-Lsw on both sides (optionally available in A4) • Robust element structure for a consistent natural appearance, without planting • All used materials are completely recyclable • Extremely high aging and corrosion • High UV and colour resistance for all used materials • Compatible to other KOHLHAUER® noise barrier elements TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS • Noise Insulation: • Sound absorption: • Windload: Standard version up to 1,4 kN/m2 • Load bending tested accord. • Fire resistance:...

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NOISE BARRIER Noise in residentiaJ areas is often perceived as annoying. This Is where man and noise and In a direct conflict. KOHLHAUER ALUFERA* barriers help to ease the situation, supporting the life quality of our environment. Bypass roads, highways and motorways are a permanent source of noise. Protecting the residents from annoyin noise puts some special requirements on noise barriers. Not only inner city areas require flexible noise barrier solutions can be placed easily between existing objects. Whenever there Is a limited space availability, suitable noise barrier solutions that Integrate...

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SYSTEM LAYOUT BASIC ELEMENTS • The basic elements are available in sizes of • Elements can be displaced using the reusable eyebolts and rivet nuts integrated • Standard equipment: innovative aluminium concept frame, galvanised ( 80 u) load-transfer- ring steel grid, protection net (grey, mesh sizes: 2x2 mm), Kohlhauer RDS160 insulation, classes B3/A3, incl. 2 fixing springs • The elements are fixed on the pole using patent-pending fixing springs ADVANCED ELEMENTS • Height compensation 100, to compensate for various ground shapes, as base elements for ground integration or as a design variant •...

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Cover panel Height compen- Height compen- Ring screws Fixing springs WALL LAYOUT (FROM OUTSIDE TO INSIDE) • Innovative aluminium structure frame - with tongue and groove section • Lateral section for supporting the fixing spring • Load-transferring, galvanised steel grid - • Double-layer, high dense mineral wool, -

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KOHLHAUER E-Mail: info@kohlhauer.com MORE KOHLHAUER PRODUCTS Transparent, reflecting respectively absorbent noise barrier systems with transparency and glare shield. The plantable noise barrier ■ highly funtional. Double benefit: Noise barrier combined with sustainable power generation through solar technology.

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