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Thermoplan BW3 - 12 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

A breath of magic... BLACK&WHITE3 represents another innovation from Thermoplan. Whether Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato or cold milk foam – with the new generation you conjure up wonderful top-quality specialty beverages.

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…the cool milk solution With the central spout you prepare unique milk foam with breathtaking consistency – marvellously creamy and firm.

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BLACK&WHITE3 is a modular assembly. Maintenance can thereby have the capabilities of tomorrow’s technology. The integrated be carried out quickly and cost-effectively. All three modules are diagnostic program allows the technician to troubleshoot any exchanged in an instant – that is unique for coffee machines. malfunctions fast and effectively therefore limiting the down- The modules are engineered with high quality components and Brewing module 1 or 2 grinders. The stainless steel brewing unit guarantees top coffee taste. Hydraulic module Hot water preparation, water distribution, coffee boiler,...

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■ stainless steel brewing unit ■ heavy-duty aluminium grinder with ceramic burrs ■ steam pipe made of Peek™ ■ manual and automatic steam output ■ chrome plated steel front panel ■ touch screen with 7" LCD Display ■ cold milk solution Thanks to the "energy save" technolo- gy developed by Thermoplan you save energy during operation. You reduce your operating costs and protect the

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Modern Operational Concept The large, colourful touchscreen flexibly supports all products and can be adapted to your special requirements. Whether changing the products’ names, symbols or prices: Everything is done intuitively with the help of the easy to use interface. The Touch Screen can also be used as an advertising platform. Pictures can be displayed using the screensaver. Choose to automatically activate the screensaver after a longer idle time. Easy Cleaning The BLACK&WHITE3 coffee machines are using an automatic cleaning system. Pressing a single button will do and the machine shows...

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The POD All BLACK&WHITE3 model options are available with the standard coffee outlet or POD. All the usual pods can be inserted here. Whether caffeine-free or special blend BLACK&WHITE3 will satisfy every customer's taste. Cleaning is also activated via the POD. Simply insert the cleaning tablet and start.

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The Coffee Brewer Equipped with all the cutting-edge features of a BW3 CTM, the CBT is the allrounder among the automatic coffee machines. Using a 7-litre tank and producing up to 30 litres of freshly brewed coffee per hour, it is perfectly designed for restaurants, hotels, bars, breakfast buffets and self-service applications. The new BW3 CBTM ensures at all times the best quality coffee in the cup, even with cold milk beverages.

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Versatile to suit all tastes The CT prepares coffee and hot water and its mere 350 mm in width allows to fit on any countertop. The CTS model is the right choice for traditional milk preparation with steam. Whether hot or cold, the CTM makes preparing coffee or milk specialty beverages a success. Whether hot or cold or with steam, the CTMS makes preparing coffee or milk specialty beverages a success. Connection: Dimensinons: Weight: Connection: Dimensinons: Weight: 240 espressi / 200 coffee / 18ltr hot water 130 cappuccino / 140 lattino Dimensinons: Weight: 240 espressi / 200 coffee / 43ltr hot...

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The CBT easily manages to cover all needs for large volumes of high-quality freshly brewed coffee. The CBTM is the allrounder among the automatic coffee machines. The combination of a CTM and CBT guarantees a variety of products which leaves nothing to be desired. The TS offers hot water and endless steam supply with easy Use the CH to preheat the coffee cups to get ready for an extraordinary coffee enjoyment. Capacities: 240 espressi / 200 coffee /18ltr hot water products / hj 30ltr brew coffee Capacities: 240 espressi / 200 coffee /1 Sltr hot water products / hj 130 cappuccino /140 lattino /...

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Germany: Thermoplan Deutschland GmbH Altriper Straße 1 D-68766 Hockenheim Tel. +49 6205 280 620 Fax +49 6205 280 6210 Austria: Your distributor:

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