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170308 prnt AURUM Katalog 2017 - 48 Pages

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170308 prnt AURUM Katalog 2017
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Catalog excerpts

CONTENT Introduction 2 AURUM technology 4 Floorstanders 12 Compact speakers 28 Home cinema 32 Overview AURUM 9 40 High-end electronic 42

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„T H E B E S T W E H AV E E V E R B U I LT “ Sascha Reckert, CTO quadral

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From 1981 through today, quadral AURUM loudspeakers have been setting standards. Every generation combines consistency and innovation in a unique way. AURUM is no mainstream product. This high-end series from Hanover, Germany is for a person who loves the unrivalled; for a person who doesn’t hesitate in taking the higher road. Therefore, developing a new AURUM generation is an undertaking and commitment like no other, presenting huge opportunity and also challenges. At the beginning technical aspects are paramount. Physical limitations have to be considered; then there is development, measuring,...

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AURUM INSIDE Form follows function, follows form, follows function… The AURUM 9 loudspeaker cabinet design has never been this elaborate. Inside are massive braces and insulated walls. Wedge-shaped midrange chambers also provide a clear reduction of unwanted standing waves in this big floor-stander. Even the bevelled housing edges improve the omni directional sound characteristics. Besides the tonal aspects, this latest design plays a distinctive role in our future development. Loudspeakers are furniture that have to fit harmoniously into their environment. AURUM 9 clearly demonstrates a language...

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quadral quSENSE T H E H E A RT O F A U R U M 9 From the tiny shelf speaker to the strong TITAN, AURUM 9 loudspeakers utilize the new quadral quSENSE tweeter technology – developed and manufactured by quadral in Hanover. In comparison to conventional ribbon tweeters, quadral quSENSE is the product of a short and wide ribbon. Therefore the membrane surface is highly resilient. The result is impressive: extremely low distortions and a vertical radiation behaviour – one of which you would not expect from a ribbon. In addition comes an unrivalled, finely drawn and hugely detailed sound picture of enormous...

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HOUSING ASSEMBLY made from stainless steel GAUZE/GRID covering offers perfect protection DAMPING MATERIAL highly efficient felt layer TRANSFORMER with high-current sintered core CONNECTION TERMINALS premium gold-plated terminals CAST BODY primary housing NEODYMIUM-MAGNETS strong and of high quality SEALING PLATE made from EPDM FACEPLATE 5 mm annodized aluminium

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quadral ALTIMA ® W E R E- I N V E N T E D O U R PREVIOUS ‘BEST’ Even generation 9 relies on the proven quadral ALTIMA®- technology; our patented and world’s only aluminium, titanium and magnesium compound that guarantees a perfect vibration behaviour for extreme speed and accuracy, and boasting zero unwanted disturbances and influences with the end product. In contrast to the previous generation, the new membrane surface is homogenous, without a dust cap and with a clear improvement in radiation behaviour and fine dynamics. The alu-die-cast basket is also a completely new construction with mini- mal...

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MEMBRANE homogenous quadral ALTIMA®-surface SPIDER high efficient aramid fiber PRESSURE DIE-CAST BASKET light, stable, flow-optimized POLE CORE demodulation ring CONNECTION TERMINALS premium gold-plated terminals VOICE COIL big and powerful MAGNETS powerful motor

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AURUM IN DETAIL PRESSURE CHAMBER The AURUM recipe for power and dynamics Two powerful woofers - that work by way of a pressure chamber in the front and a bass reflex chamber at the back. The theoretical description of this being the AURUM pressure chamber. In effect, this principle is a combination of deep and kick-bass. Two attributes which only a few loudspeakers combine. New with the AURUM 9 is the bass reflex port which is placed in the front, between the woofers. This facilitates the setting of the loudspeakers and the impulsivity. Once more, the pressure chamber becomes a visual highlight...

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THE FINISH Superior materials, multi-layer lacquered finish in a high-gloss or piano-finish; oiled woods and polished chrome parts provide a luxurious and still subtle, overall impression. AURUM 9 is available as standard in black, white and walnut. On demand, we also offer lacquering of your loudspeaker in your personal RAL-tone. THE TERMINAL AURUM loudspeakers are equipped with high class Bi-Wiring terminals made of aluminium. For the optimal adjustment to spatial conditions and personal taste, they have level controls for the treble range. The models TITAN, BASE TITIAN and VULKAN are also individually...

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AURUM TITAN 9 Type Principle Nom. Power / music capacity Frequency response (Hz) Transition frequency (Hz) Efficiency (dB/1W/1m) Impedance Tweeter Midrange Woofer Size (HxWxD) Weight

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THE LEGEND IS ALIVE In 1981 the first TITAN made history. With its presence and its exceptional sound it has inspired trade press and customers equally throughout time. Now, 35 years on, the 9th generation sees the light of day. Again it makes its mark: 145 cm tall, more than 100 kg of pure handcrafted excellence. The high / midrange area is a combination of quadral ALTIMA® and quadral quSENSE in a D’appolito-arrangement. In the low range area, you’ll discover a powerful pressure chamber with two strong drivers. The result is impressive: extreme dynamics paired with an enormous sound stage and...

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AUDIOPHILE POWER The more calmly you dedicate yourself to a task, the more authentic and accurate the result. The new AURUM VULKAN is capable of sheer inexhaustible reserves of power and also finesse, which is why it renders naturally and with ease at the highest levels. As a result, it takes you on a musical journey, one that’s shaped by power and sovereignty. Crystal clear highs bewitch, while rich and dry basses make music a totally perceptible experience. Its neutral tuning keeps the VULKAN close to the original too. Like the big TITAN, the VULKAN also utilizes a high / midrange area of D‘appolito-arrangement....

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