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L-ite Plus - 16 Pages

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L-ite Plus
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Catalogue excerpts

L-ite Plus the closest approach to the original sound QUAD L-ite plus-new. indd 1

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If you enjoy visual entertainment from TV and movies you may dream of experiencing the thrills, excitement and impact of the cinema experience in your home. However, you probably find intolerable the idea of giving up room space to the big speaker systems normally required to generate the high intensity, room filling sound necessary to recreate the full cinematic experience. Well, today your dream has come true thanks to the Quad L-ite Plus AV system. Quad engineers have managed to package expansive sound into an elegant, sleek and small set of speakers that recreate movie drama and action with...

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QUAD L-ite plus-new. indd 2

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The L-ite Plus long-throw Kevlar driver is manufactured using Quad's proprietary bi-directional Kevlar weave, made from a self-damping resin-impregnated fibre form of the material that is then lattice woven to create the appropriate stiffness, strength and weight, and later formed into a cone and mounted on a butyl rubber surround. In the centre is a profiled phase plug which smooths the response through the crossover region and enables a phase-linear crossover to the tweeter. Driver Integration The L-ite Plus tweeter utilises a precision-engineered waveguide to integrate the midrange and treble...

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Bass-Mid range Driver Technology A high efficiency, double hand-wound voice coil tracks the signal, with the high-gauss magnet assembly providing momentum for movement. A strong die cast aluminum alloy chassis assembly is an essential part of the design, keeping everything taut and under control, even when encountering large transients and extremes of power. Profiled Cabinet Quad L-ite Plus features a new, profiled cabinet not only for a beautiful aspect to its proportions but also to enhance the sonic character of the pretty satellite speakers. The smooth, curved surfaces ensure excellent dispersion...

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QUAD L-ite plus-new. indd 6 {ft) 2014-11-25 9:42:

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QUAD L-ite plus-new. indd 7

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The L-ite Plus Satellites and Centre channel speakers are complemented by the Quad LF-66 subwoofer, an outstandingly powerful sub in a compact package. Inside the glossy cabinet, matching the satellite speakers, are twin, mechanically opposed DuoTri-Lam drivers which utilise Dual Wound voice coils and Triple Laminated cones to convert the power from a 4S0W peak power amplifier into thumpingly realistic low frequency transients. In addition Quad engineers have achieved a smooth upper bass response that is ideal for integrating with the L-ite Plus Satellites ensuring low distortion

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L-ite Plus Satellite Reccom ended Amplifier Power Nominal Impedance Frequency Response

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L-ite Plus Centre Reccom ended Amplifier Power Nominal Impedance Frequency Response QUAD L-ite plus-new. indd 10

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Input Impedance Frequency Response Crossover Frequency Special Features Active Dynamic-Drive IB Subwoofer 2 x ISOmm Long-throw drivers Phase Inversion Variable Filter Slope High Pass Output Low Pass Filter Slope QUAD L-ite plus-new. indd 11

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