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R-ETRO Brochure
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Inadequate insulation and air leakage are the leading causes of energy waste in most homes. Half of the Energy Used in the Average Home is for Heating and Cooling... Source: Energy Information Administration Retrofit Your Existing Building with High Performance Insulation R-ETRO System High Performance Insulation After R-ETRO

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Perfect for Interior or Exterior Applications The R-ETRO System offers building owners a simple yet effective way to attach the best performing insulation product to an existing building. It then serves as a fastening point for finish materials. Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is the most effective thermal insulation because the cellular structure of EPS contains only stabilized air. The R-Value of EPS will not decrease with age. There is no additional framing necessary. Unlike batt insulation, there is no sagging or settling. EPS offers the lowest cost per unit of R-Value compared to any other insulation...

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System Components Plus Panels Plus FS Panels (embedded Fastening Strip) R-ETRO Plus Track R-ETRO Plus Tie R-ETRO Plus Top Tie Wind-lock Fasteners Track Fastener How It Works R-ETRO Ties are fastened to the existing building with screws at 24" [610mm] centers*. Plus Panels are fit over the tie flanges and another row of R-ETRO Ties are placed in the tops of the panels at 24" [610mm]. Panels can be easily cut around openings and protrusions from the building. Finish materials can be applied directly to the R-ETRO System or furring strips can be applied to the surface of the panels prior to finishing....

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Web: www.r-etro.com | www.quadlock.com Email: info@r-etro.com | info@quadlock.com Head Office: 7398-132 St., Surrey, BC, Canada V3W 4M7 604-590-3111 or 888-711-5625 R-ETRO System High Performance Insulation Why? Save Money Insulate yourself from rising energy costs. It’s Easy Simple, fast installation and finishing. Perfect for the do-it-yourself market. It’s Safe Modified EPS bead includes a fire retardant; no harmful substances. EPS will not mold, decay or rot. More Square Footage Condition your basement for more useable living space. Life Long The R-Value of EPS will not decrease with age....

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