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Insulating Concrete Forms Insulating Concrete Forms Concrete Building Solutions R-28 R-38 R-43 R-59 The Leader in R-Value

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The Quad-Lock Advantage Advantages for Contractors & Architects: www.quadlock.com 1.888.711.5625 “This was the smoothest project I www.quadlock.com have ever been a part Advantages for Owners: of thanks to Solid & Secure: 1.888.711.5625protection from theQuad-Lock ICFs provide exceptional Quad-Lock!” tests of time and the ravages of na– Chris Kozub, Architect & Integrated Project Team Member of LEED Platinum for Home rated residence ture. The structural integrity of the reinforced concrete can withstand hurricane or tornado force winds and associated flying debris. Energy Efficient: Quad-Lock...

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The Quad-Lock Building Solution Brackets SIMPLY the Better Building System With Only 4 Components Ties There are only four main components to the QuadLock system (panels, ties, brackets and track), which assures simplicity in construction and supply. Panels All building elements are created with our patented panel and tie design. Horizontal reinforcing steel is accommodated in the ties, while vertical reinforcing steel placement is infinite, and can be preset. No custom, special-ordered parts are required. Track Panels ••Made of high density, fire retardant expanded polystyrene (EPS) ••Panels...

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Construction Methods Comparison Quad-Lock Approvals: ICC ESR-2157 British Board of Agrement #06/4347M QUAD-LOCK 6" Solid Concrete Wall R-Value WOOD FRAME Standard 2x4 Wall R-22 to R-59 Nominal [h*ft2*F/BTU] R-12 Concrete = 6" EPS insulation = 4½" to 14¼" R-12 2x4 wall and batt insulation = R-12 2x6 wall and batt insulation = R-19 Tested by Ecotope Source Air Infiltration Framing members lower the overall Rvalue. Listed R-value is attainable only if continuous board insulation is used. Model National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings 1997 Approval (ETA) #06/0189 6" hollow core with 2x4 woodstrapping...

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