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Green Roof Solution
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Insulating Concrete Forms The Easiest Way to Support your Green Roof What if you could build in less time, save on operating costs and be green? With Quad-Lock you can. No susceptibility to water damage Lower appetite for energy – high R-values / zero air infiltration Faster construction time; forming and insulating in one step Extensive lifecycle – concrete buildings last hundreds of years No air infiltration – superior indoor air quality for occupants Disaster resistance – safety and security Lower costs for operations & maintenance 40% less concrete is required No CFCs, HCFCs, no off-gassing Load & Span Estimates* for Quad-Deck Roofs Extensive Greening Intensive Greening Typical Live Load = 35+ lbs/sqft Span (ft) 16 R-16 7˝ QuadDeck 18 20 22 Typical Live Load = 100+ lbs/sqft 24 26 28 Span (ft) 14 R-19 8˝ QuadDeck R-22 9˝ QuadDeck R-25 10˝ QuadDeck R-Value R-28 11˝ QuadDeck R-32 12˝ QuadDeck R-33 12.5˝ QuadDeck R-16 7˝ QuadDeck 16 R-19 8˝ QuadDeck 17 R-22 9˝ QuadDeck 18 R-25 10˝ QuadDeck R-Value 21 R-28 11˝ QuadDeck 23 R-32 12˝ QuadDeck 24 R-33 12.5˝ QuadDeck *Must be engineered Insulating Concrete Forms for Walls, Floors & Roofs

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CONCRETE BUILDING SOLUTIONS – IT’S TIME TO SWITCH With a concrete substrate, there is little or no change to the structural design to add a green roof... Why Green Your Roof? Lower stormwater runoff – 65 to 94% Reduce the size of stormwater detention tanks Reduce CO2 production, increase oxygen Double the service life of the roof Reduce the urban heat island effect Save on heating and cooling costs Reduce or eliminate roof drain systems Reduce noise Enhance the urban setting Compare: BCIT Green Roof Research Facility, Burnaby, BC 180 Heat Flow Reduction* 1 Green Roof Ambient Roof Temperatures...

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