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Building with Quad-Deck Floor & Roof System
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Catalogue excerpts

TECHNICAL BULLETIN Volume 5.00 - May 2013 Building with Quad-Deck Floor & Roof System What is Quad-Deck? Quad-Deck panels are steel-reinforced, foamed plastic in­ ulation boards used as permanent, stay-in-place cons crete formwork for floor and roof construction. Reinforced concrete joists are spaced at 24" [610mm] on center and poured monolithically with the slab to form a T-Beam rein­orced concrete structure. f The “pan-form” Quad-Deck panels are available in several thicknesses / beam-depths to allow varying spans and loads of the oneway concrete slabs. Each Quad-Deck panel is custom-cut to the exact length required and re­ inforced with two continuous, galvanized steel, Z-shaped furring strips (22 Gauge [0.8mm thickness]), which provide attachment points for ceiling finishes and serve as secondary shoring/formwork support. Primary shoring must be designed and erected as per shoring supplier, project engineer, or applicable building codes (see below). Quad-Deck panels do not provide any permanent structural support. Structural support is provided by the reinforced concrete joists and slab topping only, which are designed by a licensed engi­ eer in accordance with ACI 318, ACI 301, or other applicable standards. n Span and Floor Loads for Quad-Deck Depending on live and dead loads assumed in the structural design, clear spans of up to 33 feet [10m] - measured from the center of the supporting elements - can be accomplished without modification to standard Quad-Deck profiles. Live loads exceeding 100 psf (488kg/ m2) can be supported for shorter spans (see next page). Longer spans and/or higher loads may be achieved by: increasing the T-beam height profile with extra foam-blocks glued to the top of Quad-Deck panels; high-strength concrete, additional reinforcing steel, stirrups, post tensioning, and/or camber. Contact the Quad-Lock Technical Department for details. A licensed engineer has to provide the structural design for each building. Reinforcement Reinforcing requirements are a function of the desired span between supporting points and the live loads imposed on the structure. The size, grade, and frequency of reinforcing bar should be determined by a licensed engineer for each project. For estimating purposes, Quad-Lock provides span tables showing suggested reinforcement. Minimum concrete cover as per ACI 318 or other applicable codes: • Concrete for slabs, walls, joists not exposed to weather and not in contact with ground: ¾" [20mm] • Concrete cast against and permanently exposed to earth: 3" [75mm] • Concrete exposed to earth or weather, #6 [20M] and higher bars: 2" [50mm]; #5 [15M] bar, W31 or D31 [Ø16mm] wire, and smaller: 1½" [38mm] The installer is responsible for placement of all reinforced concrete in accordance with ACI 318 “Building Code Requirements for Reinforced Concrete”. Any variance from these standards must be provided and certified in advance by the Engineer of Record. QUAD-DECK DOUBLE REBAR CHAIR SPACED @ 4'-0" [1.2m] O/C MAX & 12" [300mm] AWAY FROM ENDS SLAB REINFORCEMENT AS SPECIFIED (6x6 [150x150] WWM OR LONG. & TRANS. REBAR) CONCRETE JOIST REINFORCEMENT AS SPECIFIED MIN. 3" [20mm] CONCRETE COVER OR AS SPECIFIED 4 FLOOR/ROOF FINISH AS SPECIFIED CONCRETE TO BE 6" SLUMP, MAX. 3" [10mm] AGG., COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH AS SPECIFIED 8 1 JOIST WIDTH: 44" [108mm] SLAB THICKNESS RANGE: 2"-6" [50mm-150mm] METAL FURRING FOR FINISH ATTACHMENT SPACING: 12" [305mm] O/C CEILING FINISH AS SPECIFIED 2'-0" [610mm] JOIST WIDTH AT BASE: 5" [127mm]

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Building with Quad-Deck...cont'd QUAD-DECK PANEL THICKNESS CLEAR SPAN (Center to Center of Load Bearing Support) LEGEND: 20 psf [0.95 kN/m²] Live Load, 3" [75mm] Slab Thickness, 3000 psi [21 mPa] Concrete, 2-#6 [2-20M] Rebar Bot. 40 psf [1.92 kN/m²] Live Load; 3" [75mm] Slab Thickness, 3000 psi [21 mPa] Concrete, 2-#6 [2-20M] Rebar Bot. 100 psf [4.77 kN/m²] Live Load; 3" [75mm] Slab Thickness, 3000 psi [21 mPa] Concrete, 1-#6 [1-20M] Rebar Bot. 4" [100mm] Slab Thickness, 4000 psi [28 mPa] Concrete, 2-#7 [2-22M] Rebar Bot. & 1-#6 [1-20M] Rebar Top Slab Thickness Because of the support provided...

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Building with Quad-Deck...cont'd Alternate Method: If plans and contract documents contain no specification for minimum compressive strength of concrete at the time of formwork and shoring removal, ACI 347, Section 3.7 provides guidelines pertaining to one-way floor slabs and the removal of shoring. See standards list at the end of this bulletin. Finishes Ceiling finish (GWB or eq.) can be attached directly to metal Z strips integrated in Quad-Deck Panels. Dropped ceilings can be installed for projects requiring more room for HVAC or other utilities - a 15min thermal barrier (e.g. GWB) must be...

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Building with Quad-Deck...cont'd Quad-Deck Floor Weights Quad-Deck Floor Weights (lb/sqft) Quad-Deck Panel Thickness 7" 8" 9" 10" 11" 12" 12.5" Notes: The above are unfactored estimated weights which include concrete (150pcf), reinforcement (3lb/sqft), Quad-Deck Panel (2lb/sqft) & misc. (2lb/sqft). Quad-Deck Floor Weights (Kg/m2) Quad-Deck Panel Thickness 178mm 203mm 228mm 254mm 279mm 305mm 318mm Notes: These are unfactored estimated weights which include concrete (2400Kg/m3), reinforcement (15Kg/m2), Quad-Deck Panel (10Kg/m2) & misc. (10Kg/m2). Publications More information, code requirements,...

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