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Qnap brochure
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Catalogue excerpts

Building a better future...

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WELCOME Building a better future... We, Qatar National Aluminium Panel Company: welcome you to our world class facility for manufacturing Corrugated Core Panels and Aluminium Composite Panels. Yet another milestone in the manufacturing industry in the State of Qatar over the past 4 years, Qnap has developed an enviable reputation, not only in Qatar but throughout the Middle East & North Africa, of being a reliable supplier of high quality Aluminium products. Qnap is a ISO 9001, ISO14001 and OSHAS 18001 certified industry leader with world class, unique facilities and is approved by the US Green...

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Qatar National Aluminium Panel Company

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PRODUCTS Qnap offers a variety of quality products with pride. A firm dedicated and capable of creating World Class products. In addition to the quality products, we are committed to deliver professional services as a part of our customer services strategy. Corrugated Core Aluminium Panels (ALUCOMB) Aluminium Composite Panels (FR Core) Aluminium Composite Panels (LDPE Core) PVDF Coated Aluminium Coils Qatar National Aluminium Panel Company

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APPLICATIONS Metal Composite Panels are sophisticated products with diverse applications, especially at Airports, Shopping Malls, Sports Stadiums, Towers, Petrol Stations etc. False ceiling Interior partitions Building facades Embossing of complex structures Display stands Superior Aesthetic Creations Qnap offers superior products that can offer aesthetic creations, adding value to the creativity and imagination of an architect. Architectural Designs Qnap panels are flexible yet rigid, offering diversity in application and making it one of the most favourite solution for complex design structures. Complex...

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ALUCOMB (Corrugated Single Aluminium Core Panels) GCC patent app No. 2008 / 10962 ALUCOMB ALUCOMB is a contemporary composite panel with single corrugated aluminium sheet as its core and manufactured through a continuous lamination process involving superb adhesive. PVDF Coated Aluminium Skin Adhesive Layer Aluminium Corrugated Core Adhesive Layer Service coated / Mill Finished Aluminium Skin ALUCOMB Physical & Mechanical Properties Metal Composite Panels: ACP & ALUCOMB are known for its PVDF coated aluminium skin and bottom service coated bottom skin bonded on the core together with an adhesive....

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Unique Technological Solutions, Committed & Quality Service Qatar National Aluminium Panel Company

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ALUMINIUM COMPOSITE PANEL: ACP-FR Composition ACP(FR) is composed of a fire rated mineral core sandwiched between two aluminium alloy sheets and is produced through continuous co-extrusion process by fully automated machinery for a perfect product. The front of the panel is layered with PVDF (Knyar 500) fluorocarbon coating while the rear is available in mill finish or polyester coated. Protective film Color Coating (PVDF) PVDF Coated Aluminium Skin PVDF Coated Aluminium Skin PVDF Coated Aluminium Skin PVDF Coated Aluminium Skin PVDF Coated Aluminium Skin ALUMINIUM COMPOSITE PANEL: ACP - PE As...

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PRODUCT FIRE TESTING RESULTS PRODUCT DIMENSIONS Corrugated core panels of aluminium and composite panel available in various dimensions: we produce standard and customized products. DimensioSize I Unit I Standard I Available COLOURS & FINISHES Available in various colours and finishes. As a standard, we manufacture products of different colours and finishes. Face of the panel will be fluorocarbon paint and rear will be polyester coated or mill finish. Customized colors and finishes are available upon requirement.

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COATING Qnap has set up an exclusive coil coating line, especially suitable for aluminium composite panel aesthetics, and catering to demanding exterior climatic conditions. The four roll coater with a combination of steel and hyplon rollers gives the desired finishes, full width coating, to precise microns, as per AAMA & ECCA specification. As a standard we use PVDF/SDP colors, however, at customer request, we also provide Lumiflon, PVDF, SDP & Polyester finishes. Flourcarbon coatings are durable and will last much longer and suits outdoor applications. Qnap’s 30 meters long electric oven has...

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TEST PROPERTY Test Property Test Method Color finishes Solid, Metallic and Stone Color retention Maximum rating 5 unit afer 4000hrs Gloss retention Chalk resistance Maximum rating 8 unit after 4000hrs Pencil hardness No change (cross hatch) No breakage / loss of paint Abrasive resistance Salt spray Humidity resistance In addition to solid enamel colors, special finishes of Stone-Timber-Metal was developed as an alternative to natural granites, timbers and metals. The patterns are produced with a unique image transfer process. These finishes are highly decorative and have the same coating performance...

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PRODUCTION & PLANT Qatar National Aluminium Panel Co. is the only plant in the State of Qatar that manufactures aluminium composite panels. Our products are manufactured by fully automatic state-ofthe-art machinery ensuring high quality, unique products. Our plants are fully controlled by computerized operating system and continuous co-extrusion process. Productivity Capacity The plant has an average installed production capacity of above 2,000,000 M2 per annum in normal least exploited condition and is extendable. Fully automated machinery for manufacturing aluminium composite panel brings unique...

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THE FOUR STAGES OF QUALITY Pre-Production Quality Assurance Material is inspected thoroughly before being issued to production. Every raw material has a “Quality Plan” specifying parameters for testing and inspection. In-process Control At each stage of production, quality is ensured by a vigorous process control check. All quality parameters are checked and recorded as per the quality plan. Every production is carried out based on internal progress checks. Post Production Quality Assurance At the end of each production run, final inspection is carried out to ensure that the products meet international...

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