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Timber frame

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Timber Frame Timber Frame Solutions

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Timber Frame Timber frame is an increasingly popular choice for UK house builders and it currently accounts for around a quarter of all new homes. The inherent benefits of timber as a construction material are well established. The embodied energy of timber is lower than that of other common building materials, meaning buildings constructed with timber frames will often require less energy to produce than those built of other materials. Timber is also a renewable resource in plentiful supply and, if managed responsibly, building from timber should have no net impact on the amount of trees...

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Timber Frame Timber frame building is recognised as a mainstream construction with many benefits which is continually growing its market share. The formation of the Structural Timber association (STA) formerly the UKTFA encompasses more than traditional buildings systems and now includes systems such as SIPs (Structurally Insulated panels)and CLT (Cross laminated Timber). This provides a wider base of specialist skills when using timber in buildings. For many years the A. Proctor Group have supported the timber frame industry in supplying innovative solutions including breather membranes...

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Timber Frame When designing any roof system the resistance to moisture must be considered. In a roof system a roof underlay should provide secondary, temporary protection during construction and be utilised to reduce wind loads on the roof during its life. With increasing insulation values the cold roof i.e. insulation placed horizontally at ceiling level has increased the potential for condensation within the loft space and adequate measures to reduce this risk of condensation should be considered. The Group provides a high performance innovative roofing underlay to simplify design, to...

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Timber Frame When considering moisture in a wall application for timber frame, two types of moisture should be looked at precipitation and condensation. Precipitation factors should be looked at closely and a suitable secondary waterproofing utilised on the timber frame to protect the building during construction. When assessing moisture in terms of condensation, the utilisation of a vapour control layer and a breather membrane will reduce any risk in the timber frame wall. The vapour control layer should be used on the inside i.e. warm side of the insulation. The correct installation of...

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Timber Frame Timber Cladding provides flexibility to create unique designs through the selection of wood, texture, colour and profiles. All of the range is suitable for timber frame construction. SILVERWOOD INSPIRE TIMBER CLADDING Silverwood is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of painted timber cladding. It is regularly specified by architects & contractors due to its proven performance from over 20 years of industry use. Silverwood Inspire is an original range combining traditional cladding with a planed and brushed finish available in a modern palette of colours. Key Features &...

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FLOORS / PARTY FLOORS Timber Frame The acoustic performance of party floors is an increasingly important factor in flatted developments and The A Proctor Group can provide solutions to meet the statutory requirements of Part E for England and Wales and Section 5 for Scotland. PROFLOOR DYNAMIC BATTEN - Type 55 / 67 / 81 / 91 Profloor Dynamic batten provides excellent levels of impact and airborne sound insulation. The unique dual foam not only provides the performance characteristics but enables minor irregularities in the surface of the sub-floor to be taken up. • Non-load bearing...

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Timber Frame AIRTIGHTNESS In buildings, air leakage normally manifests itself as uncontrolled flow of air through gaps and cracks in the fabric. The result is significant reduction in the thermal performance and efficiency of structures. The construction industry, driven by increasingly rigorous Part L Regulations, Section 6 in Scotland and the overall energyefficiency agenda, is putting the creation of air tight buildings at the top of the agenda, in refurb as well as new build. WRAPTITE-SA Wraptite-SA combines important properties of vapour permeability and airtightness in one, affordable...

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Timber Frame The A. Proctor Group recently supplied Roofshield, their unique air and vapour permeable pitched roof underlay to an exclusive self build project. Case Study PUSHING THE BOUNDARY IN EFFICIENT CONSTRUCTION To complement the specification, for the walls, Reflectashield TF 0.81 high performance breather membrane was used on the outside face with Reflectatherm Plus vapour barrier on the inside which assisted in achieving a U-value for the walls of 0.12 W/m2K. The roof panels also had Reflectatherm Plus vapour barrier on the inside with Roofshield on the outside, contributing toward...

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“ believe the success of the A.Proctor Group is down to a solid foundation of I innovation backed up by an excellent, loyal and committed team, every one of them playing an important role in our continued success. Scotland provides us with a unique platform to launch our ideas, systems and products. I am fiercely proud of this heritage and our brand.” Keira Proctor Managing Director, A. Proctor Group Ltd

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