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Roofshield Brochure

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Roofshield Messingham Primary, Lincolnshire 2

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The A. Proctor Group Ltd, a family-owned company for four generations has been providing solutions and products to the construction industry for over 50 years. Roofshield is an air and vapour permeable, highly water resistant roofing underlay that has been made to the same high specification for nearly 20 years. It has consistently met the evolving demands of the roofing industry to be the first choice of most roofing contractors. The underlay’s reliable performance has been demonstrated in the toughest locations around the world. Its characteristics allow even very complex pitched roofs to...

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Roofshield Introduction Bondi Beach, Sydney THE NEED FOR BREATHER MEMBRANES As Building Regulations demand ever higher thermal efficiency in both the commercial and domestic sectors, today’s building envelopes are becoming increasingly airtight. While this is undoubtedly beneficial for building energy performance, it also makes careful consideration and management of moisture more critical than ever. Since their introduction in the late 1980s, “breather membranes” have become an important part of the construction industry landscape, however the term itself is widely misunderstood. “Breather...

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UNRESTRICTED BATTEN SPACING Roofshield has a vapour resistance of 0.065 MNs/g and an Sd-value of 0.013m, making Roofshield the highestperforming vapour-permeable membrane on the market. Developed for use in the Highlands of Scotland, the unique properties of Roofshield allow unrestricted spacing of tiling battens, regardless of exposure conditions. Roofshield has a 20 year track record in some of the world’s wildest weather conditions from the Shetland Islands to Antarctica. FULLY AIR PERMEABLE Air permeable membranes allow air movement through the roof, as well as allowing moisture to...

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Roofshield Roof Construction Forth Road Bridge NON-VENTILATED WARM ROOF CONSTRUCTION A “warm roof ” is a roof construction where the insulation layer is placed either over, or between the rafters, and follows the pitch of the roof from eaves to ridge. This configuration keeps the roof structure within the heated envelope of the building, and allows spaces within the roof to be used as habitable spaces, or easily converted at a later date. Warm roofs are typically insulated using rigid boards, and the underlay may be installed either fully supported, or draped, depending on the location of...

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Roofshield Roofshield Private House Test Method Mean Results Mass per unit area Water vapour resistance Sd Vapour resistance Water penetration Class W1 (before ageing) Class W1 (after ageing) Tensile Strength CD 230N (-60N) (before ageing) CD 190N (-60N) (after ageing) CD 60% (+/- 20%) (before ageing) CD 45% (+/- 20%) (after ageing) Tear resistance PHYSICAL PROPERTIES & PERFORMANCE Polypropylene is recyclable. Mechanical recycling is the primary option, depending of the requirements of the application and the intended article specification. It can also be valorised for energy recovery, its...

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Roofshield Regulations Private House, Aberdeenshire BUILDING REGULATIONS Condensation control is covered by Approved Document C in England & Wales, Section 3 in Scotland, and Technical Booklet C in Northern Ireland. All of these documents refer to BS5250: “Code Of Practice for Control Of Condensation in Buildings” for detailed guidance on how best to mitigate condensation risk in roof and wall constructions. BS5250 defines two types of underlay membrane - high resistance type HR membranes (which includes traditional impermeable roofing felts and modern plastic equivalents) - and low...

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So vents aren’t required? While “Breathability” is a commonly used term, it is more technically accurate to refer to a material’s “vapour permeability” of a material. As Roofshield is air permeable as well as vapour permeable, it can certainly be argued that it does breathe, as it allows air movement, but this does not hold true for all “breathable” materials. In terms of vapour permeability, Roofshield, with a vapour resistance of 0.065MNs/g (Sd-value 0.013m) is the most permeable membrane on the market, with a vapour resistance 13% lower than the next best membrane currently available....

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Roofshield FAQs Can I use Roofshield with timber treatments? What about severe weather conditions? All three layers of the Roofshield underlay have additives to increase the water hold out of the membrane. Timber treatments containing fungicides, insecticides and wood preservatives are extensively used in the building trade to protect rafters, sarking boards and tile battens. As such, a number of tests have been carried out to see if these timber treatments will affect the water hold out properties of Roofshield. Although Roofshield is highly water resistant, the BBA, in its Site Practice...

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TYPICAL ROOF CONSTRUCTIONS Cold Roof Slate Sarking Detail Cold Roof Tile Detail 1. Tile 2. Batten 3. Roofshield 4. Rafter 1. Slate 2. Roofshield 3. Timber sarking / Board 4. Rafter Warm Roof Slate Sarking Detail Metal Roof Profile Detail Warm Roof Tile Alternate Detail 1. Tile 2. Batten 3. Roofshield (draped) 4. Insulation 5. Rafter Warm Roof Tile with OSB Alternate Detail 1.Tile 2. Batten 3. Roofshield (draped) 4. Counter batten 5. OSB 6. Insulation 7. Rafter 1. Slate 2. Roofshield 3. Timber sarking / Board 4. Insulation 5. Rafter Roof Constructions 1. Metal Cladding 2. Ventilation air...

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ROOFSHIELD DETAILS Roofshield overlapping minimum 150mm on both sides of ridge Roofshield fully supported on insulation DUOPITCH RIDGE DETAIL MONOPITCH RIDGE DETAIL Roofshield taken over ridge board, minimum 150mm

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ROOFSHIELD DETAILS EAVES DETAIL Roofshield fully supported on insulation Roofshield laid onto Eaves Carrier VERGE-ABUTMENT DETAIL Roofshield turned up wall minimum 100mm Roofshield laid over rafters

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