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THE KNOWLEDGE TO PRODUCE SOLUTIONS SOLUTIONS BUILT ON KNOWLEDGE The A. Proctor Group has, for nearly 50 years, been serving the construction industry with an extensive portfolio of technically advanced thermal, acoustic and membrane products. The Group provides a wide range of high quality, innovative solutions which are designed to meet the continuously evolving requirements of the construction industry. Our commitment to keeping pace with this evolution has led to the group’s expansion, today encompassing multiple product sectors. International supply within the construction industry...

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CONDENSATION CONTROL Breather Membranes Vapour Control Layer THERMAL SOLUTIONS Thermal Insulation Solution GROUND GAS PROTECTION Gas Membranes Venting Components

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AIRTIGHTNESS In buildings, air leakage normally manifests itself as uncontrolled flow of air through gaps and cracks in the fabric. The result is significant reduction in the thermal performance and efficiency of structures. The construction industry, driven by increasingly rigorous Part L Regulations and the overall energyefficiency agenda, is putting the creation of air tight buildings at the top of the agenda, in refurb as well as new build. Available as either a full width roll, or as a conveniently sized tape, Wraptite-SA has been developed to provide the airtightness solution for all...

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CASE STUDY - AIR TIGHTNESS SUNSHINE MOSQUE Proctor Wraptite-SA airtight membrane was used as part of the refurbishment of the Sunshine Mosque’s dome in Melbourne, Australia. The Sunshine Mosque is an Ottoman/Turkish-style mosque in Sunshine, a suburb of Melbourne. This complex structure comprises of seventeen domes, a minaret, and a courtyard. The complex existing concrete domes were leaking and needed to be re-roofed in Zinc. As part of this refurbishment, a watertight underlay and separation layer was required to be placed underneath the VM Zinc Plus. Our local Proctor membrane...

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WRAPTITE TAPE A useful way of stopping unnecessary air leakage around openings and overlaps is to use Wraptite tape, an airtight, tear resistant tape with high vapour permeability for internal and external applications. It fully bonds to all standard substrates, suppressing air leakage around joints, openings and penetrations. It is also suitable for permanent airtight sealing of membrane overlaps. KEY FEATURES • esilient composition, which resists punctures and tears R during construction • Flexibility, facilitating ease of application and detailing • Wide operating temperature range...

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CASE STUDY - WRAPTITE TAPE ALPERTON GATEWAY, LONDON Wraptite Tape was used for a project encompassing seven new tower blocks in Alperton, London by Simco External Framing Solutions Limited. The development, 243 Ealing Road, comprises 441 high quality, mixed tenure apartments in seven 9-14 storey contemporary glass towers, plus 13,330 ft2 of commercial space, with a gross development value of £110m. This is part of a wider £520m regeneration project in Alperton, which is located in the Borough of Brent. Wraptite Tape was used to create a permanent airtight seal of the membrane overlaps. Easy...

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BREATHER MEMBRANES CONDENSATION CONTROL The A Proctor Group has been at the forefront of developing breather membrane technology for more than twenty five years. The company has an excellent reputation for supplying both quality products and customer service. Moisture in today’s buildings can be a continual problem if not tackled professionally. Condensation will occur within a roof or wall construction if the heated internal air escapes through the lining or insulation, then comes into contact with the cold outer surfaces. Condensation in a building is an unwanted phenomenon as it may...

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CASE STUDY - ROOFSHIELD MAWSON’S HUT Roofshield has been successfully installed on Mawson’s Hut in the Antarctic. Sir Douglas Mawson, a geologist, who led the Australasian Antarctic Expedition of 1911, landed a party of 18 at Cape Denison on Commonwealth Bay in January, 1912, and remained there until December 1913. Only a concerted public campaign would save and conserve this historic site for all Australians, and the Mawson’s Huts Foundation was formed in 1996 for this purpose. The Foundation has been involved with five conservation expeditions to Cape Denison, working in partnership with...

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VAPOUR CONTROL REFLECTATHERM PLUS Reflectatherm Plus is a reflective, high resistance vapour barrier for internal walls, ceilings and floors, specifically designed to enhance the thermal performance when placed on the warm side of the insulation. A lightweight reinforced polyethylene vapour control layer for use within roof and wall constructions to prevent warm, moist air escaping from inside the building and condensing within the insulation. The woven polypropylene multifilament scrim reinforcement provides good resistance to tears and punctures. • High vapour resistance. • Improved...

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CASE STUDY - PROFOIL 861 DUBAI TRAM PROJECT The A. Proctor Group have supplied their Profoil 861 to Arabian Profiles for the Dubai Tram project for all 11 stations as well as all the Depot Buildings. Profoil 861 is a heavyweight reinforced vapour control layer with aluminium foil core to give a high water vapour resistance. The woven extruded polypropylene multifilament scrim reinforcement gives good resistance to tears and punctures. The aluminium foil is protected on both faces by polyethylene for corrosive situations, such as chlorine in swimming pools. The Dubai Tram (previously the Al...

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SPACETHERM SOLUTIONS The A. Proctor Groups Spacetherm® Aerogel combines a silica aerogel with a fibre matrix to produce a flexible yet robust blanket solution. This superior material is suitable for a wide range of challenging applications where thermal performance is crucial. THERMAL SOLUTIONS The A. Proctor Group have been involved in the development of thermal insulation solutions for nearly 50 years, during which time the twin issues of energy efficiency and heat loss reduction have become key considerations in the design of every new building. MARINE Innovations The A. Proctor Group...

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