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Catalogue excerpts

02 Masonic Villa Hamburg 04 Stork House Raiding

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We live for products that make any home the most beautiful home in the world: genuine, innovative and discerning.

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»The soil is the thing interfused with water, air and living creatures, created on the earth's surface under the influence of environmental factors and developed over time as a product of transformation composed of mineral and organic substances with its own morphological organisation, which is able to serve as a location for higher plants. The soil is therefore in a position to form a basis of life for animals and people.« Definition: Soil protection concept by the Federal government

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Pleasure, curiosity and pioneering spirit are what drive us when it comes to turning trends into products and developing them successfully for the future. We are also entering new territory with our first magazine: In fascinating reports, FLOOR presents the most beautiful home in the world 5 times – the architecture, the people and the floors that make it so. I hope you enjoy the process of discovery. Let yourself be inspired by the stories of the flooring worlds, of the houses and the individuals who live in them. Yours, Volkmar Halbe Managing Director of Parador

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Terunobu Fujimori From trees that talk Short history of the wood floor Secret, silent and lodge BIG SCAN Attention! This is a fake! Space effect Floor patterns Canal with charm BIG SCAN Herringbone 2.0 – Hadi Teherani Jean Christophe Aumas Ingrid Spengler Manfred Wiescholek

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3 Friends, 2 Unicorns & 1 Castle New and inspiring: The Parador Floor app – with short stories and useful background information all about the most beautiful home in the world. Further highlight: the large Parador product library.  16 Here they look old – The residents of the castle about their favourite antiques  16 5 top addresses for antiques in Europe 21 Good on your feet – Slipper hero ahead! 24 Picnic around the world 26 BIG SCAN Hassan Abdullah Michel Lasserre Stefan Karlsson »The floor is a strong symbol« The new desire for special floors: a look into the wide product portfolio from Parador...

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3 Friends, 2 Unicorns & 1 Castle An eccentric style on rustic floors characterises the Château de la Goujeonnerie in the French Vendée region. The residents of the fairytale castle are living proof that dreams can come true – particularly if they are based on the foundation of a good friendship.

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1 ive friends: Castle residents, F Michel Lasserre, Hassan Abdullah und Stefan Karlson with their dogs, Gaspard and Edgar (from left to right). 2 he winged mastiff is the trademar of T Les Trois Garçons restaurant.

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Many beauties can remain sleeping until you wake them back to life. This was the case with the Château de la Goujeonnerie not far from the Île de Ré in the French Vendée region. The département once prospered through the works of Louis Vuitton and through its sawmills. Today the region appears rather abandoned – in the mighty shadow of its neighbour Bretagne, which is more open to tourism. And in the no-man's land of its geographical centre, between chestnut tree woods, small villages and farmyards, lay the Château, first owned by the Cognac producing family, Martell, then by a married couple...

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Mix and match on the ground floor: the stuffed horses’ heads were discovered by house-owner Hassan Abdullah in the back corner of a bric-a-brac shop; the Belgian chandelier dates from the 1950s as do the legs on the antique chinoiserie furniture, which bear panels from the 19th century. «I would describe our style as ›Maximalism‹. What counts for us is that the interior design mix touches the heart.« Hassan Abdullah …  The real renovation consisted of installing new water pipes and complete rewiring of the building; every one of the 75 windows was replaced. The result is a fairytale castle with...

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…  The restaurant is an established part of ›The Knowledge‹, a London taxi drivers test and is one of the favourite haunts of Damien Hirst and Gwyneth Paltrow. Together with its successors ›Loungelover‹ and ›Maison Trois Garçons‹ it forms the foundation for the careers of the three friends as busy interior designers. »We are currently working on projects for a Four Seasons hotel in Zanzibar and for a new Mandarin Oriental hotel in Prague,« explains Hassan Abdullah, who heads the design department of Les Trois Garçons and on a normal work day gets through an appointment with a new client in Biarritz...

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1 he castle's ›Hollywood room‹ is reserved for special T visitors. The decorative palm motifs originate from the casino in Cannes from the 1940s, the chandelier comes from Portugal. 2 he ›Vaserie‹ is the darkest room in the property. It T was originally set up by Hassan Abdullah as a library and, besides a number of vases, today is also home to anatomy models and exotic interior furnishings such as the Balinese elephant chair, which was auctioned at an antiques fair in Nottinghamshire. 3 he stuffed bird is reminiscent of Les Trois Garçons: T The restaurant is located in a street that was the traditional...

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Here they look old The owners of the castle about their favourite antiques Stefan Karlson «Memory of a wish« «Actually, I wanted to be a vet – anatomical illustrations of animals and humans still fascinate me to this day. The sculpture next to me comes from ›Les Fils D`Emilie Deyrolle‹, undoubtedly the best known company of its’ kind in Paris. It was used to teach aspiring doctors and nurses.« 5 top addresses for antiques in Europe 01 L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue daily except Sundays http://www.islesurlasorgue.fr The community with a population of 20,000 is situated near Avignon and is distinguished not...

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Michel Lasserre «Quartz with prestige« «These lights are my favourite objects in the castle – they are wonderfully finished and made of very large quartz crystals, which makes them something very special. With their high degree of finishing perfection, they are typical of the manufacturer, Maison Baguès, which between 1930 and 1970 produced quite outstanding pieces. We found them in a shop in London with the curious name ›Bizarre‹.« Hassan Abdullah «Imagination with wings« «My favourite piece is a small marble sculpture that consists of two parts. You can’t tell exactly what it is really supposed...

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